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About PeekYou is a website which says they are dedicated to helping their over 5.8 million monthly visitors find friends, relatives, and colleagues anywhere they may be across the public World Wide Web.

Unlike similar competitor websites such as, which claim to use special search features not found on regular search engines, this website strongly emphasizes that the information they provide to their users is all publicly accessed information.

Their search feature will not provide visitors with private details, like financial or health records, unless you have made these records publicly available on your own website or other online profile.

But while PeekYou’s site uses information that can be found through general search engines, it works hard to find the best possible matches for the person you are searching, and compiles this information into a PeekYou user page. 


The information available on your page cannot be directly altered by you or anyone else, since it is just a collection of information that can be found through basic search engine use.

However, if there is any information you find on your PeekYou page that you do not approve of or wish to have removed, you can submit a form to their website explaining why you believe these details should be taken down.

It can take a few days for their website to review and honor your request, so in the meantime you may benefit from locating the source of the information and appealing to them directly.

Or, like similar website Spokeo, they do provide you with an “Opt Out” option, where you can submit a request to them asking that your entire page be removed from their search options.

Finally, use of their site and all features therein will always be completely free – if at some point you are asked for a fee or credit card number, you have left the website and gone to a partner company not controlled by

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your PeekYou reviews below.

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2 ‘PeekYou ’ Reviews
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Dumber and dumbest lol
July 29, 2021
They do not even deserve a star they suck so bad. They have no ethics, integrity, class, are cheap, stupid and are losers. The best thing to do us not use or believe them.

PeekYou is a scam
April 6, 2013
They didn't have my permission to post any info on me private or public . If I was you I would join the class action law suit against PeekYou .. What they are doing is making it more possible for serial killers to track you down and ID thieves too.