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At, they bring the professionals to you, right through the computer. There are only a few steps to get the help you need. You begin by selecting the type of professional you wish to direct your question to; the available options include doctors, computer technicians, lawyers, electronic professionals, mechanics, home repair professionals, and veterinarians. Once you have made your selection, you simply type in your question and choose the price you are willing to pay for an answer.

Your desired price should be in line with the type of the question you have submitted, the urgency of your need to have it answered and the amount of detail that is necessary to completely fulfill you request. While most of the questions you submit are answered in a couple of hours, those which are submitted at night or on the weekend may take longer.

There are two membership payment options for The first option is to pay on a per question basis, you will typically pay anywhere from $15.00-$30.00 for an answer. You have thirty days to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the answer you have been provided.

The second payment membership option enables you to ask an unlimited number of questions for one monthly fee at approximately $40.00; however it is solely dependent on the category of questions you choose. They payment is automatically deducted from your account each month you decide to remain a member.

In addition, once you have received all of the pertinent information to answer your question completely, you are asked to review that specific professional. This assists in maintaining a high level of service. So, not only do they take the necessary measures to ensure the quality of the professional prior to accepting them into the program, but they also continuously keep tabs on them.

The great benefit of is that you save time and money by obtaining help quickly for an affordable price. When you have been connected to a professional that has responded to your initial inquiry you can participate in a private online conversation with that person. The exchange of messages between you and the professional can be continued until you have received all of the information you needed.

The information and recommendations you are receiving through their team of professionals online is solely based on general knowledge specific to their area of expertise. Although some of your questions can be easily answered with a straightforward response, others may require you to seek additional help from someone you will likely need to meet in person.

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James Fox

They are unversally dishonest. (they steal from their own experts as much as their customers)

August18, 2013

It is simple. is just the latest in a series of names used by these people to rip off the public.
Before Pearl, was JustAnswer. Before that, Answernest, before that Answerbag.
To be fair, their experts are, for the most part, very knowledgeable and good at what they do. The problem is, Just answer is also ripping off their experts by telling them the customers didn't accept their answers, or that they asked for a refund. The expert believe the customer is done with them, and since their hard work wasn't being paid for, they have no reason to continue contact with the customer. (they are not allowed to EVER ask the customer if he had accepted or they will be banned)
This causes the customer to believe the expert has just abandoned him and so the customer blames the experts and thusly the very bad posts about the experts. Most of whom are verified as being expert in their fields, though there are some really poor "experts" as well. Not very many though. The administration of Justanswer/Pearl.coms are simply don't care about anything but gouging the customers for more money. And they are very good at it. They have a team of programmers continuously tweaking the system and every single new release has a new "fault" in it that take from the experts or "randomly" drops accepted answers, or adds subscriptions to customers. It is every bit done on purpose.
And despite literally thousands of complaints to the BBB they keep an A+ rating. No one will investigate Pearl/ Not for fraud as posted by the sites users, and not for theft and refusal to disclose actual earnings to the very experts that keep the cash flow going. NOBODY has investigated them for anything.

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Pearl is Just Answer in sheeps clothing

November16, 2012

The concept behind Pearl is great. Have experts available to answer questions on a wide variety of subject.

Pearl was preceded by a company called Just Answer. A great deal of complaints built up against Just Answer based on their billing practices. This may have had something to do with the name change.

Other changes include a very difficult to understand pricing and refund policy. In addition, many complaints have been posted by the experts who provide the answers. Experts are now required to work longer for less and if they complain, they are removed.

It's probably just a matter of time before questions are delivered to a call center in India and answers given from a script. It's a shame that such a great idea has been so poorly implemented.

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You must be one of the ex experts
August 18, 2013

Me too. You hit the nail squarely on the head Tammy. It is a real shame how crooked JA is.

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