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About Oura Ring

ŌURA Health Ltd. is a company that is based in Finland and was founded in 2013. The company produces a new form of wearable technology called the Oura Ring.

The Oura Ring project actually started off back in 2015 through a Kickstarter campaign. The online campaign managed to not only be fully funded, but also wildly exceeded its goal. Thus, it is considered a highly successful campaign.


In short, the Oura Ring is a wearable piece of technology that helps you track your sleeping patterns and how they are affected by your activities and lifestyle choices during the day. 
The latest version of the Oura Ring comes in three different designs, but they mostly have the same functionality as the first version.

How Does it Work?

The ring is made from a scratch-resistant, waterproof ceramic compound called zirconia. The inside of the ring is supposedly made from a non-metallic material that is both hypoallergenic and medical grade.

By measuring data such as your movement, pulse waveform and time between heartbeats, it can give you information on your heart rate, respiration rate and the main focus: sleep. In addition to that, it also measures your body temperature. All this information gives you a better knowledge about you and your body and gives you a clearer perspective to make the best decisions for your health and wellbeing.

The sensors on the ring sit on the artery in your finger, giving more accurate readings, especially compared to wrist-based trackers. There is also a built-in accelerometer that can monitor your hand and finger movements.

While you’re asleep, the ring takes note of the length of your sleep, determining the state of your brain and the stages of sleep. It also tracks other parts of your physiology, such as sleep efficiency, timing, latency, lowest resting heart rate and any disturbances to you during sleep.

This all helps to analyze the quality of your rest, given by a total Sleep Score each night. Along with the information obtained from the morning hours, it gives you a Readiness Score that helps you with decision-making for your daily lifestyle choices.

The Oura Ring comes with an integrated app that acts as a platform to analyze the data from the ring. It shows you the information the ring gathers and presents it in charts and diagrams for you to better visualize everything. It is also capable of giving you suggestions tailored to you for ways to improve your overall health.

Cost and Price Plans:

Two of the three designs for the latest Oura Ring are priced the same at $299 per ring. These are the Heritage and Balance models. The Heritage comes in four different colors while the Balance, with its sleeker design, only has three.

The last design for the Oura Ring is the most premium one. This is the Balance Diamond model, which only comes in silver. It has five diamonds on the exterior surface of the ring and is priced at $999.

For all three designs, there is a 20% discount that lasts only until 31 January.

Customer Service:

To get into contact with the company, you are able to email them at [email protected] for any media enquiries and [email protected] for anything else. In addition to that, there is a two-year warranty for this product.

If for any reason you would like to return your Oura Ring, you are able to do so within 30 days after receiving the product. The process is simple: just email Customer Care at [email protected] with the subject “Ouraring Return” to obtain the return address and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

It’s best to place the ring along with all accessories back into the original packaging. The package should have the RMA clearly displayed. Moreover, it is advised that shipping used should be traceable.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The Oura Ring has received overall great reviews from users on the Internet. Its sleek design and hardiness has been highlighted by many reviewers online. It is a gadget that lets you track lots of data while still looking good and has a short charging time, as well.

Competitors and Alternatives:

For alternatives to Oura Ring, there are three that we will discuss:

First of all, FitBit is arguably the most popular brand of wearable technology available on the market. It has a variety of clips, wristbands and watches that can keep track of your heart rate, sleep and more. When it comes to Oura Ring vs FitBit, Oura Ring easily wins out when it comes to size. This is because being in the form of a ring can make the Oura Ring more compact but still stylish.

Next, there is the Motiv, which also comes in the form of a ring. It tracks your fitness, heart rate, as well as sleep. Since they’re both rings, comparing the Oura Ring with Motiv is a bit more balanced. For Oura Ring vs Motiv, the Oura Ring has a brighter shine, as the Motiv has a subtler matte design. However, the Motiv ring also boasts a longer battery life.

Lastly, there is Ringly. Ringly produces smart bracelets and rings that look glamorous and high fashion. Not only do the products help you track your fitness, they can also give you alerts on the go and provide a guided meditation.

Where to Buy?

The Oura Ring is now available for pre-order through its official website at https://ouraring.com/#pre-order.


With the current boom in wearable technology, the Oura Ring enters the market with a more compact and stylish form. This ring can help you make the best decisions with regards to your lifestyle and ensures you obtain a good night’s sleep.

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Oura ring user

September12, 2020

It is so comfortable I forget I am wearing it. Reminds me to get up and move around when I sit too long at my desk and I love the sleep data. Really great product and I always check to make sure my temperature is within range to alert me if I may be coming down with something. Basically it lets me know if I am meeting my activity goals and how my body is doing-it tells me if I should take it easy or if its a good day for activity, etc. Highly recommend!

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