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About Pact Organic Underwear

Jeff Denby and Jason Kibbey founded PACT Apparel in 2011 with the vision of creating clothes that will be eco-friendly, produced in a socially responsible environment and lasts longer than conventional garments found on today’s market.

They have transformed the supply chain, making sure the cotton used is organically produced, with no harmful chemicals used. In addition, the apparel is put together in Fair Trade Certified factories, providing excellent working conditions with good wages, health insurance and free education opportunities for the employees’ children.


The clothes are produced from 100% organic cotton with no harmful chemicals used. The Global Organic Textile Standard ensures the organic raw materials are used in an environmentally and socially responsible way all throughout the whole manufacturing process.

The highest quality ingredients used make Pact clothing long-lasting, soft and comfortable to wear. The company produces men’s, women’s and kids’ clothes, as well as PACT organic underwear, apparel such as hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, dresses and all-natural 100% organic cotton clothes for babies and toddlers.

How Does It Work?

PACT Apparel works with many organizations from the entire world to make sure the production process will do no harm to the environment and will help improve the quality of life for people involved in the supply chain.

The brand gets most of its cotton from the organization in India called Chetna Organic. They work with local small farmers, providing them with the opportunity to get compensated right away during the harvesting process. The Fair-Trade Certificate ensures sustainable development and community empowerment for all parties involved.

Cost and Price Plans:

Instead of making their garments like most companies today do - cheap and disposable - PACT Apparel opts out for prices on the higher end of the scale. For example, one of their T-shirts costs $19.99 and a pair of leggings is sold for $30.

However, when you have in mind that the clothes are made from the finest raw materials, that there is no cost for the environment and the people working for the company are well-cared for, you will really feel good about wearing one of their products.

On top of that, you will get 20% off your first purchase and an additional $20 credit if you refer a friend. The company also often arranges discounts and puts up items for sale, so you are able to get as much as 50% off the initial price.

Customer Service:

You are able to reach their customer service team by phone Monday to Friday from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. MST, or through a contact form directly on their website.
The company has a “Happiness Guarantee” policy and will approve the refund or a free size exchange for clothes that are returned in their original state within 60 days from purchase. 

Online Reviews/Complaints:

PACT Apparel is praised for the idea of incorporating high-quality materials and socially responsible behavior in creating clothes that is not only safe, but feels good too. People are delighted with their products, as they feel soft and stay good as new for a long time after purchase.

The only negative remark concerns the size of the underwear, as you will have to get a size up in the thong and bikini section from what you normally wear.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Three main U.S. companies that have also recognized the importance of turning to organic, repurposed and recycled raw materials and creating a socially responsible supply-chain are the Thought, Synergy Organic Clothing and Komodo Sustainable Fashion.

They offer a wide selection of clothes and accessories for women and men alike. They also ship to U.S. and Europe and display their products in stores all over the country.

Where to Buy?

You are able to place a purchase directly from their website or search Amazon for their products. Choose from three main product categories - Women, Men and Kids - divided in subcategories such as Underwear, Apparel and Collections.


If you are thinking that wearing PACT organic underwear is a silly idea, think again. Believe it or not, cotton is one of the most genetically modified and chemically-treated crops today.

With PACT Apparel, you have the opportunity to shop smart, treat your skin with something safe and soft and to do something pretty extraordinary - support equal opportunities and benefits for people around the world involved in their transformed supply chain.

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