About is a website based book club which allows their users to participate in a nationwide book trading program, completely for free, or to buy brand new books at discounted prices.

Though this website does claim to have some new books for sale, their main purpose is to promote the trading and sharing of books. This system is actually very simple for new members wondering how PaperbackSwap works.

First, you sign up for a free account - though they do so that in the future there may be a membership fee - and list the books you are willing to give to other members. In exchange for listing ten books, you will receive a bonus of two free book credits which you can then use to order your first two books from other members.

When a book is ordered from you, you must print out the necessary shipping “label” and ship it to that member, with the shipping costs coming out of your own pocket. For books that weigh less than 1 lb, these costs are generally around $2.00.

Though you pay the shipping costs, when you order books from other members they will ship the book the same way, resulting in no charge to you. For each book you ship out, you will receive a credit that allows you to order a book from another member. These rules ensure a fair and equitable trading system. is similar to other book trading websites, such as BookMooch, though they have already expanded into the mobile app platform, with downloads available for both iPhone and Android users.

You can search for specific books you are interested in through their book browser feature, which allows you to specify what you are looking for by keywords, title, author, genre, and whether you want paperback, hardcover, audio CD, audio cassette, large print books, and more.

In order to stop members who may be sending out poor quality or damaged books, encourages their members with complaints to “mark” a seller whenever they receive such a book.

Damaged books can be a result of many different issues, especially something that happened during shipping, so the website can only take action against a member if they see a habit of them shipping damaged materials.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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It's a Good Deal

December 1, 2020

I've belonged to PaperbackSwap for several years and it's a great way to acquire wanted books and to send those you've read on to someone else. If you're looking for today's best seller you might have to wait a while but it's a great club. Geri B.

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