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About Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a technical apparel fabricating company with fun and freedom as its mission. Its goal is to inspire the world to be active on a daily basis by using humor and by simply, ‘Doing Things’. Their wardrobe gets your gym life covered while keeping your day hassle free. 

Outdoor Voices excels in their specialty and you will find yourself hopping, skipping, and dribbling comfortably in all liberty. Their friendly demeanor and customer service is also top notch and widely praised.


Forget about neon mesh for work out clothing; try one of the four core fabrics Outdoor Voices offers for both women and men. You will find textured compression, mossed jersey, stretch crepe and rec poly fabrics all in interesting and stylish designs.

The textured compression is perfect for use in different seasons while mossed jersey is super soft and very stretchable. Stretch crepe is great in all weather and is ready for all types of recreational use. Rec Poly or recycled polyester is the lightest fabric in the list and is even good for the Earth.

All Outdoor Voices products are available in a simple tonal palette that matches anything & everything, and are produced with only the highest quality of exercising textiles.  The goal is creating clothes to sweat in that are comfortable, practical, fun and durable. And personally, Outdoor Voices really live up to their goals.

Cost and Price Plans:

Outdoor Voices offer occasional discounts and promotions and a permanent 30% student discount for U.S. students. The random discounts and promotions do have an expiration date so use them whenever you happen to find one. 

Their OV Kits are interchangeable Uniforms for Recreation that starts at $100 and you can pick from Rec, Tech and Studio designs. These kits offer the set of apparel at a cheaper price than if you buy it individually.

Prices of each article vary but you can find a range of clothing starting at $35 and up. The popular and comfy leggings start at $70.  Outdoor Voices accept all top credit and debit cards such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard. If you buy online you can place your order via Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, and PayPal as well. Paying with a gift card is also acceptable.

Customer Service:

You may contact Outdoor Voices during the weekday from 8am to 6pm Send an Email at [email protected] or send a Facebook message. Their fast, friendly, and reliable customer representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Considering it is the Holiday season, orders placed between Nov 24th and Dec 24th can be returned until Jan 31st. Regular returns have no shipping fees; all you have to do is print off the prepaid USPS return label. If you wish to try a different style, you go through the return process as if you were requesting a refund and you will get a temporary gift card to use immediately. At Outdoor Voices, there is less waiting and more Doing Things.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Outdoor Voices athletic apparel is the one that is rave with excellent online reviews. The fabrics are incredible to the touch and instead of burdening you down; they hype you up to actually want to be productive. Consumers also love the way they fit. The only downside you will find people complaining about is the price but the best commodities are usually not cheap.

Competitors and Alternatives:

You may find competing companies that offer similar products as Outdoor Voices such as Thisisaday.com, Tracksmith.com, and Lululemon.com.  There is also a growing trend of MLM companies selling leggings such as LuLaRoe and Agnes & Dora.

You can do some quick research online to find reviews comparing OV vs lululemon products or OutdoorVoices vs girlfriend collective to make up your mind about which website is best.

Where to Buy?

Outdoor Voices have physical retail stores in the following cities & states: Austin, Tx; Dallas, TX; New York, NY; Aspen, CO; San Francisco,CA; and Los Angeles, CA.  If you are not lucky enough to live nearby one of the above, you may order online at www.outdoorvoices.com.

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