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About Patelco Credit Union

Patelco is a credit union that primarily services the area of northern California. They provide a range of financial services for both customers who bank with them as well as the general public.

Credit Unions are most often visited by people who need money orders, check cashing, wire transfers and notarized documents. Credit unions are non-for-profit agencies owned by its members and are able to offer competitive rates in comparison to banks.

People who bank with Patelco are afforded with even more services than the general public. In addition to banking and savings accounts, members can apply for home loans, car loans, and even credit cards. People with lower credit scores are able to obtain loans easier at the credit union than at a bank which is an added bonus.

Patelco has financial advisors to help you gain control of your finances and can help you attain your short term and long term financial goals. These advisors can help you set up investment plans for retirement, prepare for financial obligations, and manage your debt.

Members’ advantages and benefits include access to discounts on health insurance, dental insurance, auto insurance, pet insurance, life insurance and home insurance. Patelco also wants to educate their members and offers resources to do so. Understanding finances is difficult and often times confusing, so there are courses and seminars available for their members to attend.

There are many routes to contact their customer support team. Not only can you visit one of their branches, but you may also contact them by email, phone or through the secure email page located on their website. There is also a convenient “ask a question” platform on their site; simply type your question in the box and you will be directed to a list of answers associated to your inquiry.

While Patelco services are comparatively less than traditional banks, their services are accompanied with a long list of fees. There is an additional charge for practically every transaction that you conduct through them. Fees are charged for transactions that you wouldn’t even consider such as copies of statements, balance transfers, and new member fees.

Customers reviews found online were both positive and negative. Positive reviews mainly revolved around the rates of their loans and their credit card’s low APR. In addition, the accessibility of these loans and any credit extended to them was much easier and their regulations were more lenient.

Negative online reviews mainly dealt with customer service issues from tellers and branch managers. Many reviews regarding the poor customer service come from long standing members of Patelco Credit Union. These loyal members, some of which have been banking with their company for twenty years, have witnessed some decline in their customer service practices.

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