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Paras Holidays TOTALLY SPOILT my and my family's high priced Switzerland holiday

June15, 2017

I, along with my family, have just returned from our Switzerland tour of 8 days which, unfortunately, I was trapped into entrusting to the Manager in charge of your Connaught Place office. My feedback should be taken as a complaint.
My high priced tour ( 8 persons for 8 days) was TOTALLY SPOILT due bad planning and callous/careless approach, besides other things. I missed the connecting flight at Moscow for Zurich, as enough time was not available at Moscow 9the landing flight was 10 mins late) to complete immigration and security formalities and walk (with children and hand baggage) for Gate 1( landing gate) and Gate 56 (the new boarding gate at Moscow). This resulted in the alternative flight reaching Zurich later than the last train for St Moritz which was our destination for the day. Further, when I contacted them from Moscow for help for train timings from Zurich to St. Moritz or help me for availability/booking of a Van/Taxi, they were totally clueless and said I should fend for myself when I reach Zurich. The Manager refused to talk to me when I requested – the person may be busy trying to trap other gullible customers for the company, like me . I had to pay through my nose for 2 taxis from Zurich to St. Moritz besides tremendous amount of in-convenience to all including my friends from US and the children. Who is going to compensate for this? As a consequence, our baggage got delayed and reached us much later at Zermatt. Either your staff was ignorant/clueless when planning or they did not care for the client.
Let me sum up that I experience as a high level of POST PURCHASE DISSONANCE, as they express in marketing management terms.
I will cover my experience/ frustration under the following 3 heads :
- False Promises/Cheating.
- I had given the Manger a detailed quote with prices and inclusions, wchis I was promised will not only be met but bettered. This was breached in almost all aspects :
- Prices were hiked on one pretext or the other.
- Two children ( 7 yrs and 5 yrs), were to be included for all purposes. But firstly, they were
Not booked in Glacier Express; the Manager saying that they should go standing for 8 an
and ½ hours journey. As that is not acceptable, I had to pay for their booking. Secondly, the
pretext that “I don’t want to pay for children”, was being used for all the deficiencies like
providing promised hotels etc. when the children as part of the package was indicated right
from Day 1 of the negotiations. This phrase was used so often by the Manager to blackmail
and cheat me that I got totally fed up.
- The hotels promised were 3*/3^ plus in downtown. However, on the pretext of children,
some of the hotels provided were budget hotels with a meagre breakfast. One hotel offered
was in Tasch (instead of Zermatt) which I put my foot down and got changed, but was given
a budget hotel instead.
- Medical Insurance was part of the target proposal that I had sent and accepted.
However, I had to get it done on my own and pay for the same.
- Mt Titlis was part of the package. However, the Manager tried to cheat me by saying that
there was nothing much there and offered TWO Mts. Pilatus and Rigi, in lieu. The reason
was that Mt Titlis was to be paid for with Swiss Rail Pass whereas Pilatus and Rigi were free.
Of course, I refused to be cheated.
- Lack of Knowledge/Experience or Carelessness. I think I have covered in the narration above.
- Kasturba Gandhi Branch Manager’s Approach/ Behaviour.
- Bully and bossy with the customers.
- Always on the offensive, ready to pick up fight for anything, in a loud voice. I was almost afraid
of receiving a call from the person as it will either be for asking more money or will end up in
dire un-pleasantness. And I did not want to spoil my mood, having committed a huge sum of
- Casual and careless, no eye for details.
- Efforts to trick the customers into finalizing deals and then harass.
- Always, projecting as a favour whatever is done, when the same is as per understanding and paid for.
- Not providing a detailed itinerary initially, so that one can go back on any promise/understanding
during discussions.
- After taking an appointment with person, I went to the office before the tour to obtain some
advice/ guidance but the person was busy planning own holiday and did not spare time for me.
I feel that the person needs extensive training in customer care/ handling and proper marketing management eventhough the company may be making profits through these tactics. But I can assure you that you will not get repeat business. I had almost finalized Singapore/ Malaysia with Cruise tour for 9 persons in Nov 16 which fell through due to different reasons. But, having dealt with the person now, I am happy the deal was dropped and will never go with Paras again till this person is in-charge of Kasturba Gandhi Branch. Further, I will pass on this experience to my friends and relatives.

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Shivam Aggarwal

I believe Paras Holidays

August24, 2012

I have been a customer of Paras Holidays for over 6 years booking at least 5 tours or cruises. The last one was a Celebrity Ocean Cruise to the Mediterranean we spent 10 days and it was the most fun yet. We were worried because of some of the reviews we have read on Trip advisor but none of it happened to us so i guess we are lucky. But I find the information on this review site much more honest and helpful. I believe Paras Holidays is a great company to use.

- Mr. & Mrs. Shivam Aggarwal

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