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About Opal and Peach

A leading women’s fashion boutique, Opal and Peach offers inexpensive jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Designed for women by women, this company offers up to 70% off retail value on a variety of inventory items.

This boutique targets budget-conscience online shoppers - here’s what you need to know to shop with Opal and Peach.

What is Opal and Peach?

The company has shipped over 50,000 orders worldwide - servicing thousands of happy customers in the process. As a leading retailer, this company offers one-of-a-kind apparel that is hand-picked from hundreds of sources around the world.

In addition to a range of products like the Balance Chakra Lava Stone Bracelet, the company also offers hundreds of free giveaway items to choose from. The Octopus Ring, for example, was originally $29.99 and marked down to a free price. This adjustable ring has unique tentacles that glides round your finger for a unique fashion statement.

Another free giveaway is the Rainbow Quartz Pendant. This classy necklace is one of the company’s most popular items. It ships worldwide and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Like the Octopus Ring, it was originally $29.99 and now costs nothing - you just have to pay for shipping and handling.

Cost and Price Plans

Opal and Peach offers rock-bottom prices on all of its apparel and accessories. Sale items are often heavily discounted  -with many offered for free, less the cost of shipping and handling - and others costing just a few dollars apiece. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything over $20 here. You can be eligible for additional discounts when you sign up for the company’s email mailing list.

The major downside to shopping with Opal and Peach is that delivery times are extremely long. Items that are free (plus shipping) can take over 40 days to get to you because they are shipping internationally. All other items take a minimum of three weeks.

Another issue when ordering with Opal and Peach is that when you purchase from them, you don’t purchase directly from them - you are ordering from another supplier. Therefore, you can’t cancel an order, even if you submitted it by mistake.

The company also does not do exchanges or returns. Since suppliers are based all over the world and no physical storefronts, there is no good way to get rid of an item that doesn't fit you - or that you simply decide you do not want.

Competitors and Alternatives

Opal and Peach isn’t the only retailer specializing in discount jewelry and women's apparel. If you are looking for a bargain, you might want to consider these retailers.

Etsy is one of the most common websites for customers who are looking for unique, handmade gifts. If you want that one piece of jewelry that you can be guaranteed nobody else has, this is the place to go. From quirky statement pieces to timeless heirlooms, this is the place to go.

& Other Stories is another common resource for cool finds. This boutique got its start in Europe and is now popular in the United States. It should be one of your go-to stop when you are looking for that perfect find.

Want to test out a trend but don’t want to spend a fortune? H&M has your back. This popular retailer offers super-affordable pieces that, although they aren’t terribly fancy, will help accessorize any outfit you’ve got on.

Is Opal and Peach Legit/Safe?

Customers appreciate that Opal and Peach offers a sleek interface with plenty of trendy apparel and accessories to choose from. Most of the inventory consists of marked-down or sale items that are significantly less expensive than those you might find in stores. The company’s social media profiles have pictures and testimonials from hundreds of happy customers.

That being said, there are quite  a few dissatisfied customer reviews to choose from, too. They argue that Opal and Peach is not only not trustworthy, but it’s a scam. Customers complain that shipping is unreliable and that orders take a long time to get to their final destination. What’s worse is that customer service is not easy to reach and do not help customers meet their needs.

While there are also positive customer reviews convincing us that Opal and Peach is not a scam, you should be careful about ordering so-called “promo” items from this company, as they can take up to 40 days to ship - and some customers argue that they take even longer than that.

Customer Service

Unfortunately, Opal and Peach is one of those companies that, despite having a prominent and vivacious online store, is not terribly easy to get ahold of. There is no telephone number to contact customer service should you have any problems, and the only way to reach them is through emailing [email protected] They have a physical address but no phone number published on the website.

If you need to read reviews or get ahold of someone faster, you can reach customer service via one of the many social media outlets on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Where Can I Buy Opal and Peach Products?

You can only purchase the products by visiting the retailer’s website directly.

Is Opal and Peach Worth It?

There are countless online retailers that encourage customers to shop by offering low-priced jewelry, apparel, and accessories. While you will want to be wary about purchasing from them, as some customers have reported that shipping not only takes a long time - but that some orders are never even received.

Nevertheless, you get what you pay for. If you’re willing to risk long shipping times and poor customer service in the name of cheaply priced fashion, then Opal and Peach could be a good choice for you.


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