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There are many companies out there who claim to offer these alternative methods of making money online.  However many of them do not deliver on their promises and end up wasting your time with bogus offers.

When looking for an online survey company you need to make sure that the site actually provides the surveys it self.  There are deceitful online survey companies who charge money simply for access to a list of survey providers which can be found online for free.

Other Survey companies make you sign up for multiple trial offers which they claim are surveys but require you to buy something or sign up for a service.  This is why research is key, you can find out which companies will actually provide you with and pay you for survey participation.

Paid Online Survey Company Reviews

Get Paid to Sites-
I generally do not participate in these programs because there are simply much better ways to make money online.  There is a variety of these get paid to sites that allow you to make money by reading emails, playing games while being exposed to advertising, or visiting their sponsors' websites.

The problem that I have with these sites is that they pay obscenely small amounts for your time.  You get pennies for your efforts and most of these companies have relatively high payout rates before they send you payment.  Thus people waste months trying to reach the 20 or 30 dollar threshold to get paid.

Even though it may seem that you are getting free money you need to think of these get paid to offers from the viewpoint of how much your time is worth.  If you think your time is worth less than minimum wage then by all means partake in these companies.  Otherwise look for much more productive and profitable ways to spend your time online.

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