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If you’re an influencer of any kind, it can be tough to find the reach you need to build relationships with your subscribers - or your “fans.”

No matter what kind of industry you promote in, establishing your reach is difficult. is a social media service that claims to be the best option for artists, athletes, and other professionals to connect with their fans.

You likely have lots of questions about this, such as, “is OnlyFans a job?” or more importantly, “is it safe?”

On an even more basic level, you might be asking yourself, “what is it?” 


We’ll give you the answers to all those questions - and more - in this helpful review.

How Does it Work?

The company is a social media service out of London, in the United Kingdom. As a “creator,” or influencer, you’ll be able to build relationships and provide content to your fans with a paid subscription content service.

There are several industries in which this is popular and applicable. It is especially popular in the adult entertainment industry but hosts content creators from other areas, too, like fitness and fashion. As a content creator, you will be able to post regularly online as you normally do, but you’ll also be able to receive funds directly from your fans.

With OnlyFans, you can not only receive direct payments and funding, but you can get tips and access to a pay-per-view feature, too. Anyone can earn - in fact, if you use social media and make your own content, you should be using it, regardless of whether you're using it to just post pictures or upload tutorials or behind the scenes footage.

You can put whatever you like on the platform, whether it’s free content for promotion and social media or tutorials on how to do a certain workout.  You are in control of your content and your reach!

To get started, you will just need to create an account and set your subscription rate. You can then promote your OnlyFans profile and plan out your content. The more content you produce, the better you will be at retaining your fans!

Cost and Price Plans

When you’re first starting out, you may wonder, “is OnlyFans a monthly subscription program?” In a way, it is. You will need to pay a subscription price to get started, which can vary between $4.99 and $49.99. The best rate for you will depend on how many followers you have.

In turn, you will charge your fans based on a monthly subscription fee, too. The Average is around $9.99 per month. You can give a free trial to your fans if you want to try and get them hooked, too.

Payment options include Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit or debit cards. PayPal and gift cards are not accepted. You cannot get a refund of any kind, nor can your subscribers. All purchases are final and nonrefundable, but you can unsubscribe for any reason if necessary.

Competitors and Alternatives

As of right now, there aren’t many alternatives to OnlyFans for run-of-the mill content creators. Your main alternative is simply to continue doing what you’re doing - posting material to your regular social medical channels and hoping to gain some leverage.

When it comes to adult entertainment workers, though, there are plenty of options, including IsMyGirl and JustForFans, both of which operate almost identically to OnlyFans, with similar rates and reviews.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

The company has received some criticism because it is often used for less than savory purposes. There are very few restrictions on what you can and cannot post in terms of content.

Therefore, it is a popular option for adult entertainment workers, which leads to influences in other areas being skeptical about whether this website is a reliable method of promotion. One major criticism is that users can share revealing or even totally nude pictures of themselves. All they have to do is pay a monthly membership fee.

However, there are also lots of reviews that praise the work that OnlyFans is doing to change the world of adult entertainment. Because the performers are put back in control of the work they do, the content they create, and the income and salary they receive, it is praised by many - including The New York Times - as being a life-changing platform.

Customers do appreciate the discretion and safety involved in using it. The company has an incredibly secure portal and when fans sign up, it will just say "OnlyFans” on bank statements and credit card statements.

It is difficult to find ample information about the service online. While there are plenty of third-party YouTube videos out there that will tell you how to do things like get a free premium account, it’s difficult to find any information on their website about what a premium account actually does for you.

Customer Service

If you need to get in touch with customer service you can do so by filling out the contact form on the company website. They have an address that is linked to Fenix International Limited in London. There is no phone number listed on the website.

Where to Buy?

You can sign up for an account or follow a content creator by visiting the

Is It Worth It?

If the standard methods of social media promotion and marketing are not working for you, it may be worth your time to give OnlyFans a try. This company works directly with influencers to make sure they can extend their reach to fans all over the world.

While you will have to pay some fees to get started, it could be worth your time if you are serious about your brand. There are very few users who report scams related to their use of this service, and while you’ll pay a portion of your earnings back to the company, you’ll likely end up walking away with a nice chunk of change of your own, too.

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