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About OricShield

Wearing a mask and adhering to hygiene practices like washing your hands are of the utmost importance as we work to battle COVID-19. While most of us have gotten used to these new rules, many are still struggling with avoiding excessive face touching.
It is essential that we stop touching our faces so much, as this habit can spread germs that cause disease. 
Unfortunately, evidence has shown that this is much easier said than done.
The creators of the OricShield understand how difficult it can be for people to avoid touching their faces. As such, they have designed a special face mask shield to help combat face touching.

How Does It Work?

The OricShield is washable, reusable, and intended to help people breathe easily while getting maximum protection from germs and bacteria. The OricShield covers your entire face and looks like transparent full-face glasses -however, you are still able to wear your own glasses underneath along with a face mask for extra protection.
If you are looking for an easy way to stay safe during the pandemic, keep reading, because we go over everything you need to know about OricShield below!

Cost and Price Plans

OricShield is currently running a sale, which means that if you are interested in purchasing a face shield, you can save some money! If you wish to buy one OricShield, you will pay $32.00 – usually, one OricShield is priced at $69.00. You can save additional money by purchasing several OricShields – a three-pack currently costs $69.00 and is usually priced at $149.00.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for products that can help you stay as safe as possible during the pandemic, there are several other options besides the OricShield.
For example, you might choose to purchase an ICU Face Shield, which is designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and even incorporates anti-fog technology. ICU Face Shield claims to be the perfect solution to help healthcare workers, teachers/school administrators, hospitality and retail professionals, and the public protect themselves. The ICU Face Shield comes in two sizes- small and large and costs $19.99.
Another option to help you and your loved ones stay safe is the Salon World Safety Face Shield. This item was created with comfort and durability in mind – it offers full face protection and anti-fog technology to help maintain clarity for users. You can purchase a four-pack of these shields for $7.96 on Amazon, where the product earns a 4.1/5-star rating. Customers praise the item, saying things like “The shield is wide and fits well,” “I really like this product – it has good coverage,” “Nice and clear,” “Very comfy, lightweight, and easy to clean,” and “They’re safe and effective.”
Finally, you might choose to buy an effective, sturdy face mask instead of a full face shield. The O2 Curve Mask comes in two different size options: high-bridge fit or low-bridge fit – the creators designed this mask to provide a good fit for all customers.
This face mask helps you stay comfortable and safe during the pandemic. One O2 Curve Mask will run you $69.99. The O2 Curve Mask has great reviews, with Amazon customers giving the product a 3.8/5-star rating. Customers praise the O2 Mask for the comfort it provides, along with its quality.
Amazon reviewers say things like “This is obviously a well-designed and well-made product,” “It doesn’t hurt my ears or my nose or anywhere on my face,” “The straps, fittings, plastic shell, and filters all feel like a quality product,” “This mask is very breathable,” “It functions perfectly,” and “No steaming of glasses. Perfect filtration and easy exhalation.’

Customer Service

You can reach out to the OricShield support team by e-mailing [email protected]

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

If you are interested in purchasing an OricShield, but want to read tons of customer reviews first, you may be out of luck. While OricShield boasts positive reviews on their website, additional reviews of OricShield from other sources are not freely available.
There are only four OricShield reviews to check out on their website. Customers offer praise for the product and say things like “The face shield is really comfortable to wear,” “It’s a great idea. I love wearing it much more than the normal masks,” and “Good quality. Comfortable to wear. I can absolutely recommend it.”
Unfortunately, an Internet search did not turn up any other OricShield reviews- the OricShield product page does have  a 2020 copyright on it, so it may simply be a newer product that has not been around long enough to get more reviews.

Where to Buy?

You can order an OricShield through their website.

Is It Worth It?

While it is essential that you find a comfortable face covering to help protect you, your loved ones, and those around you from COVID-19, it is difficult to recommend OricShield for this purpose. If you are interested in purchasing an OricShield, you might want to wait until the company has earned more reviews and can boast a higher number of satisfied customers.
It is also important to consider the efficacy of a face shield versus a face mask -while many experts agree that a face shield might be just as effective, most mask orders in place within the United States require a face mask to cover your mouth and nose. Therefore, we suggest that you either purchase a well-reviewed face shield that you may choose to wear in conjunction with a mask, or forego the face shield altogether and utilize a mask for protection.
Either way, we hope that you will find the right product to stay safe and do your part to protect others.

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Oric Original Scam!

April 1, 2021

"Oric Original" fitted face mask ...

I am so disappointed! What I ordered from Oric Original is not what I got.

After 3 months, the parcel arrived (instead of 7 days).

The order said it was silicone. What I got is hard plastic.
It says non scratch. This one scratches.
The picture showed it wrap under the chin. This is a VISOR.

I paid over 940 ZAR, when I can get plastic visors locally for under 150 ZAR.

It says on the ad, "no fog/mist" .. this one gets misted up when one breathes.

It is horrible and not what I ordered.

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