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About Peeps Glasses Cleaner

Nobody likes smudges or excessive marks. They're unattractive on mirrors, cell phones, and especially glasses. The process of completing simple tasks becomes even more difficult when you’re constantly forced to stop and clean your glasses often. This is why CarbonKlean created a cleaner specially designed for eyeglasses.

CarbonKlean originally created this cleaner specifically for computer and phone screens, which then evolved into a helpful cleaning solution for glasses. They are available on sunglasses, reading glasses and everyday glasses.


Peeps by CarbonKlean clears smudges off your glasses in a unique method most people aren't normally used to. While glasses users normally use a cloth to wipe smudges, Peeps consists of a compact brush that cleans your glasses quickly and easily.

Worried that the brush might leave a scratch? 


This tool is scratch-resistant and uses a formula that carefully removes dust and excess particles from your glasses. These tools are pocket-sized and easy to travel with, allowing you to clean your glasses whenever needed. They also contain a handy cover to place on top of the brush or pads to ensure cleanliness of the tool.

How Does It Work?

The instructions for use are very simple. The tool has two separate sides: the brush and pads. The brush is retractable and gently removes any dust that lingers on to your glasses. You can then flip the tool over and use the pads on the other side.

These pads can be more thoroughly wiped as they fight to eliminate oil left by your fingers, getting rid of any unwanted fingerprints.

Cost and Price Plans

Whether you’re hoping to keep one Peeps glasses cleaning tool in your pocket at all times or are preparing yourself with several backups, there are many different pricing plans available to fit your specific needs.

You can purchase one cleaning tool for $19.99, or buy two get one free for $13.33 each, buy 3 get 2 free for $11.99 each or get 8 peeps at once at $10.00 each with their buy 4 get 4 free deal. All of these sales come with free shipping as well.

Customer Service

In case you have questions about the product or you notice any problems with your order, their website lists several ways to get in touch with them. You are given the option to call them at 888-615-2155 or email [email protected] to request any needed info from them. If you feel the need to return your product, there are certain requirements that must be checked and completed before returning to CarbonKlen.

Make sure the original product is unopened and in its original new condition. While returning this, you’ll want to provide a copy of your invoice as well. Once you’ve sent it to CarbonKlean 24 Village Pointe Dr. Powell, OH 43065, one of the members of customer service will reach out to you inquiring more about your product.

If you’re able to receive a refund for your return, it may take up to 14 business days for you to finally receive it.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many people have been wondering, “are peeps glasses cleaner any good?” Although the reviews of this product are overall positive, many users don’t understand how exactly to use peeps correctly.

Most people tend to clean their glasses only with the side containing the pads rather than using the brush first, followed by utilizing the pad. Because the brush is not used first, the dust is not properly wiped off of the glasses.

This results in the pad having to clean the dirt off instead of just oil and fingerprints. Because of this, the pads fall off quickly. This has caused several Peep users to leave negative reviews. If the tool is used properly, positive reviews are seen.

It would be wise to purchase replacement pads for this product in case this instance happens to you as well.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are other options available that are similar to Peeps. One alternative is Hope’s Eyeglass Cleaner. Unlike Peeps glasses cleaner, this one contains spray and a cloth to remove smudges on lenses.

Another handy option is an eyeglass cleaner keychain. These are useful because they are easy to bring with you while you’re on the go. They contain smear resistant microfiber material and are available in several different colors.

A final contender to Peeps is the Sonic Wave Eyeglass cleaner. While it works well, it isn’t as resourceful, for it is big and bulky. Unlike the others, this item will not easily fit in your pocket.

Where to Buy?

Peeps by CarbonKlean is available for purchase on the CarbonKlean website. It is located online at,, and It can also be found in several stores such as Walmart, Ace Hardware, Walgreens, Menards, and Target. Due to its rising popularity, you should have very little trouble finding this product in the store or on the web.


After learning all of this, it’s easy to wonder, “How long do peeps glasses cleaner last?” The answer depends on how often you choose to use it. It will operate for up to 500 uses. Even though it strongly cleans lenses, it’s not quite powerful enough to remove scratches.

It will, however, fight to prevent scratches from occurring. If this product is used right you will be left with clearer and cleaner glasses.

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