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About Outdoorsy.com

In January 2014, two people who both love the outdoors and authentic experiences decided to build a company outside the four corners of an office. With a gut feeling that they needed to connect people with outdoor travel, Outdoorsy was born.

It was not an easy journey for these passionate souls to stabilize the company. Starting with only 5 personnel and personally calling RV owners, they realized that there is a massive number of consumers from all over the world who crave outdoor experiences.

A marketplace for recreational vehicles and experiential travelers, Outdoorsy provides an easy and economical way to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about all your baggage. Starting from a few initial RV owners, it now adds up to more than a thousand.


With the most comprehensive platform to connect outdoor travelers and RV owners, Outdoorsy offers a wide selection of vintage Airstreams, fifth wheelers, Classes A-C of RVs, toy haulers and various motorhomes and trailers.

For RV owners and renters, the company offers insurance for both renter and owner, with DMV checks for all drivers. Additionally, a 24/7 RV rental roadside assistance and a dedicated customer support team are also offered.

Merchandises such as shirts, accessories, RV decals and GPS trackers are also available for purchase.

How Does It Work?

For RV owners, you are able to list your vehicle on the website in order to earn money from it while you are not using it. All you have to do is list your RV, create your own searchable profile and connect with renters.

For renters, it is pretty intuitive and works just like normal car and hotel reservation websites. Create an account, browse your RV options, use the filters to refine your search results then click on “Request Booking.”

After that, tell the owner about yourself and your plans. Make sure to submit 2 or more requests for availability and wait for a response. Do not forget to complete your profile and upload your driver’s license for the DMV check.

Once your request is confirmed, finalize your rental and pay the given reservation deposit. Outdoorsy encourages renters to look over all the restrictions, cancellation policies and the like for a smoother transaction.

Cost and Price Plans

RV owners can make up to $30,000 a year depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle. You may also set your rates and control your schedule by registering for free on the website.

On the other hand, renters pay depending on the RV owner’s rates. Rates range from as low as $27 per night, up to $200 per night. That being said, both renters and RV owners are covered by an insurance of $1M.

Customer Service

For questions or concerns related to Outdoorsy, you can email the company directly at [email protected], or call them on (415) 930-4841 for a live representative.

For an immediate response, use the live chat feature on the website located at the bottom right corner of Outdoorsy.com. Conversations via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also encouraged.

Cancellations are categorized in three policies: strict, moderate and flexible. The strict policy entitles you to a 50% refund if cancellation occurs up to 14 days before pickup.

The moderate cancellation policy entitles you to a 75% refund if cancellation occurs up to 7 days before pickup. Lastly, the flexible policy entitles you to a full refund; less service fees with 75% of your reservation fee, refundable within 5 days of the trip.

However, the service fee is non-refundable, except in the event where the owner cancels or when the cancellation is within the stated grace period.

A refund is immediately credited on the renter’s credit card on file in case of cancellation. This is in line with the reservations cancellation policy stated on the website.

If the refund is due to the negotiations between the owner and renter, the owner can initiate a refund through his or her dashboard, or by contacting the support team.

Online Reviews/Complaints

For Outdoorsy, serving you is a priority. Most customers claim they had a great experience and they highly recommended it to renters and owners alike.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are also other alternatives to Outdoorsy offering RV rentals in the United States. Some of which are RVshare, Campanada and Road Bear RV.

Comparing the services between Outdoorsy vs RVshare, Campanada and Road bear RV will help you decide which one suits your rental needs. RVshare offers RV rental in Cleveland with various RVs to choose from.

On the other hand, Campanada offers lesser vehicle types with a more expensive price range. Lastly, Road Bear RV offers rental deals not only in the US, but in Australia and New Zealand as well.

Where to Buy?

RV rental services for either owners or renters can be done via the company’s website at www.outdoorsy.com. Everything you need to know about the services offered will be available there.


Experiencing the great outdoors is such a humbling and fun adventure that many people are willing to try these days. Camping with an RV though is much better. This is because you get to cover more areas for exploration with all the necessities of a house compacted in a vehicle.

For a reliable experience for campers and a good opportunity for RV owners, Outdoorsy is the marketplace where you are able to connect with the right people for your outdoor needs.

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Bait and Switch

October9, 2019

I have a BIG issue with Outdoorsy. They parade the fact that they have a binding dispute resolution process which ensures that disputes between renters and owners have a forum for resolution. Huge problem with that though - outdoorsy doesn't hold any money in escrow while there's a pending dispute. In my case, the RV wasn't operable or maintained, and we were forced to return it to the owner after only 1 day rental. Even though I immediately initiated a refund claim, outdoorsy still paid the rental fee in full to the owner. Then, in retaliation for the claim, the owner made false claims on my deposit. After the outdoorsy dispute resolution process failed, the matter was referred to their outside Arbitration provider, FairClaims. The arbitrator ruled 100% in my favor, but it's to no avail because outdoorsy already paid everything the owner claimed to the owner. So, I have a legally enforceable arbitration award, but no refund. How's that for bait and switch?

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Horrible experience

September20, 2019

Rented an RV through Outdoorsy and first day on the trip the air-conditioning fails while traveling from Nevada int Utah during summer. Repeated phone calls to owner not answered. Repeated phone calls to Outdoorsy. Informed I have to have repairs approved by owner or I'm liable for the cost. Owner wouldn't answer; horrible support from Outdoorsy. Probably will never rent an RV again.

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September 23, 2019

You got off lucky! we had a similar experience, but the owner claimed that we had to pay for the repairs ourselves once we returned the RV

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DO NOT USE - Left Us Camperless

September4, 2018

We reserved and PAID for a camper from "Chase in Hortonville, WI" on outdoorsy.com, well in advance of a racing event in Crandon, WI.
On our 4 hour ride to the event we received a message that he was having "car trouble" and our camper would be delayed.
He pulled a no-show and left us homeless at the racetrack. We spent hours on the phone with outdoorsy.com trying to get a replacement camper. They were not very helpful or empathetic to the situation.
A smaller camper was finally found and able to be brought out much later that night. Outdoorsy still wanted to UP-CHARGE us! Crazy. That was another hour of arguing and waiting on hold to talk to multiple supervisors. Finally we agreed to the original rental price, which is still crazy because we wasted our entire first day of our Labor Day weekend vacation stressing and making calls to find a camper to sleep in and it was much smaller than the original. We will NOT be using this service again.

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September 23, 2019

We had a terrible experience with Outdoorsy! After hearing about our experience, no person we know will every let anyone they care about rent from Outdoorsy!

We made the reservation, paid the deposit, and then drove 650 miles to pick up the RV. When we got there the owner told us that there was no a.c. in the back of the RV and he'd just found out that the inverter was burned out. Not being RV owners we didn't know what that meant, and of course he didn't explain it.

Basically it means that 60% of the electrical features would not work in the RV during our trip. So, no a.c., no heat, no lights, no slide extender...

Also the tread separated off of 3 of the tires, and we of course had to pay to replace them. And, the R.V. leaked sewage continually. So there was a massive puddle of literal raw shit everywhere we parked. I'm talking a streaming puddle that was often longer than the R.V.

And those were just the worst issues. The RV was a total lemon and we discovered that nearly every feature was damaged and many didn't work at all.

Read my the full review here

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