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Oshenwatch. A piece of junk.
September 13, 2020
This watch is a piece of junk. The strap has broke. Emailed customer service for return. Like everyone else NO REPLY. I guess I will write this one up as a strong lesson learned.

KaipoKanoho October 16, 2020

TRUTH. Oshen is garbage

MoeDabiero November 15, 2020

I brought 4 before you get them on the burrito to close it breaks dont buy a piece of junk I got taken for 140

Wrote them to show the button is broke on three of the plastic junk and they won't give me my money back

VictorDurnford January 20, 2021
Total scam
September 8, 2020

Received my Oshen watch. The Instruction pamphlet was just about worthless. Took an entire afternoon to get set up with the cellphone softwarea required to use the watch, and then realized it didn't share nearly the information as was claimed, and it wouldn't tell you anything at all without the cell phone. You have to restart the watch, just to get the time ....

Watch worked for four days and then went stone cold dead. It was full charged, it just didn't light up at all. Wrote back to the seller to say I was returning the watch and wanted my money back ...and was cheerily informed they didn't want me to "waste your money on Postage.". and made me an offer . ...they would give me a 20% refund ...and then I could "just give the watch to a friend or relative, and see if it will work for them.". Needless to say, I did not accept this offer, and wrote back that I expected a full refund for a clearly defective product. The answer I got was . .." that is not our policy. "

ThomasSutter September 14, 2020

plain junk

Oshen Watch is a scam
September 3, 2020

The watch is cheap and not accurate. The major challenge is their product support. It is non-existent. You can't call them, only communication is by email.

Delivery is sloooow, It takes weeks to get a reply to email.

The return policy -- you have to send the watch back via UPS/USPS. Then request a refund. It has been 3 weeks waiting for confirmation of my return and refund.

I will be contacting my credit card company to intervene.

WARNING -- don't buy this watch.

August 30, 2020



Did't even connect to app
August 22, 2020

I was excited to get a watch to track my sleep. I got the watch and it took a bit to find out how to charge it. In the end it is easy, but not straight forward. The big problem is that the display is just not responding in way that it is usefull. Had to touch it multiple times to get it to show some screens that do not stay lit for mare that 3 seconds.

The biggest problem is that the app that is supposed to connect to it does not recognize it, so it is completely useless.

KaipoKanoho October 16, 2020

O**** watch

August 21, 2020
A piece of junk. BPM is way off does not connect to the app.

Oshen watch
August 16, 2020
Will not find FitPro app on Google playstore that will work with android bluetooth function. Pice of junk and not worth buying. Looks like everyone has same feeling.

ThomasSutter September 14, 2020

Amen plain junk

August 16, 2020
Waited about six weeks. Got it. Told to download ther phone app called FitPro. When it installed, had to agree to something to use the app. However, the agreement is in Chinese. Not going to agree to something that I can't read and agree to - who knows what you maybe agreeing to by clickin on "Agree". Further, the strap has to be pulled off the watch which involves some severe pulling on the strap to get it off. The strap will NOT withstand very many times of being pulled off before it breaks. Apparently no way to get replacements. You get what you pay for. In this case, the hype on the watch and the price made it attractive -- but is really just a cheap piece of junk. Do NOT recommend buying this product.

August 15, 2020
DO NOT PURCHASE this watch. The watch is very cheap and does not charge up with the USB charging method. It will stop working in a few tries at charging. Worst part is NO CUSTOMER Service and no agents to contact. It’s a company to stay away from. They claim to have a returns policy but I found that it was impossible to reach anyone. They just take your money and that’s it.

Oshen watch, playbeatz
August 9, 2020
I have waited since May for an order. i emailed and emailed, NO RESPONSE. Finally, when i got in touch with them by phone. Had a long wait. When i finally got in touch I just cancelled my order!!!

LisaTaylor September 06, 2020

I also order in May.called twice and both times I aS told it was in the mail. Try calling again no answer. Sent many email and there response was sorry for the delay. Now it's September and I emailed again saying I want to cancel my order I'm tried of the back and forth bull. So now I get a email back saying I can't cancel my order it's in the mail. What a joke. So it's 9/6/2020 see if I even get it because that couldn't give me a tracking number. Sounds a little fishey. Don't east your money or time with these people. It's a scam

Oshen watch
August 9, 2020
My order was made in MAY, ITS AUGUST !!! I still have NOT received it. I emailed and emailed and emailed and STILL NO RESPONSE. I FINALLY got through on the phone. Because there was no response to the customer, I cancelled my order.

VictorGalis August 22, 2020

It so hard to find the reviews!

Ohsen Watch
August 7, 2020

It took 2 months to get it and it was only after I called to cancel order. 2 days after receipt I contacted customer service as the Blood pressure and heart beat was completely off compared to my automatic BP arm meter tested by cardiologist. Customer service stated it did not work???. I have slept with it on my wrist 2 nights and it has yet to record any sleep data. The Oshen Watch does sync with my phone, the unit does notify you of a phone call, neither of which I purchased it for!

Do not buy this unit!

Oshen Watch SCAMMERS
August 2, 2020

****WARNING WARNING WARNING**** DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! IT IS A BIG SCAM ... READ THE REVIEWS ON ALMOST ALL MEDIA... 99% NEGATIVE. We ordered two of these and waited four months for delivery with all kinds of excuses. When they arrived we followed every instruction charged them fully and turned them on. Each one lasted only one minute! And if you read the reviews you will see that is not uncommon. Then of course their so called customer service won't respond. You get stuck with these things. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES ON AMAZON!!!

August 1, 2020
DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OFJUNK. There is no such return if not satisfied, I have tried calling sending emails and have gotten no response. It is a scam all they do is take your money .....watch does not connect to the phone, nor does it do what they claim it does. I am still trying to get my refund. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME BUYING THIS JUNK.

Scam from junk peddlers!
August 1, 2020
I ordered the Oshenwatch May 25th and they took my payment immediately. It's August and still nothing but fake tracking info. No response from their email and their phone is nothing more than an automated joke giving you wait times for customer service who never answer. I did not realize this junk watch came out of Hong Kong when I ordered until I tried to contact them about the delay in shipping. Shame on me for not checking where the company was located! Anytime I purchase anything and find out it was made in China I return it at once or throw it in the trash! Nothing but trash!

Not worth the wait
August 1, 2020

Ordered may 15th and it finally arrived July 31st.

Cannot get to pair and the instructions leave so much to be desired. Doesn’t have the functions that I ordered this phone for. Definitely a scam and no way to contact anyone for a refund since they never respond.

Not Happy with product
July 31, 2020
I ordered two watches on 12 June and received them on 29 July. They were kind enough to provide me a discount credit due to the delay. There were no instructions on how to charge the watch and nothing in the instructions mentioned the USB plug on the watch itself. I called customer service to get this information. That alone led to difficulty in setting up the watch. After several hours of working with the watches and trying to figure out which App (there is more than on FitPro App) to actually download I got the watches to sync with my iPhones. I found it difficult to use the different functions and to get the time set correctly. I then found it difficult to disconnect the wrist band to get the be able to charge the watch. Lastly I found it to be too uncomfortable to wear 24/7. I felt the need to return them as it just was not a fit for me or my wife. The customer service was great except for the difficulty I had in understanding the conversation between them and me. This might be a great watch for some, but it's just not a product we choose to keep. It is not a scam like others mentioned and it does sync with your phone if you select the right program.

A most unreliable device
July 31, 2020

I do not recommend this device. During the first night of use it gained approx one and a half hours while on the second night it lost half an hour. This also occurred one afternoon. Seems that it needs to be near the phone to maintain time it does not do it by itself.

Blood pressure readings are questionable when compared with a monitor. It even gives the same or similar results whether worn or not.

I also find that it does not readily respond to lifting and twisting the wrist Often requiring multiple attempts.

Then there is the lack of reasonable user guide info.

A useless piece of junk
July 31, 2020

The Oshen watch is a dreadful time keeper. The first night in use it gained an hour and a half while the second night it lost half an hour. Seems it must be in vicinity of the phone to maintain sync. The other functions become questionable as blood pressure readings seem the same when worn and when not.

Thus I classify it as an unreliable device and cannot recommend it.

Stay Away From It
July 29, 2020
First, it took two months for it to arrive. The same week it arrived the band kept separating from the watch and would fall off. The last time it self detached it fell to the floor and the watch cover came off. I put it back on but it no longer works. I’ve tried contacting them several time by email but have not received a response. I tried the phone number and get nowhere. So far it's been three weeks since I received it and it stopped working and have not got a response.