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About Pandora's Box System

The Pandora’s Box System is a dating advice program which claims to be based on proven, scientific research and can teach any man the tricks and tips needed to successfully date any woman he wants.

This guide says that in order to determine what type of woman you are dealing with, all you need to do is know that "3 Questions Get the Girl." The program says that asking a woman these questions will help you figure out what kind of woman she is in less than sixty seconds, with 95% accuracy.

This kind of promise may seem outrageous to some people who question whether such promises can be kept and whether such a system is real or fake.

But the Pandora’s Box founder and creator, Vin Dicarlo from Dicarlo Coaching, says that he has accessed psychological research from a wide variety of sources to determine the eight different general types of women.

This psychological research says that once you know which of the eight types of women you are dealing with, you will know exactly how to deal with her. This means you’ll know how to say exactly what she wants to hear, what the exact right moment is to make your move, and how to get her phone number in less than five minutes.

The Pandora’s Box System consists of ten videos which total more than four hours, with ten accompanying PDF guides, a full version of the profiler quiz, the strategy guide of how to get each type of woman, a 14 day trial of Pandora’s PhD which has advanced strategies, and more.

To purchase this system you must pay an initial price of $69.95, but there is also a monthly subscription fee of $99.80 per month for as long as you need access to the entire system.

You can cancel this subscription whenever you choose and continue to use the materials until the end of your current billing cycle, but to ensure that you are not charged for another 30 days membership, you must cancel five days before your billing date.

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