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It would seem that these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to eat healthy meals. From not having time to make healthy homemade meals, to the affordability and temptation of fast food that are full of calories, there are many factors that play into this.

Because of this prevalent struggle, PeachDish was created. PeachDish recognizes this issue and have come up with a solution. The company connects its users to fine ingredients sent from mostly local farms in the form of groceries or meal kits.

They work to ensure that they are as sustainable as can be, with unique offers such as mail back recycling, portioned ingredients and buying from small-scale, mostly local farmers.

The menu for the meal kits are worked on by professionals, ensuring that your meals will be delicious every time.


PeachDish mainly offers two services: the first being online groceries and the second are meal kits. Their online grocery store provides you with honest sourcing, so you know exactly where your food is coming from.

The meal delivery is more of a unique service, in which you are able to pick out - or let PeachDish pick for you - meals for a variety of choices and diets, individually or ahead of time for everyday use.

If you are a guest, you still have the opportunity to purchase from PeachDish. They even offer a first time discount and first-time app free trial. However, being a guest, you have to pay $12 shipping, which can be pricey.

On top of that, you are only able to order one box at a time and you will not receive automatic deliveries. On the other hand, people who subscribe to PeachDish can pre-order and get automatic and generally free meal deliveries.

How Does It Work?

To order groceries or meal kits, it is extremely simple - all you have to do is browse their website for meals you are interested in making, or ingredients you want to purchase. You add them into your cart and just like Amazon, it gets shipped to your home.

From there, it is up to you to cook it. You order based on your schedule and when you need ingredients or meals. In other words, whether that is for one day or pre-planned days, it is up to you. They do offer a subscription, which has features that guests don’t have access to.

Cost and Price Plans

The meals cost $12.50 per serving, generally coming in servings of 2 for $25. However, if you order multiple boxes, discounts will likely allow you to pay $11.25 per serving.

Customer Service

To contact PeachDish, they have a simple contact page, but you also have the ability to contact them via chat on their homepage. Their customer service number is (404) 939-1860, which can be contacted for multiple reasons.

They provide multiple emails for different purposes, though. There’s [email protected] for customer service, [email protected] to become a supplier, [email protected] for marketing and [email protected] for corporate sales and wellness purposes.

If there is an issue with your shipment, you can contact them specifically at [email protected] PeachDish guarantees satisfaction, promising that if you do not get what you wanted, they will make it right.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Overall, most people enjoy the variety of meals they have been able to receive and the simplicity of having the necessary food delivered right to them. They are flexible, allowing you to choose your meals as well as how many you want to order.

People also like PeachDish because they provide an extremely well-detailed nutritional label, with all the sources for the products available for you to know. This way, you know exactly where your meals are coming from and what’s in them.

The packaging is smart and sustainable, which differs from other competing websites. The issue that some people have had with PeachDish is the fact that it can be a little bit out of budget for some people.

In addition, depending on your delivery area and state, shipping may cost you as much as a meal or more.

Competitors and Alternatives

While PeachDish does have unique aspects to it, there are competing websites doing similar things such as Hello Fresh. When comparing Peachdish vs Hello Fresh, Hello Fresh has the same concept.

They offer meals that you will cook yourself with the ingredients they send you. One difference between the two services is that PeachDish also offers online groceries, not just meal boxes.

Another main difference between the two is that Hello Fresh seems to currently offer more vegetarian or at least veggie-based dishes than PeachDish.

Another option that is a good alternative to PeachDish is Plated. It is similar to PeachDish, as they also offer meal boxes. However, Plated also offers dessert recipes.

When comparing PeachDish vs Plated, Plated is actually cheaper than the former, especially if you pay for a longer meal plan. Their packaging is also recyclable, but it seems they do not have as many environment-based motions and charitable goals as PeachDish.

Likely one of the most popular options for meal boxes is Blue Apron. It is able to offer the cheapest serving price, as it is the most popular and one of the oldest services of this kind.

Similar to PeachDish, Blue Apron has a market where you can buy a variety of groceries. Overall, it is likely that this company is the most similar to PeachDish.

The main difference between PeachDish vs Blue Apron, other than the price, is that Blue Apron is less sustainable and less internally sourced.

Where to Buy?

You can access PeachDish’s services from their website at


PeachDish is an excellent option for anybody looking for a way to get healthier meals into their diet or learn how to cook a larger variety of dishes. They offer a wide assortment of beautiful ingredients, mostly locally sourced for purchase or for a Peach Dish box.

In the meals, recipes are created by professionals, ensuring every meal you get will be well-crafted and planned out. They are sustainable and extremely careful about where they source their ingredients and how they write their nutritional labels.

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