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They are not good

March 21, 2012

They do make mistakes and do not bother to rectify them.

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J Blakney

My experiences with PayPal the good the bad the ugly

December 5, 2011

I have been a PayPal user for almost ten years now and have to say that in the last few years I have been severally disappointed. I agree that paypal offers a useful and in our day necessary service. However they certainly do cause a lot of problems.

One month I suffered three non sufficient funds charges on my bank account due to PayPal not taking money out in the time frame they said they would. On multiple occasions I was making time sensitive purchases only to find an issue with PayPal systems that either prevented the transaction or caused me to go through ridiculous amounts of effort to find another payment method that would work in time.

Most of the time after talking to 4 different people at PayPal customer service I would find out that there was no reason there should be any problem as nothing was wrong with my account the system had just randomly stopped me from making payments(that's how it was explained).

Another time my visa card had expired and I had to update it too the new one, I was told by a PayPal supervisor that I could only ever add one visa card to my account in my life time and that is why it would not let me update my account. I called visa and they laughed.

This was not a miscommunication as I asked word for word if this was true and the supervisor repeated back to me and said that was true. Of course it was not true as I have since updated the card. I could on but I've ranted enough. PayPal is far from the easiest way to pay, I now use a re loadable prepaid visa it is safe and easy.

For all those PayPal user who are yet to have a problem or need to call customer support consider yourself fortunate.

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