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As the coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, you might be looking for ways to keep yourself safe. Numerous doctors and health professionals have recommended wearing a face mask to keep yourself protected from the virus while you are going about your business in public.

The OxyBreath Pro Mask is a face mask that claims to have specialized filters to keep the coronavirus - and other contaminants - out. But does it really work - or is it a scam?

Unfortunately, this is a product that we are hesitant to recommend - we’ll tell you why in this review.

How Does It Work?

The OxyBreath Pro Mask is a wearable mask that you can buy online. It claims to be the “best comfortable fit air mask” with full mouth and nose protection. It can help keep out smog, air pollution, allergens, and other contaminants. It is equipped with a nano-technology dust-free air filter, too.

The mask supposedly has three layers to keep out germs, but unfortunately, that’s about all the information you can find regarding this problem online. The lack of any reliable certification or rating system has us wondering whether this mask is any good.

According to the Center for Disease Control, in order to keep out a vast majority of contaminants, you need a face mask or respirator that is categorized as an N95 respirator. This will be tight-fitting and filter out 95% of the particles in the air. There must be a good seal to the face so that minimal leakage occurs.

Unfortunately, there is just not solid evidence or customer reviews to say whether the OxyBreath Pro Mask is effective. We can’t recommend it in good conscience because it’s unclear whether the information on the official site is based on actual scientific research and verified reviews.

In addition, even if this mask was effective, in most cases it would only keep germs in and not out. It would not prevent you from contracting airborne hazards in many cases but would just keep the germs from being spread to other people.

There is also no information on the OxyBreath website about how to wash the mask or even answering one of the most basic questions when it comes to face masks-  “how long does it last?”

Cost and Price Plans

You can purchase the OxyBreath Pro for $49 from the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can buy three and get two free for $135 or by two and get one free for $98. Two masks will cost $69 or $35 each, while four will cost $123 or $31 each. Delivery is free on every order.

Competitors and Alternatives

As the world faces a global shortage of face masks and other health care accessories, more companies are popping up that claim to offer effective protection against the coronavirus and other diseases.

What’s important is that you weigh their effectiveness against N95 devices. An N95 surgical mask or respirator is one that protects the wearer from airborne particles and liquid. These are recommended for healthcare professionals, but in general, the CDC doesn’t recommend that you wear the mask - even if it's an N95 - to protect you from contracting a virus. Hand washing is more effective, as there is no added health benefit to wearing an N95 respirator if you don’t already have the disease.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

It is extremely difficult to find reliable reviews of the OxyBreath Pro Mask online. Even on the OxyBreath website, there is limited information about how well the product works or whether it is backed by solid scientific evidence as to its effectiveness.

One of the few places that has any information at all is Reddit. Here, customers claim that the Home Depot N95 works much better than the OxyBreath Pro Mask. They express wariness and concern that the mask is a scam and some users report that the company’s ads have been removed from Facebook for false advertising. The United Kingdom, in fact, has banned the sale of this device for that very reason.

Positive reviews can be found online, but these appear to be a basic regurgitation of the information found on the manufacturer website. There are no users who actually claim to have received and tried the product, and all reviews link directly back to the company website. As a result, it’s difficult to find any reliable information on this product.

Customer Service

The official site of OxyBreath Pro Mask is a bit difficult to navigate, leading us wondering whether this company is actually legit. Head to the website, and you’ll find a mailing address in Estonia with a customer service phone number at +44 20 3808 9234.

OxyBreath Pro Mask is manufactured and distributed by Novads OU. You can reach the company by emailing [email protected]

Where to Buy?

The product can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Is It Worth It?

In our opinion, the OxyBreath Pro Mask is not a device that you should consider spending your money on. There is no scientific literature proving that it is an effective product, and the CDC does not recommend wearing a mask unless you are sick, anyway.

Therefore, your money might be better spent elsewhere - and you would be better off practicing other best practices like rigorous hand-washing and self-isolation if you are concerned about getting sick.

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