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About OrGreenic Cookware

Orgreenic ceramic cookware is handy in the kitchen for cooking over the stove. These products feature a non-stick cooking surface and a unique ergonomic handle.

When cooking on the stove, using oil and butter on the cooking surface of the pan makes it easier to sauté food. These added fats are simply used as a surface coating so food doesn’t stick to the bottom or sides of the pan. When food gets stuck to the pan it ends up burnt and makes the perfect recipe turn out a little different than what you had hoped for.

By using Orgreenic cookware you don’t need oil or butter to coat the surface of the pan because of the products on-stick surface. Cooking without the added fat and calories makes each meal healthier.

After all of the time spent cooking, it comes time to clean up the mess. If you decide to eat your meal warm, often times you either let the pan sit on the stove to cool off or you put it in the sink to start soaking it in soapy water. If you clean the pan directly after you cook up a warm dish, your food will be cold by the time you finish scrubbing the pan.

Orgreenic is easy to clean and it doesn’t require a long soak in the water or excessive scrubbing. You can easily wipe it clean simply by running it under the water.

10” sauté pan and a cookbook can be purchased online for $19.99 plus an additional shipping and handling charge of $7.99. As an online special offer you can order a second set for just $9.99. There is also an Orgreenic Complete Gourmet 16 piece Collection which costs $300.00, payments are made in 6 monthly installments of $49.99. There is a 30 day money back guarantee when you purchase their cookware through the site.

Many consumers are not aware that a typical non-stick surface is made with a synthetic chemical called PFOA, this stands for Perfluorooctanoic Acid. Orgreenic is PFOA free, which means you will not be exposed to a chemical that the EPA has deemed to be a potential human carcinogen. By the year 2015, all products on the market will be required to be PFOA free.

The majority of consumer had unfavorable Orgreenic reviews. Customers who ordered it online through the Orgreenic website had more issues than those who purchased it elsewhere.

The complaints of those who purchased Orgreenic through their website complained about being overcharged for the products they ordered. In addition, some of the customers received items they did not order and were charged for those additional items. Online purchasers also complained about the amount of time they had to wait for the product to arrive.

Customers who did not purchase their product through the Orgreenic website mainly complained about the actual product. They felt that the non-stick surface did not work.

Review other products on the market that are similar to this one. They are non-stick cookware products that are also PFOA free already on the market. If you can purchase these non-stick cookware items in a retail store you may also be able to avoid payment and shipping issues.

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Doyle Lonnegan

Glad I saw it prior to purchase

February 24, 2013

Walmart has a rack for TV hawk items. They sell this pan and believe me its a lot smaller and thinner than one could imagine. Put it along side of a legitimate pan of supposedly the same size and see the difference in size and build quality. On the same rack is the Instant seal in a spray can that supposedly will seal any pipe leak. Yep, just spray it on and walla.
TV hawked items are on the infomercials because a legitimate store won't handle them and a fool is born every minute.

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Maitu Sentz

Great little pan

December 21, 2012

I ordered the pan on Dec 4, and received it Dec 18. When I ordered online, there was a little screw-up in getting the 2 for 1 deal with the knife, but a quick phone call to Orgreenics during business hours quickly solved the problem.

We seasoned the pan before use according to the instructions, which are on a big round piece of paper in the pan. Can't miss it. I wonder if some had a problem because they skipped this step. It works pretty much as advertised. I haven't tried the cheese yet. However, I did let some lettuce burn in the pan. It looked like it was burned in, but I just took a paper towel and a little olive oil, and it wiped right off. No pan we own does that when this situation arises.

I don't plan on returning it. If it lasts a year, the two pans for less than $30 were well worth it. However, they should last much longer. Besides, when one buys things on the internet or TV, it shouldn't be with the intention of returning the item. IMHO, that's what people are doing.

Now, if you want something that's actually magic, perhaps you ought to open the wallet for some VitaCraft or other quality stainless steel alloy cookware for one to two hundred bucks per pan.

However, for about $30 which includes S&H for two Orgreenics pans and a knife, it's a great product. We're happy with ours.

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It does what it advertise!

August 27, 2012

Gonna cut the chase:
Pros: It does what they said it would. I treated it when I brough it because thats what the instructions say to do every 6 months to keep it non stick and it worked. I can cook anything pretty much on it and it wouldnt stick. It cleaned very well! After a few months (close to the 6 month point) It starts to stick and i use it as a reminder its time to treat it again, after doing it again its back to normal. Ive had this product for a yr now and Id buy it again if I had to.

Cons: When I first saw it on TV I had called to get more information on the product, they mention a deal over the phone (machine talking to me of course) about getting a full set, pots, pans pretty much the works. Which I was very excited and really wantd it but at the time I didn't have the money so I end the call. A few weeks later, I see a charge that wasnt there before.Called up the number and found out I Still got charged even though I never finished the order. Not only that, they had the wrong address. So clearly someone was trying to get a free pan out of me. It was some random A** address that was NO WHERE near me. in the end they ended up sending another pan and to my address and refunded the money (except for the shipping and handling fee).
I didn't like the fact that I still got charged and it was being sent somewhere completely different then the address I had given.

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