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Outdoorsy is a marketplace for recreational vehicles and experiential travelers, and aims to provide an easy and economical way to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about all the baggage.


With the most comprehensive platform to connect outdoor travelers and RV owners, Outdoorsy offers a wide selection of vintage Airstreams, fifth wheelers, Classes A-C of RVs, toy haulers and various motorhomes and trailers.

For RV owners and renters, the company offers insurance for both renter and owner, with DMV checks for all drivers. Additionally, a 24/7 RV rental roadside assistance and a dedicated customer support team are also offered.

Merchandises such as shirts, accessories, RV decals and GPS trackers are also available for purchase. 


How Does Outdoorsy Work?

For RV owners, you are able to list your vehicle on the website in order to earn money from it while you are not using it. All you have to do is list your RV, create your own searchable profile and connect with renters.

For renters, it is pretty intuitive and works just like normal car and hotel reservation websites. Create an account, browse your RV options, use the filters to refine your search results then click on “Request Booking.”

After that, tell the owner about yourself and your plans. Make sure to submit 2 or more requests for availability and wait for a response. Do not forget to complete your profile and upload your driver’s license for the DMV check.

Once your request is confirmed, finalize your rental and pay the given reservation deposit. Outdoorsy encourages renters to look over all the restrictions, cancellation policies and the like for a smoother transaction.

Cost and Price Plans

RV owners can make up to $30,000 a year depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle. You may also set your rates and control your schedule by registering for free on the website.

On the other hand, renters pay depending on the RV owner’s rates. Rates range from as low as $27 per night, up to $200 per night. That being said, both renters and RV owners are covered by an insurance of $1M.

Customer Service

For questions or concerns related to Outdoorsy, you can email the company directly at [email protected], or call them on (415) 930-4841 for a live representative.

For an immediate response, use the live chat feature on the website located at the bottom right corner of Outdoorsy.com. Conversations via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also encouraged.

Cancellations are categorized in three policies: strict, moderate and flexible. The strict policy entitles you to a 50% refund if cancellation occurs up to 14 days before pickup.

The moderate cancellation policy entitles you to a 75% refund if cancellation occurs up to 7 days before pickup. Lastly, the flexible policy entitles you to a full refund; less service fees with 75% of your reservation fee, refundable within 5 days of the trip.

However, the service fee is non-refundable, except in the event where the owner cancels or when the cancellation is within the stated grace period.

A refund is immediately credited on the renter’s credit card on file in case of cancellation. This is in line with the reservations cancellation policy stated on the website.

If the refund is due to the negotiations between the owner and renter, the owner can initiate a refund through his or her dashboard, or by contacting the support team.

Online Reviews/Complaints

For Outdoorsy, serving you is a priority. Most customers claim they had a great experience and they highly recommended it to renters and owners alike.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are also other alternatives to Outdoorsy offering RV rentals in the United States. Some of which are RVshare, Campanada and Road Bear RV.

Comparing the services between Outdoorsy vs RVshare, Campanada and Road bear RV will help you decide which one suits your rental needs. RVshare offers RV rental in Cleveland with various RVs to choose from.

On the other hand, Campanada offers lesser vehicle types with a more expensive price range. Lastly, Road Bear RV offers rental deals not only in the US, but in Australia and New Zealand as well.

Where to Buy?

RV rental services for either owners or renters can be done via the company’s website at www.outdoorsy.com. Everything you need to know about the services offered will be available there.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing the great outdoors is such a humbling and fun adventure that many people are willing to try these days. Camping with an RV though is much better. This is because you get to cover more areas for exploration with all the necessities of a house compacted in a vehicle.

For a reliable experience for campers and a good opportunity for RV owners, Outdoorsy is the marketplace where you are able to connect with the right people for your outdoor needs.

If you have any experience with Outdoorsy or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Outdoorsy Customer Reviews

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Worst Rental "Silvermoon"
October 15, 2021

For seventeen (17) years I have been renting an RV on my birthday to go out camping with family and friends. I would rent from an RV dealership or from a private party, without any mishaps and it was a pleasure.

This year I decided to use “Outdoorsy” (very BIG mistake). The trailer that I reserved is one (1) mile from my work! Great, Friday after work I can pick-up the trailer and leave for my vacation. The trailer was reserved months in advance. So far so good. One (1) week before picking up the trailer in Naperville the couple text me and changed pick-up location! Now I have to pick-up the trailer 67 miles (3 hours in rush hour traffic) from my work in the ghetto of Chicago, where 50 people get shot on an average weekend or I can cancel and get my money back. Reservations were already made for the camp sites, restaurants and family and friends were looking forward for this weekend.

So, I had to take a day off of work without pay. I said since you changed locations, I will pick-up the trailer at 9:00am on Friday. They told me that they would charge me an “early pickup fee” because pickup is at 3:00pm. Then finally after phone calls and texting, they waved the “early pickup fee” when I told them that, they were the ones changing locations. Once we pick up the trailer, drove back home to pick up my mom and load truck and camper, with Covid, mom wiped down and sanitized the interior of the trailer, too are surprise the film of filth on the table edges, floor and cabinets, plus mold on the cutting boards. Looks like they wipe down the interior with an old dirty bar rag.

Got to the camp sites, set everything up and waited for the others to arrive with their campers. Saturday late afternoon I received a text from the owner that they want us to drop-off the trailer at 11:00am at an Airstream RV dealer in Naperville! Where I rented an Airstream from this dealership last year. Now they changed locations once again, so I had to spend time on the phone changing all my plans to fit their needs! Sunday we all got up at 5:30am to pack up the trailer and hitch it up in complete darkness and rain.

On the way there, we pick up my girlfriend’s dog from the kennel instead of in the evening, since drop-off location changed! Between phone calls and texting them to let them know we might be a few minutes late, they called/ text me back that they would charge me a “late fee” if not there by 11:00am. While my girlfriend went to get the dog, Mom and I started to unload the camper of all the pillows, blankets, linens, clothes, etc. into the bed of my truck.

Got the dog and got to Naperville in plenty of time to spare. Once they showed up (late of course) and did the walk around, I ask him why they changed the location! He told me that he needed someone to take it in for service and maintenance? I was taken back! I paid for the rental of this trailer plus time and gas, just to be used to take it to a dealership for service for them?

He should be paying me for delivery. Couldn’t pick it up in Naperville because they live in Chicago, but to drop it off in Naperville for service and maintenance that’s Okay. Plus, they charged me a “pet fee” because my girlfriends dog ran into the trailer instead of my truck (both doors were open)! Never rent from this couple, it’s all about how much money they can get from you and the last time using Outdoorsy.

July 19, 2021
Recently rented an RV through Outdoorsy.com and found it to be the biggest SCAM company ever! Better hope you don’t have to file a claim as YOU will be left paying the bill regardless of being forced to purchase insurance upfront! Conveniently, the deductible is MORE than the cost of the claim!! No repairs allowed – just FULL REPLACEMENT COST charged to us in the amount of $2331 for a $200 part! BIGGEST SCAM COMPANY ON THE PLANET!!!

Outdoorsy Lies Cheats and Scams Customer
July 18, 2021

Here is my experience with Outdoorsy. They do not rent independently owned RVs. Eddie and Chris will scam you to your core. They will lie and cheat, to keep all deposits and go after insurance. They lead you on and take advantage of the kindness of humans. They will blame you for issues that are not your fault or in the contract. They are tricky, sneaky, and fraudulent.

Expect 90 days of resolution, get a lawyer, and never use them or Outdoorsy. They operate under many umbrellas, so be careful. I would not recommend Workstream or Outdoorsy. Worst experience ever! RV was not as described, RV registration was expired, RV had operational issues, RV was abused well before these con-man tricked us.

Total scam!!!!
June 18, 2021

Total scam! BEWARE!!!! Do not use this company. I cancelled a reservation within one week of booking a trip that was planned for 6 months in advance and they were going to charge me over $100.00 to cancel.

Plus they were very difficult to communicate with. The customer service people tell you to contact the Owners and the owners tell you to contact customer service. A Ridiculous run around...my head was spinning after an hour of phone tag and chatting on-line.

Do yourself a favor and do not use this company!!!

Worst customer service on the planet
October 30, 2020
Outdoorsy is the absolutely worst company to deal with. I had to cancel a rental and did so through the rv owner but because their website could not handle the volume I was not able to cancel through their website and after numerous voice mails and emails and not one response. Now they are trying to stick me with the full rental price. I could rant about their incompetence for hours. I would highly recommend that you avoid this company at all cost .

RV rental
October 23, 2020

I recently rented a RV through Outdoorsy and everything was set and good to go then the day before the trip Outdoorsy informed me I would have to increase my insurance by $150 and asked if I was OK with it. I had no choice and thought it was pretty bad of them to inform me the last minute and not upfront. When I asked why they said that was proprietary! of course.

I would stay away from a company that does customers that way.


Susanville, Ca.

October 14, 2020

I have had an RV listed with Outdoorsy for 2 summers, I have had great renters and certainly do my part making sure it is stocked and clean. Outdoorsy takes money from the renters for insurance in case of any damages, in July a renter accidently scraped a parked car as he was pulling out of a tight parking space.

Filed a claim with Outdoorsy, that same day, it is now October 14, got the estimate through a body shop, roughly 2100.00. Outdoorsy has done absolutely nothing in getting this paid. I recommend if you are an RV owner, do not go thru this company. They take their cut, and that is it!!! I'll be contacting the BBB, as well as an attorney for damages.

A complete waste of time for 3 months. The RV is sitting in the body shop, as they are waiting to get paid from this scumbag company. There are laws against taking money for insurance, then burying your head in the sand when a claim needs paid. I am beyond pissed off.

Owners don’t use
September 25, 2020

Outdoorsy is a horrible service, great idea but horrible service.

They do not scan renters well,

I only rented my RV twice.

1st time Renter cracked windshield put a claim in with outdoorsy, a week later after renter got back security they denied claim.

Cost me $6,000.00

The next time I rented I clearly had a policy no towing and no pets.

Renter towed a trailer up the mountains of colorado and did engine damage.

Then renter broke slide outs, then renter broke a hydraulic Line, the entire time outdoorsy saying they will handle and take care of.

They did alright, they gave renter another RV and left Mine 1,600 miles from my home, where I arranged tow, I arranged repair shop, and once again they made promises to pay everything, they ended up releasing security deposit back to renters and denied all claims.

My RV is still stuck in Denver.

I do not have an old RV its new, a 2018 Tiffin Phaeton.with inly 30,000 miles on her, serviced by dealer every 5,000 miles.

Evertine I call outdoorsy I speak to someone new where I need to go through the entire explanation, and no-one has a direct line ir will give you there last name so you can never call them back again.

My wife and I were sick, over dealing with them, they are horrid.

Do not use. Don't even try once.

September 15, 2020
Unethical, irresponsible company. The rv owners do a bait and switch with policy parameters. And if you think they care about you or you family's safety and well being, think again. If the creekside fires were not enough to ruin our vacation. The owner ryan chriswell refused to refund us our payment. Outdoorsy did nothing except refund me the insurance and damage fees. Ryan chriswell scammed me out of 1k.

Stay Away from This Company
August 3, 2020
Do not rent from this company. They are extremely difficult to get in contact with and the insurance coverage you purchase through this company is a joke. I rented an RV and the tire blew out 20 minutes into the trip due to dry rot. The blowout debris struck the water lines underneath the tire well and we were without water the entire trip. The owner filed an insurance claim and somehow, I'm responsible for the blow-up and the damage sustained from that, something completely beyond my control. They not only kept my $500.00 deposit, but they also charged my account for $1500.00 deductible for the insurance that I purchased through them. Then, they filed a insurance claim with my parent's insurance company. Not even sure how they got this information. I've sent several emails and called several times regarding this and no response. When I was finally about to speak with a representative, they could not explain what was going on and told me the best way to communicate was via email. Stay Away!!!

Let me tell you about the HORRIBLE experience I just had with Ourdoorsy.
July 13, 2020

Let me tell you about the HORRIBLE experience I just had with Ourdoorsy. I rented an RV from a local owner, George Llard, order number 2082940, telephone (text only) number 720-513-4266, through Outdoorssy (real company???)

The owner told me I could pick up the RV but Outdoorsy gave me no option to click this preference so I messaged Outdoorsy. They DO NOT get back with you before 4-5 days and they DO NOT read the questions you send them. This was my experience. So I messaged them repeatedly.

Then I messaged George, He told me to call them with the order number so I did. No one answered. I have called Outdoorsy over 15 times and no one ever answers the phone. When they did message me (after another 4-5 days), they had not read my message and they wanted my contact information.

I gave it to them but the issue was never resolved. They took off the delivery fee but I asked them when I would know the address I was to pick up the vehicle from to no avail. They could not even give me a timeframe in which they would fill in this vital, yet missing information.

Now, some would say "just wait, they'll get around to it before it is time to pick it up."

Here is my dilemna - Outdoorsyonly gave me only a certain amount of time to cancel and receive back my reservation money, the time for which would have expired if I had done it that way. Now, if a company is legitimate, would they not want to make their customer feel comfortable with a transaction? And, if they were not legitimate, might they treat their customer in this manner? You bet!

So, the owner cancelled my booking because I asked for the address to pick up the vehicle. There is something rotten in all of this. I definifely would not recommend Outdoorsy, nor anyone who offers their RV through Outdoorsy.

I hope I get my money back but I have to say that I am in doubt of this because Outdoorsy sent me a message telling me to log-in to their site to retrieve it. When I did, I discovered no mechanism or link to do this (all bogus!!)

That is my review.

Didn't even get a kiss
February 11, 2020
My experience was not as bad as the ones above, but I have dealt with enough customer service departments in my life to know when you are getting the runaround. I could not get a straight answer from anyone about the simplest of questions, like: how do I add an additional driver to the insurance. The van that was supposed to be equipped with cooking utensils and a stove was not, the listing was changed to not include these items after I complained about their absence. The were some very questionable, yet easy to fix safety issues with the interior of the van. The most glaring example: large metal brackets with sharp edges attached to the ceiling by the walls of van. If you were sitting on the bed leaning on the wall (where else are you going to lean) you could easily bang/cut your head on one of these. The van had mechanical issues that caused a strong front end vibration that got worse by the day and had us worried so we modified our trip. The absence of window washer fluid while driving a shaky van in the dark on busy roads kicking up dirt was not okay and showed the absence of care that went into the whole van set-up. The van owner actually switched vans with us after we pointed out that shaking was clearly getting worse, but the 2nd van had its own set of issues that made sleeping super uncomfortable, could not charge any electronics in it, or use lights at night. These are just stupid things and I could keep nit picking, but why bother. We did have a decent trip, but that was everyone working really hard to not discuss how uncomfortable and disappointed we were. When you have a trip planned and you are thousands of dollars invested in plane tickets and van rental (as your accommodations), with limited time to enjoy yourself you need as few hassles as possible. It is sad to have this be an over shadowing memory of this trip.

Pricey (and late) repair fees
December 4, 2019

It was amazing until they made us pay 945$ for a repair 2 MONTHS AND A HALF after we gave the RV back (with no warning, of course, they just took the money out of my VISA card).

Outdoorsy was ready to make us pay almost three times this amount if the RV owner hadn't made inquiries of repair agencies. We are truly DISAPPOINTED.

C'était génial jusqu'à ce qu'ils nous fassent payer 945$ pour réparer deux barres en métal DEUX MOIS ET DEMI après notre retour en Belgique (sans aucun avertissement, ils se sont juste servi sur ma carte VISA).

Outdoorsy allait nous faire payer presque 3x le montant si la propriétaire du RV ne s'était pas renseignée de son côté. SUPER DECUS!

Bait and Switch
October 9, 2019
I have a BIG issue with Outdoorsy. They parade the fact that they have a binding dispute resolution process which ensures that disputes between renters and owners have a forum for resolution. Huge problem with that though - outdoorsy doesn't hold any money in escrow while there's a pending dispute. In my case, the RV wasn't operable or maintained, and we were forced to return it to the owner after only 1 day rental. Even though I immediately initiated a refund claim, outdoorsy still paid the rental fee in full to the owner. Then, in retaliation for the claim, the owner made false claims on my deposit. After the outdoorsy dispute resolution process failed, the matter was referred to their outside Arbitration provider, FairClaims. The arbitrator ruled 100% in my favor, but it's to no avail because outdoorsy already paid everything the owner claimed to the owner. So, I have a legally enforceable arbitration award, but no refund. How's that for bait and switch?

Horrible experience
September 20, 2019
Rented an RV through Outdoorsy and first day on the trip the air-conditioning fails while traveling from Nevada int Utah during summer. Repeated phone calls to owner not answered. Repeated phone calls to Outdoorsy. Informed I have to have repairs approved by owner or I'm liable for the cost. Owner wouldn't answer; horrible support from Outdoorsy. Probably will never rent an RV again.

maggie September 23, 2019

You got off lucky! we had a similar experience, but the owner claimed that we had to pay for the repairs ourselves once we returned the RV

DO NOT USE - Left Us Camperless
September 4, 2018

We reserved and PAID for a camper from "Chase in Hortonville, WI" on outdoorsy.com, well in advance of a racing event in Crandon, WI.

On our 4 hour ride to the event we received a message that he was having "car trouble" and our camper would be delayed.

He pulled a no-show and left us homeless at the racetrack. We spent hours on the phone with outdoorsy.com trying to get a replacement camper. They were not very helpful or empathetic to the situation.

A smaller camper was finally found and able to be brought out much later that night. Outdoorsy still wanted to UP-CHARGE us! Crazy. That was another hour of arguing and waiting on hold to talk to multiple supervisors. Finally we agreed to the original rental price, which is still crazy because we wasted our entire first day of our Labor Day weekend vacation stressing and making calls to find a camper to sleep in and it was much smaller than the original. We will NOT be using this service again.

maggie September 23, 2019

We had a terrible experience with Outdoorsy! After hearing about our experience, no person we know will every let anyone they care about rent from Outdoorsy!

We made the reservation, paid the deposit, and then drove 650 miles to pick up the RV. When we got there the owner told us that there was no a.c. in the back of the RV and he'd just found out that the inverter was burned out. Not being RV owners we didn't know what that meant, and of course he didn't explain it.

Basically it means that 60% of the electrical features would not work in the RV during our trip. So, no a.c., no heat, no lights, no slide extender...

Also the tread separated off of 3 of the tires, and we of course had to pay to replace them. And, the R.V. leaked sewage continually. So there was a massive puddle of literal raw crap everywhere we parked. I'm talking a streaming puddle that was often longer than the R.V.

And those were just the worst issues. The RV was a total lemon and we discovered that nearly every feature was damaged and many didn't work at all.

Read my the full review here