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Love it! Keeps hair from breaking

August 10, 2018

I needed a silk pillowcase because I am pretty rough on my hair. It was breaking off, and I was losing more hair than usual in my brush, and in the shower since I got highlights. When I got a hair cut, the stylist told me my hair was broken off around my ponytail and in the back. I can't see back there, so I didn't know it was that bad lol.

I was using the wrong shampoo, had a rough pillowcase, and I was not taking any care when I brushed. Along with wearing a ponytail in the same spot all the time and making the hair tie tight so it would stay in place. So the stylist told me all kinds of tips on what I should do.

I bought sulfate free shampoo for color treated hair, an amazing conditioner, a shower head with a filter in it, a satin and a velvet scrunchie, and this pillowcase, almost all from PandaSilk lol. I have become addicted to recently and I love reading reviews. I can scroll for hours to get one item, because I only buy things that are everything I envisioned they should be in my mind, so it pretty much has to be perfect. And I'm cheap too, so I want perfection at a really good price.

This pillowcase had a zipper, was pure 100% silk, had the brown (chocolate) color I needed to match my sheets, good reviews, and it was cheaper than another one I almost bought until I realized the other one didn't have a zipper. I have a "my pillow" and this pillowcase makes my pillow stay in place because the inside of this pillowcase kinda grabs the pillow and holds it in place. My old pillowcase was 600 thread count cotton and it was nice, but it was smooth inside so the pillow got flat. I have been missing out my whole life because silk is so different, and way better.

I had bought a sheet set like 10 years ago that I thought was silk at the time. I didn't know there was any difference between silk or satin. I would wake up and my whole body and my hair would be drenched with sweat, and it was winter... I had to throw them out after a few weeks because I couldn't take it anymore. And I'm cheap, so I hate to waste money. Anyway, this pillowcase doesnt get hot, and is smooth so my hair won't break off. Since I have been taking care of my hair, I barely have any hair at all in the brush. I will post a pic but it was the day I got my highlights so it is before most of the damage from the ponytail. I have always lost a good amount of hair, but I never put any thought or effort into doing anything about it until now.

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