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Peapod, found online at, is a service which provides home delivery grocery services in twelve states around the United States, as well as the capital of Washington, DC.

Home delivery grocery service is important and can be necessary for many people, whether you have an illness or injury, a new baby at home, don’t have transportation to a store, or simply are too busy to fit grocer shopping into your schedule.

Peapod offers more than 8,000 different items for shoppers to choose from, including items from the deli counter, fresh fruits and vegetable, and even organic and kosher items.

Registering for a Peapod account is free and comes with no obligation to place an order from the website. Once you have registered your account, there are two different ways to shop. The first is “Express Shop,” where you type your grocery list into their list box and the website will match your items with their selections.

Or you can choose to “Browse Aisles” and then click on the optional categories they have and then leisurely choose which items you would like to purchase, just like if you were shopping at your local store.

As you shop, the sidebar will show you the items which are in your cart and will total them up as you shop. Some items will come up as sale items, without the use of coupons or promo codes. To use Peapod, you must have a minimum order of $60. In addition, your purchases are saved in your account so you can quickly choose the same items the next time you order.

When you’ve completed shopping you can choose your delivery date and time; delivery is offered seven days a week, generally from the hours of 6 am to 10 pm. You can have your order delivered as early as the next day up to two weeks away from the order date.

Customers who cannot be available for delivery can choose to have their groceries dropped off at a secure location in refrigerated boxes. These boxes must be returned however, or you will be charged for them.

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