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Prize Winning site, not music or movies site
January 5, 2021

I came across this site when i was a sent a message from JB-HIFI telling me id won either an Iphone or a Mac book, i had to create an account which i did, then it said for my prize to be shipped i needed to pay a fee of $2, it wanted my bank details, i gave it the details of a card that only had $4 in it, not my usual bank card and it wouldn't accept it.

I'm guessing it wanted a card that had way more money on it because my $4 was insufficient funds to pay for a $2 shipping fee for a prize won by jb-hifi, to begin with. I don't actually remember putting anything i brought there onto my rewards last year like the so called 2020 rewards prize i won.

Glad i used a card that doesn't get used much and rarely has anything transferred on to it and not my everyday debit card or who knows how much the scamming site would have taken from my account

For a so called music/movie site, i saw nothing of the sort, it was a prize winning site for me...

rip off
March 29, 2020
I tried signing up and used both my cards and it wouldn't let me get past that stage so I did a bit more reading about this crap only to find out they knock back because there is not enough cash on cash free bull dust to sign up use card to verified the card bull crap there a guy saying 5o buck us which for Australia it more closer to 100 what BS cheaper to stay with net flix 14 dollors a month and stan 14 dollors a month and Disney movies 9 dollors a month

October 1, 2019
When you read the offer, it clearly stated that they needed your credit card just to confirm your residence and that your credit card would not be charged. Then your credit card is charged US$50 and you cannot get it back. Sounds like a scam to me.

Almost got robbed
November 28, 2017
So I open up a subcription to get a book, once I try logging in it fail. So I try calling up the number so I would not get any money taken away. The number was fake so I quickly call my bank AND CANCEL MY CARD ACCOUNT. Thanks God I acted in a matter of minutes and no money was taken away. Please be aware of unknown websites and do a little reseach before giving away your information. I'm sorry for those who lost money from this scam, I have noticed that this seems like an Europe website, I am from the US