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You’ve just eaten a large, spicy meal, and you groan, knowing what’s coming next  - the heartburn. Acid reflux is your body’s way of dealing with foods that it simply cannot handle, producing more acid to help break down intense or perhaps simply incompatible foods.

However, just because acid reflux is a natural response, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. There’s a new supplement on the market that can help make dinnertime a little less painful.

Product and Ingredients

Orange Burps is a supplement that helps to support normal gastrointestinal functioning. Each capsule contains powerful D-Limonene, which is the main active ingredient. D-Limonene is extracted from orange peel and works to manage occasional heartburn and acid reflux, allowing the stomach to work in an optimal way.

This is an effective treatment for gerd and for acid reflux, targeting the burn where it starts. Unlike many acid-blocking medications or supplements, Orange Burps do not eliminate or shut down the creation of stomach acids, which are essential for optimal health. You need these stomach acids to digest and absorb nutrients from your food. Instead, it helps you process food more easily without all of the unpleasant reactions.

To use Orange Burps, all you need to do is take one or two soft gels daily. Alternatively, you can also take one soft gel every other day for twenty days, and then just as needed. Most users see results in several days, although it may take longer depending on the severity of your condition and your body’s natural chemistry.

This medication offers no side effects. You might experience a short period of mild, citrusy burps, but this lasts only a few minutes. In exchange, studies have found that about ninety percent of people who follow a regimen of taking Orange Burps experience dramatic benefits, including full resolution of indigestion and heartburn.

Orange Burps are taken via an easy-to-swallow soft gel. These soft gels are small and contain the maximum healthy dose of D-Limonene, making them convenient to have on hand whenever you feel acid indigestion coming on. They are GMP certified and contain no harmful ingredients like gluten, soy, wheat, or dairy. If you have special dietary requirements, Orange Burps are for you.

One bottle of Orange Burps contains forty soft gels, each with a 500 mg dosage. You can experience Orange Burps D-Limonene effects without having to worry about any unpleasant side effects - or about interfering with your body’s natural digestive processes.

Cost and Price Plans

Orange Burps can be most easily purchased from the manufacturer's website, where you will have several purchasing options in ordering the product. A monthly subscription saves you fifteen percent off the top of the purchase price. You can also buy in bulk to receive a major discount. One bottle of soft gels costs $19.99, while purchases in quantities of two or three brings the price down to $17.99 per bottle. A purchase of four or more costs $15.99 per bottle  - a substantial savings.

Customer Service

This product has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, WebMd, and other national publications. Offering a risk-free guarantee, it’s definitely a product to be aware of. Orange Burps offers exceptional customer service to its patrons, having been manufactured and tested under the strictest conditions possible. They offer a full refund to dissatisfied customers within the first thirty days of purchase, minus all shipping costs.

The company is a bit difficult to contact, with no phone number or email address listed on the manufacturer’s website. However, they do have a website that is easy to navigate and a convenient Contact Form that you can fill out with any questions or concerns you might have before or after ordering.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Orange Burps has positive customer reviews, particularly in regard to how easy the supplement is to take. It offers limonene in an accessible format, and can be taken with a meal to prevent stomach aches. The product is effective at protecting the esophagus and stomach, helping to cut down inflammation in the digestive tract with minimal side effects or ill reactions.

Some users state that this product does not work as well as commercial medications for heartburn, like Prilosec. However, most appreciate the natural applications of Orange Burps, particularly in cases where acid-blockers are not recommended, such as during pregnancy.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are several other companies that harness the power of the orange peel in treating indigestion and heartburn. Jarrow Formulas  is one such company, offering an affordable supplement that helps protect against heartburn. Also available on Amazon, this product has positive reviews and helps support esophageal health.

If you’re looking for something with a flavor that is designed to meet your taste bud preferences, you might also consider Life Extension Esophageal Guardian. This supplement comes in chewable form, and can be taken after large meal. Although it is slightly more expensive than Orange Burps and Jarrow Formulas, it is a bit more accessible to people who have a hard time swallowing supplements.

Where to Buy?

Orange Burps is available from multiple online retailers, particularly the company’s own website. You can also purchase this supplement from Amazon, where it is offered at a Subscribe and Save price of $18.99 per bottle or a one-time purchase price of $19.99 per bottle. Unfortunately, like many of its competitors, Orange Burps is not yet available for purchase at Walmart.

Is Orange Burps Worth It?

If you have been suffering in silence from acid reflux or other gastrointestinal distress, you don't have to suffer anymore. Orange Burps offers an all-natural alternative to traditional acid-reducing medications, without inhibiting your body's natural absorption of nutrients from food. While it may take some time for you to see the benefits of D-Limonene on your body, this is one product that is definitely worth a try.

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Orange burps

February20, 2020

They say no symptoms but after the second day, I got heartburn and chest pressure. I'm on the third day and it's worse. I want to push through but I can't take much more.

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