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Fake fake fake
September 15, 2021
Total scam do not use!!!! LovePredictor is a fake! Scam and they threaded me because I call them out on their bs.

January 9, 2018

There seem to be some nice people, but bottom line is they all want money from you.

Sometimes the psychics give you this free card reading for a vote, and after analysing many times, it looks like they're just opening free horoscope/angel card websites online to read for the audience. It wouldn't seem so obvious because they obviously are always facing the computer screen in order to read their messages, but from my analysis, I could see their movements, like they were trying to move a mouse or a trackpad to open sites to give you readings.

This site is a scam.

Get a life people!
November 22, 2016
These people suck! I always click on websites that indicate that the website has free psychics that you can talk to. But those websites always lead into Oranum.com! They hype the website up so much by saying it’s free and they “pollute” websites by spamming their crappy advertisements that are pointless. I don’t know if it’s Oranum wanting their website to be heard or it’s just random people mistaking this website for a free psychic website. But I’m just gonna blame Oranum for now. When you see the ads for this website, you will think it’s free, but nope! When you go on there, you have to pay like 20 bucks for a private reading. Oh, and did I mention that you HAVE to go private for just one question?! Yeah, don’t think so idiots. Do these people seriously try their hardest just to decorate their rooms into convincing people that they are real magical psychics? Wow, I feel really sorry for them. Instead of doing this crap, they should really be having some sort of life. :( They obviously just want your money. If they need a job, they should get up off their lazy asses and go find one. Not just hope to get a job that requires sitting on their butts all day and telling people fake things about their future. Do NOT waste your money on this website!

Arrogant, and dogmatic! Nothing more than projection, speculation, and blatant greed.
August 29, 2016

I used Oranum for about two years but will never go back. While there are a few (very few) sincere people here far too many of them are greedy, immature, and woefully inaccurate, although perhaps few if any 'psychics' are 'accurate'. Worse yet, too many of them are judgmental, dogmatic, and arrogant. Many are simply con artists that have many ways to bleed you of your hard earned money. If you let them, they will use them all. I am quite certain many of them work together (perhaps even live together) and share whatever information they have. Few of them post their rates. More than one time I linked to a psychic advertising a very low rate but as soon as I joined him or her online the connection was dropped--or was it deliberately cut? When I returned only a few moments later the rate had doubled, in one case it had even tripled. At no time (until after I determined the cost of the session) was I given any indication that the fee had been increased. Anyone who does this is worse than a pickpocket or petty thief. At least you expect a pickpocket or thief to steal from you. When I informed Oranum of this problem I was told my concerns would be 'passed on'. But, of course, there was no further response. Despite my complaints there have been no changes in this or any of the many abusive features of the site.

If you decide on an email reading you are required to provide your 'reader' with far more information than should be needed if he or she actually has the 'gifts' claimed. It the reader has biases pertaining to your question you won't get anything even remotely resembling a 'reading'. Instead you will be assaulted with salvos of negativity, judgment, and projection that could come from only one place--the mind of the reader. More than once a reader decided she didn't like the question asked and unloaded a barrage of arrogant and presumptuous 'hit and run' assertions, for which she will never be held accountable. She delivered these insults with such ease and comfort that it made me suspect that she rehearses this stuff in front of a mirror in her spare time.

Far too many of the 'readers' on this site waste your time--taking far too long to respond to whatever questions you might have--perhaps while they think about what delusion they can sell you to bring you back again. They love to spend the time you are paying for asking questions--sometimes personal questions, that have nothing to do with the reasons you are there. I am sure they love to chat with you if you are paying them two to ten bucks a minute. In some cases they will offer you prayers, blessings, healing, mantras, and 'guidance' in some cases at 3-5 dollars per minute or more. One of them had the audacity to suggest that her $300 per hour fee was a 'special deal' she was, oh so generously, offering me. Seriously? 5 bucks a minute or more to 'pray for' me, 'enlighten' me, or unshackle my own 'psychic powers'? And while she was 'guiding' me I could hear her 'handling' other clients. Double dipping? And, needless to say, some claim they can even remove 'curses' or 'spells'.

Do any of you really think that you are 'spiritually superior' to the rest of us? Do you think you are fooling any of us? OK you probably are fooling plenty of us--you certainly fooled me for a while. But really--many of you really belong in a psychiatric hospital.That is how deluded you are about your capabilities and 'powers'. A few you, as well as the corporate swindlers that run this site, should be doing time. Perhaps some day you will. Now that is what I would call 'karma'. But of course that may be why many of you run your businesses offshore, from places where you do not have to comply with any laws and regulations at all.

I sometimes wonder how much of the 3-5 bucks a minute (even more in some cases) goes to the 'psychics' and how much goes to the greedy corporation that runs this site. Interestingly these folks also run at least one 'adult' site. Hmmm...psychic readings and porn--what is the connection? Hint: follow the money.

I am writing this because I have (foolishly I will admit) spent quite a bit of money here. I was in a bad place and exercised very poor judgment. I am writing this in the hope that none of you will ever have to go through the same thing. Avoid these people at all costs. If you really want your money to do some good give it to your favorite charity or try to help a friend or neighbor who is in trouble and really needs it. That will do you more good than this place ever can or will.

Just so you understand that I am not trying to damn everyone on the site--I would have to say that there are a very few sincere and decent folks here who really do try to help. Whether they actually can or do help is something you will have to decide for yourself. As for me--enough is enough.

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs. If you do use them make sure you establish a per minute rate, and some ground rules you expect your reader to abide by, in the public chat room before you agree to 'go private'. Ask Oranum to require that readers post their per minute fees. Confront unprofessional behavior. Insist that Oranum post negative or critical reviews of readers--it seems that they never do. And oh, did I mention that a few of them shill for each other? Shameless and unprofessional.

Addictive! Stay Away from this site!
August 8, 2016
I spent my whole savings on this website. I managed to reclaim some for the hassle they caused me financially, professionally and personally. This is an evil company that hardly pay their experts anything (I used to work there too). And every time I wanted to cancel my account and they reeled me in by offering free credits for over 3 years. I managed to get 30% back on the amount I spent on total through launching a dispute through my bank. Only problem is, the company can still come and take it back from my account if they want to grab it back.

ORANUM Stay away from it, even if you think it may help you. STAY AWAY
July 9, 2016

There are very few good psychic/readers.

There are a lot of scammers too, so be careful.

There are many many who think they're genuinely helping you. But actually - if you get different readers saying different things, it can seriously really mess around with your head, AND YOUR LIFE on a subconscious & unconscious level. Even if you think you can handle it consciously and make your own decisions. The seeds have been planted in there by the reading/s.

What I would say is.... DON'T START. Just don't even start. It can get addictive, and before you know it, you've made decisions or assumptions (and ASSUMPTIONS could be even WORSE!) based on your reading/s, and you've spent hundreds if not thousands on it.

Remember, the Oranum company is very big business.

Oranum I think are the biggest scammers, and they take about 70% of what you pay, the reader only gets 30%. Their advertising campaign is massive, you'll find 'oranum' ads all over the internet once you start visiting the site. It's also misleading with 'readings, free chat'... It means there aren't really free readings, unless you get picked for a demo. But you can chat in the rooms.

If you really want a psychic, clairvoyant or tarot reading, slow down, don't rush, do some research in your area and see one personally. So BEWARE, don't get addicted to this.

In fact, I would recommend to NOT GOT TO PSYCHICS and find your own coping mechanisms in your own life - try to help you make your own decisions. Life has its own way of working out if you have a good attitude and genuinely a good person. Don't mess with it. Build yourself by going through this process. Be happy to be in the unknown of things, and know that whatever circumstance you're in, it will pass.

Believe me, I know. I've seriously f***ed up my life because of making assumptions and decisions based on these readings.

Emma August 08, 2016

did you try to claim it back? via your bank?

December 30, 2015
Listen newbies. I'm a starseed. I'm intuitive and psychic myself and as a psychic myself, we still need to get readings for ourself from time to time just to confirm our intuition. But after spending half year on Oranum, I can confirm to you that the site is a complete scam. A lot of the readers there can't even connect and BS their way to make it sound legit. Insight2Light, Powerwithin was good in the beginning but when he can't connect, he will BS too instead of telling you straight out. JonMoss does reading completely base on your question and not your energy. AstroLove is not accurate either. Sensei as well. Just check how when you ask the readers if they will connect with you, all they will said is yes but try not to get into the details until you purchase their package and go into private with waste up your funds and money. They are robbers and don't give a crap about their clients. Plus a lot of the reviews there are fake. Unlike bitwine, you can see the stars and they don't restrict you to spend at least $30 something dollars on a reading. DO NOT USE ORANUM!!!

AlbertValdez November 08, 2017

No, you are not star seed, oh delusional narcissist. You're human like everyone else.

Oranum Scam
June 15, 2015
Oranum is a scam. They are a warehouse of amateur psychics that give useless readings. You need to go to a high quality psychic instead. Hope this helps.

cLAUDIA December 23, 2015

all scammers. read terms and conditions carefully. it says nothing is proven scientifically. when you complain that predictions never happened, they will come up with an excuse. they are only there to milk money out of poor sad people.... which include me!

cLAUDIA December 23, 2015

they should all be put under investigation!

February 8, 2014

Hi Every body .

i need help i try to make oranum account long time but not approve bcz of net uploding speed can any one approve me one oranum account thanks

January 27, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I had taken my post about Oranum down due to the fact there are many good, helpful and knowledgeable people on this site. But however due to the rude, hurtful, insulting, greedy and hateful people I encountered on this site I decided I needed to put this back up.

And the number one reason I am doing this is not because my computer and email were hacked by them, but due to the fact that someone there sent me an email with my dead sister's name on it. This was very hurtful and makes me extremely angry. My sister died in 2010 from cancer, she was only 37 years old. She is greatly missed by everyone who knew her. I can not understand what kind of low life pos would do such a thing. I realize I may face retaliation from them for posting this, but I feel people have a right to know what some of these people on Oranum are capable of. If the only problem was being hacked I would have let it go, but upon reconsidering the circumstances I decided I could not.

This site has many complaints against it and will let just about anyone with a deck of cards join. The site often crashes in private chat and once you get into paid private chat, some act like they are on vacation. Some are very rude if you decline private chat, most just want your money anyway. And once you subscribe to chat for a specific psychic you can not unsubscribe, so you are stuck getting their emails even if you don't want them. The site is located in Luxembourg, this is a small country in Europe that is not regulated by any laws in the United States.

As I said before there are a lot of good, helpful and knowledgeable people on this site, they are not all bad. But there are also a lot of fakes and some are difficult to spot because they have had a lot of practice fooling people. You can do whatever you like with this information, it is your decision to go there or not. If I had received an apology I would have let it this go, but now it is too late and I refuse to let it go. I have no doubt that the email I received and being hacked was done by someone on their site, because all of this happened immediately after going to their site. I would also highly recommend staying away from angelful1982, this is one mean hateful person.


thansk to tasha
December 10, 2013
update! i listened to the munummedium in his room. OMG that guy is sooo stupid. How can you advise people about spiritual development and not follow what you preach? never reads, never learns, too lazy to do stuff. From his own mouth! and advice he gave was really about only him knowing everything for everyone.... no other psychic was as good as he was. BIG EGO and BIG NEGATIVITY around him. yuck

July 3, 2013

scam website, "psychics" pretending to know what theyre talking about while all they are after is your money.

Common s August 11, 2013

You just described every psychic site.

Scam artists
June 27, 2013
Have had several readings in hopes of connecting to a loved one that has recently passed. All readings were inaccurate. Some even try to control you by instilling fear. Some major ethical violations here!! Learn from me.. Get you answers from the Big Guy upstairs and stay away from these criminals.. Oranum = Fail

hit and miss
April 6, 2013

i've had readings with a number of readers on oranum. i had very accurate advice and information from bennettandhutson, seeing forward, psychic kathy. I had bad readings with munummedium who i found really pervy.. i hope this is useful for everyone.

the new site layout is confusing and hard to use. i was ultimately happy only with the readers i have recommended above

Tasha20 May 15, 2013

There is a new site called www.spiritum.com, spiritum is a similar site to oranum, owned by the same people, similar psychics but much easier and simpler to use. more friendly too. recommended

Lily October 15, 2013

Spiritum is not ran by the same people as Oranum... Oranum has gotten very lax and don't take any responsibility for scam artists listed on their site... Spiritum is a much safer option x

Tasha10 December 02, 2013

i agree. i found some working on both but spiritum is much friendlier

tasha10 December 10, 2013

update! i listened to the munummedium in his room. OMG that guy is sooo stupid. How can you advise people about spiritual development and not follow what you preach? never reads, never learns, too lazy to do stuff. From his own mouth! and advice he gave was really about only him knowing everything for everyone.... no other psychic was as good as he was. BIG EGO and BIG NEGATIVITY around him. yuck