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Learn Trading from the professionals!!
January 13, 2023
I became involved with Online Trading Academy in 2019 when I took my first class. I have been trading ever since and I am continuing to add to my asset classes to study. This is a Fantastic resource to improve your trading results. The staff is outstanding.

OTA is being sued by FTC
March 5, 2020

I have been a OTA student for many years. It was one my biggest mistakes in life. I paid $23K in tuition to learn about their "patented core strategy" where one buys on demand and sells on supply zones. What a joke. I signed up back in 2014. Since then, I have writing in many review boards about my experience. Today, I am happy to see that OTA is being sued by the FTC. Here is the site where you can learn more about it.

Stay away from OTA. Don't make the same mistake as I did.

NatL. March 15, 2022

I’m right there with you! No patents and no bull! It is just like someone will take a trading robot EA that someone else invented and then go ahead and re sale it under a different name for 100 times more than they paid for it. For that amount of money that they charge it should be a DAY SCHOOL with one on one instructions and teaching.

One Student's Experience With OTA
March 5, 2020

OTA was once all about technical analysis and risk management. I took the entry level class in 2007, then called Pro Trader, with a great instructor named Fernando Gonzales, and after that a great class called Broad Market Analysis with a fabulous instructor named Brandon Wendell who really knew his stuff. Lots of technical analysis.

Around 2008 they replaced their director of curriculum with an experienced trader named Sam Seiden. He is the originator of the "Core Strategy" patented method of identifying supply/demand zones. This is different than classic definition of support/resistance zones, but they often overlap. I consider Core Strategy to be more precise.

Most classic support/resistance zones will also show up in Core Strategy supply/demand zones, but it identifies additional zones, besides being more precise. That is my opinion after having worked with Core Strategy. Anyway, it took several years for OTA to develop and fully implement the Core Strategy curriculum and transition out of the focus on the teaching of classical technical analysis. Then the instructors had to be convinced this was the right thing to do. That took time I suppose. I also took an investment course called Proactive Investing which involves long term management of IRAs, 401Ks etc.

After I retired at the end of 2009, I had more time to devote to the markets. In 2019 I retook the entry level class. By then the Core Strategy curriculum was mature. There was very little similarity between the classical technical analysis of Pro Trader in 2007 and the "patented strategy" of Core Strategy in 2019. Because I had been away from classroom instruction for over ten years, I first took a live 5-day online Core Strategy class as a re-take, though in fact it was a pre-view, at no additional charge, and then a month or so later I took the 7-day in class Core Strategy, again at no additional charge.

Then I did the same thing with Proactive Investing, online re-take as a review of the old and preview of the new, and shortly after that the 5-day in class version which is now called Strategic Investing. And I use the online XLT webinar sessions which are available live multiple times every week, and they are available recorded if I am unable to attend live. The point is, the money I paid in 2007/2008 was not just to take a class or two. It has been an ongoing and evolving education for me.

So how am I doing with my trading/investing after the education? Clearly I am better investor/trader than ever, steadily improving. Most of my monetary success comes from the Proactive Investing and general market technical education, more so than Core Strategy. I have been easily meeting my minimum targets to die with more money than I have today, while making ample withdrawals as needed for my retirement. I am not swinging for the fences, but for consistent profits in all market conditions.

I am a happy customer mainly because of two big advantages I enjoy over someone coming to OTA now.

1. The price I paid in 2007/2008 is in the range of one fourth of the prices today and 2. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to the Core Strategy concept basically for free, after having an awesome classical technical analysis education by a series of OTA instructors back in 2007/2008. So for me, it has all been good. Knowing what I now know, would I have done it in 2007 at today's prices (less inflation) if I only got the Core Strategy and Strategic Investing without the classical technical analysis education? Probably not. Too expensive.

While I use their Core Strategy technique when it is appropriate (often) and I am clearly a better trader/investor for having that knowledge in my quiver, I am not a hard Core Strategy focused trader. The quality of the instruction is generally exceptional. I had some outstanding instructors who were very experienced and knowledgeable traders. It is worth something to spend a week with such a person and be able to ask them whatever you want.

At the end of my Core Strategy class, clearly many students were struggling with execution of the strategy. The instructor made a big point that continuing resources were available to anyone who needed them. Both online assistance and personal coaching was available as needed.

My point is, for those students who never got it, they were not just educated and abandoned. I experienced a genuine care for the trading success of the students. Clearly OTA wants every student to become a successful trader. It just isn’t possible. That said, I believe some people are just not cut out to be successful traders – perhaps most.

It takes disciple and emotional management skills many can’t or won’t achieve. Understand that you could be one of these. If you get into any formal instruction program on trading, you have to have the right mindset going in or you are destined for failure. That mindset is that - I understand that most people who want to be traders will never be successful traders. But I have a burning passion to be one of the minority who succeed. I take full responsibility for every trade I make. I have to forge my own trading strategy, my own plan, with the benefit of solid education.

Trading is risky – real, real risky. I can’t blame any lack of success I may have on anyone but myself. It is absolutely untrue that I can approach trading lackadaisically and be even modestly successful because of some training I have taken. OTA (or any other trading educator) is not responsible for my success or lack of success. Only I am responsible.

If you want someone to teach you to make trading easy, take the advise of many other reviews here, and run as fast and as far as you can, not from OTA, but from trading..

Hope this helps at least one person.

Ask for Proof First
January 26, 2020

I attended the free seminar, and as already disclosed by others, they pull you out of the room to give you a sales presentation to sign up. That's fine. However, it was definitely high pressure and the cost is not minor. The thing I would recommend to everyone is to ask for proof that their method works. Think about it, they're selling, for a large amount of money, the hope (not a promise, not a guarantee, and not even the product) of making a lot of money.

The obvious response is show me your Schedule C amounts for the past 3 years so you can see how much is at least possible. While you may not expect to make what they, the experts, made, it does tell you what the potential is. If they won't reveal their Schedule C amounts, then walk. That means they're only selling you words, a sales pitch, a hope. It's like being sold a car by description by some guy in an office but you can't see the car, you can't drive the car, you just have to take their word for it.

Take your time to think about the decision. Believe me, they're not going to turn you and your money away later if you come to the decision to enroll after taking time to think about it.

Run the other way as fast as you can
July 22, 2019

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day orientation classes(solely because I liked the instructor), I still left with a very, very, VERY BAD taste in my mouth with this academy due to how the "counselor" acted throughout the 3 days.

Once you sign up for their 3-day orientation, you are assigned an education counselor. Turns out what they really strive to do is to get you to sign up for their 20K - 55K courses. During breaks on those 3 days, they have what they call a "coaching session" in which, ironically, there is no "coaching" involved at all. It is simply a sales pitch by your counselor and they will go to the ends of the earth to try to get you to enroll.

They present financing options, 25% down and 17% interest or dissecting the program into smaller chunks so you can get the foot in the door with the locked-in discounted price and what not. the prices are still through the roof. as the days progress these coaching sessions get more and more aggressive, and sometimes it will even eat into your class that you actually PAID FOR to learn and get some information.

I find it so selfish and disrespectful of them to waste my time and money by disrupting my learning I righteously paid for like that. I get it, getting that 20K out of me is whole lot more profitable for them than $200 they already got, but it is still my money that I spent on them. It certainly does not give them any right to yank me away from my classes from time after time.

It got REALLY annoying at the end. They finish the last day with their final sales pitch which what they call is a Jump Start program, still 4K asking price with down payment and monthly payment blah is the thing that bothered the most though.

THEY RUSH AND RPESSURE YOU TO ENROLL. their offer is cutthroat now or never. you have to make this decision that is tens of thousands of dollars in 3 days. If you're that decisive or have that kind of money lying around to invest, great. personally, money is severely tight at the moment and I tend to take a lot more time thinking about my options and choices before making a decision. You discuss this with your "counselor" before coming into this orientation by the way.

They spend about half an hour talking about your goals and current situation and what your decision making process looks like. Despite of that, my counselor acted so condescendingly and acted as though this academy is THE ONLY WAY to learn about trading, and I am just making excuses not to commit to this new opportunity, and she just made a FIRMLY BIASED judgement how I will never get into trading since I am passing up on the enrollment that I just HAVE TO MAKE RIGHT NOW. EXCUSE ME CHELSIE, but when I have 2 different student loans and rent

Francis Alfred October 10, 2019

When I read this review from Daisy I felt really sad for her. My experience is that Daisy have issues around money and it affected her experience with her educational counselor(EC). Like Daisy, I was deep in debt when I first came to online trading academy (OTA) in 2010. I had a stress less conversation with my EC. I felt my EC was trying to get to know me and to help me figure out what my needs were. I didn't commit to anything at the time. When I reduced my debt to where it was manageable, I had another stress less conversation with my EC and I only paid for classes I could afford at the time. OTA is a trading school and the EC are just there to guide you. Everyone experience is different and can be affected base on the debt being carried at the time. Have a conversation with your EC about your finances. For me, I initially told my EC I was too deep in debt right now to add additional debt. My EC gave me his business card and told me to keep in touch. No pressure.

SusanMuir May 20, 2020

My husband and I took the classes. My husband worked hard. Put in a couple of hours a day studying and after 6 months and a dozen successful paper trades, began trading. As long as he follows the guidelines and keeps to the rules, he finds that he can do quite well even though he is still working a full time job. We have easily paid for the classes, got into a new home, landscaped and bought furniture for it. We couldn't have done any of it without the money he earned on trades. There are no guarantees, but the potential is there and it may not be for everyone. But they definitely helped us.

Watch out from these sneaky con men!
July 12, 2019
Once you sign, you'll be the cow to milk, there is no light in the end of the tunnel. They will begin by making sure you're naive enough to fish you into the net and than you'll be the only fish in a tank of sharks. Good luck!

Milwaukee OLTA scam
March 11, 2019
I saw red flags all over. They never talk about cost. I left this 3 hour waste of my time and turned on the radio only to hear this same guy "Scott" someone who owns this Milwaukee franchise on the radio attempt to sell listeners the same exact "script" I just sat through. Ridiculous. Read the reviews on how this is a money grab.

My journey with excellent OTA
October 7, 2018

I’m going to share my own experience with trading and OTA (Online Trading Academy) mentioning that my goal is to be a full-time trader. Currently I’m working as sr. software engineer at brokerage firm in Europe.

I’m following OTA years ago but I didn’t join it at that time cause of the cost. So, I decided to educate myself and took some other courses but I always felt that I miss somethings because my trading results wasn’t that good. So, a year ago I decided to join OTA but really slowly to evaluate my education investment mentioning that I have some trading experience or at least that’s what I thought. I enrolled only in one course with OTA which is Core Strategy.

After I finished it, I gained huge amount of information which I didn’t know before. After that I decided to continue with the other courses like Futures, Options and MasterMind program. Thanks for OTA team. They helped me to arrange my education track to fit with my plan and provided me with all the tools and ideas to reach my goal as quickly as possible.

When I joined MasterMind program, I figured out there are information, trading ideas and trading strategies more than I would ever think about. For sure I’m so happy with my education investment because my trading results started to become better. I’m also busy with developing my own automatic trading application.

Thanks again OTA. Now I’m at the end of my track but do you think the education stops here? No, the best thing in OTA is that they have community of students, experienced students and instructors which provide new trade ideas and strategies and discuss it every single day.

Finally, Trading is like any career, you need to invest time, effort and money to reach your goal. If you want to take trading as your career, become part-time trader or to increase your income so, OTA is excellent choice.

Trader Neil June 04, 2019

Clearly written by someone linked to OTA. What a shame. OTA is a scam tailored toward taking money away from adults who want to get rich fast. They sell a dream. A dream of great returns in the market and great quality of life. They tell the holy grail is just around the corner..only if you take another class or sign up for the mastermind group. A scam, believe me.

I do not recommend OTA for any one.
October 1, 2018

I do not recommend this service “Education ???!!!” to any one either naive or educated in the market.

1. Very structured and organized scam. The what they name consultant is really a very trained salesman to take your information and push the deal in very aggressive way. He refused to give me a copy of the contract I have to sign with the OTA school when I asked him that I want to show this contract to my accountant or lawyer. I think if anyone has to sign a $55000 contract it needs some thinking, search and legal advice.

2. When I ask for more time to think and gather more information the consultants text the supervisor (they call him in OTA Senior Educator) how came and he was really impressive by his very rude way. Then he did not let me continue the third day and escort me out of the school.

3. I send a letter to the school president and he call back and stated that he was not in school every day to know what going on but it is hard to believe that because if you see and hear the confident way and behavior that the “Senior Educator” and the “consultant” talk you know this is not the first time they have done this and they really have the green light from the top.

I do not recommend this school to any one beginner or educated. I have many friends (all of us have university education and have large trading account to work with) in different states in US who also attend the three day course and have the same opinion.

Just be carful and do your homework in searching for trading education.

JohnOtt November 26, 2018

Bait and switch where is Bernie Madoff!

KelseyNicole Venezio February 26, 2020

Can you please send me an email at [email protected] or call me at 312-768-0376 regarding your comments above? We are not affiliated in any way with OTA. We are a private investigation firm investigating OTA. We are not telemarketers.

London scam
May 23, 2018

I'm posting this as like so many, I feel aggrieved at the service I received from Online Trading Academy.

Firstly, I signed up for a 'free' seminar that was hosted by a gentleman who wouldn't be amiss on TOWIE....gave him the benefit of doubt as the Councilor 'salesman' was fairly knowledgeable.

I paid £200 for the all important next stage.

3 days at the same tired, old, depressing looking industrial unit.

I was constantly bombarded with calls and emails prior to the 3 day event. I was asked to complete a very intrusive questionnaire type thing that I found very odd. I was also grilled by my newly assigned 'counsellor/coach' (they couldn't even make up their mind as to what they were called. Let's call them sales prevention officers for the time being.

So, I attend the 3 day selling event where I am very entertained by the seemingly knowledgeable presenter. He doesn't want us to get screwed over and showed us how we could be earning millions in the next 2 years by following their patented (but not in the UK) methodology. All this comes at a cost that would make even the Hinduja family wince.

My coach, Jordan, was clearly not making any money from trading as why would he dress and look as he does and waste a weekend working to 'not sell me' this amazing education. Oh, hello, are you stupid guys. If he could make £200k pa trading do you think he'd be wearing battered shoes, terrible hair cut and even consider wasting his weekend working.......

A special mention must go to Pearl or Opal or Gem...can't remember her name but she is the 'finance' person. What an absolutely rude, unhelpful and utterly ridiculous consumer facing employee. She alone was enough to put me off.

Big red flag from me. Not sure their selling techniques are even legal particularly their financing over promising. Waste of money and time.

Had a cursory look at their accounts and they have filed losses amounting to over £2m during the last few years. Maybe the company itself should practice what it preaches and trade those very substantial losses away.

Trader Neil September 10, 2018

I feel your pain. Same happened to me in Chicago. Worst part is that I ended up falling for it and pay $23K in tuition for one OTA packages. After 5 years, I have not made a penny using their patented supply & demand core strategy. Some may say it is my fault. It is not. I am educated, with a master degree and several awards for academic excellence. I do own the fact that I was naive and greed took the best of me. Trade is 80% emotional control and 20% method & risk management. I had to learn the hard way.

JohnKwak November 08, 2018

When you mention trade is emotional control and 20% methods. Is ota methods flawed? I went to there 3 days market timing course but did not sign up for thier courses.

Core Strategy Review
May 8, 2018

Core Strategy delivered what it promised. It was a very structured methodology that, if followed, should produce results. The instructor (Larry Johnson) was great. From the very first class to the last there was no doubt that he really cared about the students and wanted them to learn the information.

The support system online and live that comes with the tuition is phenomenal! Lifetime retakes (OTA has been around for 20 years) and an incredible online library of proprietary videos and articles are available to ensure the opportunity to succeed.

For anyone with sticker shock on the price, as a person with a finance background, if you get your investment returned in 6 months of trading with a lifetime of profit after that, it is worth it. have to commit to the process and stick with it.

Trader Neil May 22, 2018

I've been an OTA member for 5 years. And, I haven't yet made a penny using their patented supply & demand core strategy. What is now finally bringing profits to my pockets is the use and understanding of technical indicators, which I learned by reading several books. Believe it or not, OTA core strategy does not use indicators. The whole premise is based on locating supply & demand zones, which is not much different than the classic support & resistance lines that everyone uses already. For the tuition price I paid (i.e. close to $30K) in order to get access to their XLT classes, libraries, etc. I'd better off hiring a personal coach to teach me how to trade. By the way, and before I forget. Some of their online classes, like futures, for instance, has close to 800 students in the same virtual room. Forget about having your questions answered. Want a hint? Spend your money somewhere else.

Anon May 23, 2018

I feel your pain Neil

DrewHaggard September 16, 2018


Are you using the program?

I would like to know how well it works before buying in.

My Experience with OTA Toronto
January 28, 2018

When I initially thought I was interested in learning how to trade (specifically futures and options) the google search I did was overwhelming. There are hundreds/thousands of choices for education and I had no idea how to evaluate the quality of one organization over another.

Most were 100% online, but OTA did have a physical location in Toronto. That got my attention. It seemed to speak of it having some commitment to the education process. Why else lease a large amount of space and invest in the space?

So, I signed up for the initial 3 hour information session and then the 3 day market timing seminar.

I was very skeptical and prepared for a “hard sell”. I was fairly certain I was at high risk of being ripped off for a lot of money from another online scam. I assured my wife I would not agree to anything without speaking to her as I needed her objectiveness to assess this. That “hard sell” never came. Just a confident presentation that there was a real opportunity to change my life financially and with time freedom.

After spending some time with the instructors and staff at OTA and going through these initial courses, I came to the strong conclusion that these people, were not trying to rip me off. They were truly interested in helping people. Helping me. They were quality people, sharing a great deal of information at a very reasonable initial fee.

To be fair, they have a hard selling process to overcome. In a very short amount of time, they are asking for a very large financial and time commitment from someone. Probably a larger financial commitment for extending learning than anyone had ever considered. Certainly it was larger than I ever considered.

What made me decide to move forward? The quality of the instructors and staff, the physical location, the large amount of in person education, the huge amount of online support after the in class session and the apparent quality of everything all translated into my assessment that I was going to be receiving fair value for the fees I was asking to pay. I admit, there was a leap of faith and a lot of hope that I wasn’t making a mistake when I signed up.

Now that I have completed the core strategy and my first asset class (second asset class to be taken in another month) I feel lucky to have met OTA and believe I have already received great value. I will be starting to trade shortly and time will tell if I will be successful or not.

I am very optimistic through as OTA is behind me, I truly believe the instructors and staff want me to succeed and there is almost endless amounts of online and in person support to get me on track and keep me there. I am now part of a trading community that are all trying to succeed with this and are happy to share knowledge.

I need to crawl before I walk and walk before I run, but my goal now is eventually pursue this full time. I will keep in touch and let you know how I am doing.

Thank you for the support so far.

Trader Neil February 04, 2018

Allan, do keep in touch. You sound like me 3 hears ago, full of hope and optimism. I wish you well. Your comment makes me think you never traded before and are going for Options & Futures to begin with - a daunting task. Why don't you start with stocks? My experience with OTA has been terrible. I have lost thousands of dollars and I am even ashamed to publish the amount of money I have lost. My main mistake? Believing the supply/demand strategy and starting my trading career in futures. Futures trading is not for beginners. Don't believe me? Go ahead and try it for yourself. I bet you are going to get frustrated in less than a year. Your OTA levels won't be filled for weeks or months. Frustration will kick in. And, because OTA Is always trading against the current trend, you will get stopped out many times trying to time a reversal in price. Let's touch base in a year. Again, I wish you well.

DrewHaggard September 16, 2018

Are you using the program? I would like to know how well it works.

Dont be Scared....
January 26, 2018

If your not scared to take the leap and invest some time and money into learning the markets TRUST ME you wont regret this! Online Trading Academy opens the doors to knoleged and the exsperience of the market we are all searching for. I have just finished my core strategy and futures courses today, and just in those two weeks learned so much that the internet or books could not have done in two years of self learning. Mind you I am not saying I am comming out a profeshional,or am i saying you will know everything in two weeks. I sure don't, time and practice will acheive that and they will provide you with the back bone and gateway to success. Besides retakes are free and at your own availability!!! The rest is up to you.

I love reading the negative posts on here because I can tell the people writing them never wanted to go past the three day market timing course to allow them selves to learn.

I am not knocking any one here, we all have our own storys and finaincal situations but if you can focus long enough to see the potential beyond the money you will not be dissapointed. Take your time and learn at your own pace, you will be surprised at what you can achive here!!

Thank You OTA

Look forward to learning more on this journey!


john m August 17, 2018

Ryan: Can you answer one simple question? If OTA's system is so great, what do they need me for?

Ryan T August 19, 2018

They don’t, they simply offer basic or advanced knowledge within a price range. If you are comfortable with the price and can keep up with the learning. I suggest you do it!



Leah August 26, 2018

Ryan T., where are all the egregious spelling errors in your reply? Shill!

Leah August 26, 2018

Ryan T., tell me, how is it you misspell knowledge in your two posts here (along with other obviously on-purpose misspellings) but you manage to spell it correctly in your reply here? You slipped up! Shill.

Ryan T August 26, 2018


Don't Do It! It is a SCAM
January 8, 2018

Don't make the same mistake I did. I should have done my own research before signing up with OTA and spending close to $30K in tuition fees. Greed took the best of me and I thought their "patented supply/demand strategy" would bring me the holy grail - good quality of life and good money at the end of the month. You may be tempted, but don't waste your precious earned money by giving it to OTA.

Instead, by a book and learn the basics. Trading for a living by Dr. Alex Elder is a good start. OTA is so desperate these days that they are even teaching people how to make money in real estate. It is ridiculous. Another piece of information. Their XLT online future classes used to have 800 + students in the same virtual room - a disaster if you want to have your questions answered. But, check this out - the first week of 2018 this number is down to 400.

You may think that they probably added more virtual rooms? Nope! The attendance is going down. Little by little people are realizing that OTA is a SCAM. Don't do it! Learn from my mistake and save your money. Want to trade? Go ahead and start with Or, open up an account with and use their university (free) to learn the basics. It is better than OTA.

By they way, their patented "supply/demand" is no different than basic support/resistance lines that everybody already knows. The odds enhancer score? Nah... it doesn't work. I can keep on going, but my goal is to warn people against OTA. I am on a mission!

Ryan T January 26, 2018

if you have questions and are and enroled student your home school would gladyl have support for you.

OTA is a family.


Trader Neil January 26, 2018

Ryan, it is clear to me that you are being paid to write these comments. What a shame! OTA is targeting uneducated adults without a college degree. It sells a dream that does not exist. It should be illegal. To make money in the market as a retail trader, it is a necessary a tremendous amount of market knowledge and deep understanding of technical indicators, which is not even discussed in OTA forums. Keltner channels? ATR indicators? Averages? Nah...nothing. I have been with OTA for 3 long years...and can testify that OTA's patent "supply & demand" strategy is weak and does not bring the desired results. Some of the XLT instructors even have the petulance of showing "levels" in the Oil futures market with a mere $200 risk. Better to give money to charity. Go ask any professional out there. I am on a mission and I am happy it is working. I watched a futures XLT class last weak and noticed that the number of students attending is decreasing. People are waking up and realizing OTA is a scam.

Ryan T January 29, 2018

wish i was being paid lol! Not at all Neil. i am also a student and this place is offering basic knoledge and support and disclaims this the whole way. Free retakes and XLT for life in the market you have choose. Tell me any where else you can get this knolege and practice time for the price offered. The student make the difference not the school, if you are soley relying on this place to get rich and not put in the time to practice and learn the indicators and market movments and just simply try to use the supply and demand technique you will not do very well. practice makes perfect to get this market knoledge. OTA is just a steping stone for people who want to be edcuated.

every one is different, but by all means i am not being paid! AGAIN I WISH!!


Trader Neil January 29, 2018

OTA is a stepping stone? For $30K in tuition fees? I rest my case. Good luck to you.

Ryan T January 31, 2018

thank you sir all the best to you as well. :)

BobyHartanto May 25, 2018

hello trader neil. If you say that their patented supply and demand strategy is flawed. Can you email me the material please?? I personally wanted to see first hand how their strategy is ??

My email : [email protected]

Trader Neil May 25, 2018

Sorry Boby. No can do. The word "patent" in your comment prevents from disclosing any OTA material.

JohnKwak November 08, 2018

How different is there trading strategy from support and resistance? I think sheldon created this and got onboard in 2010? Prior to that ota actually thought technically analysis. I was able to buy old ota cds on ebay dated 2006.

Doug Milliken March 03, 2020

John Kwak. You are correct that OTA was once all about technical analysis (and risk management). I took the entry level class in 2007, then called Pro Trader, then a great class called Broad Market Analysis with a fabulous instructor named Brandon Wendell who really knew his stuff. Around 2008 they replaced their director of curriculum with an experienced trader named Sam Seiden. He is the originator of the "Core Strategy" patented method of identifying supply/demand zones. This is different than classic support/resistance zones, but they often overlap. I consider Core Strategy more precise. Most support/resistance zones will also show up in Core Strategy, but it identifies additional zones. Anyway, it took several years to develop the Core Strategy curriculum and transition out a lot of the teaching of classical technical analysis. The I struggled had to be convinced this was the right thing to do. That took time. I also took a n investment course called Proactive Investing. After I retired at the end of 2009, I had more time to devote. In 2019 I retook the entry level class. By then the Core Strategy curriculum was mature. There was very little similarity between the classical technical analysis of Pro Trader and the "patented strategy" of Core Strategy. Because I had been away from classroom I addiction for over tenyears, I was able to first take a live 5-day online Core Strategy class at no additional charge, and then a month or so later I took the 7-day in class Core Strategy. Then I did the same thing with Proactive Investing, online and shortly after that the 5-day in class version which is now called Investing Strategy. AndI use the online XLT sessions. The point is, the money I paid in 2007/2008 was not just to take a class. It has been ongoing and evolving education. So how am I doing with my education? Clearly I am better investor/trader than ever, steadily improving. Most of my monetary success comes from the Proactive Investing and general market education, more so than Core Strategy. I am a happy customer mainly because of two big advantages I enjoy over someone coming to OTA now. 1. The price I paid in 2007/2008 is in the range of one fourth of the prices today and 2. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to the Core Strategy concept basically for free, after having an awesome classical technical analysis education by a series of OTA instructors back in 2007/2008. So for me, it has all been good. Would I have done it in 2007 at today's prices (less inflation) if I only got the Core Strategy and Strategic Investing without the classical technical analysis education? Probably not. While I use their Core Strategy technique when it is appropriate and I am clearly a better trader/investor for having that knowledge in my quiver, I am not a hard Core Strategy trader. Hope this helps.

Great Teachers
November 21, 2017
I really enjoyed the class. Our instructor Chris Manson was very knowledgeable and genuinely seemed to enjoy sharing his trading experiences with the attendees. As a new trader, he instilled confidence in me to try some new strategies. I have to admit there were some times I was struggling or unsure, but everyone at OTA was very helpful. You guys rock!

DO Not waste your time or money PLEASE
October 29, 2017

This is totally a scam. Don't waste your time please. The 3 day workshop is 95% a sales pitch to sell you on their classes, which by the way are higher than a 4 year degree. The cost starts out at$27,000, $34,000, $41,000 and $59,000. for a week or 2 classes.

Is that the most insane price you have ever heard. (and of course they tell you that if you sign up today you can get it at their wholesale price) I was waiting for that one.....I literally laughed out loud and said yes of course!! If you think about it you can take that amount of money and hire someone to teach you.

So after you sign up for the 3 day course at $300, they call you to see if you are a good prospect (or sucker) then they act like you are best friends and are so nice to you. First day: hour one was good, they give you info that you learn, Hour 2 to end is a sales pitch.

Day 2 they actually want you to sign up. But when you have hesitation they immediately make you feel bad and you are no longer their best friend. $27,000 is a ton of money to just throw away, let alone $59,000 They only talk about making money and very rarely will say anything about losing. You can get all this information from doing your own research.

So please do not get suckered or pressured into this. They try to sell you on the XLT (basically it is a room where you can go and copy someone else who is trading) and try to convince you that you will make money just doing that. (ever heard of too good to be true)? Well this is that, so please do not waste your time with this. I never attended day 3 because I could not sit thru another minute of a sales pitch, but I did hear that on day 3 that they put more pressure on you and actually make you feel worse than ever if you do not sign up.

So for $300 you are paying for a sales pitch.....again DO NOT waste your time or your money. I did expect that this was going to be a sales pitch, but I also thought I was going to learn way more than I did. Seriously all you learn is how people will take advantage of you. They are full of crap,

Ryan T January 26, 2018

im sorry you couldnt see past the numbers and focus on the knoledge. best of luck to you. :)

john m August 17, 2018

Couldn't see past the numbers? What are you talking about? That's all it is are numbers, This is a scam, pure and simple. Designed to take advantage of people with more money than sense. There are many people out there who know the truth and we cannot be silenced.

If their system is go great, what do they need me for?

Don't do it!
September 28, 2017

I enrolled with OTA 3 years ago. I attended the free seminar and then paid $300 for the full day "core strategy" class at the Chicago OTA franchise. My greed took the best of me. Under the assumption I would be able to make a nice living out of trading, I signed up for the classes and paid $23,000 in tuition fees. This is not an easy review to write. It is painful for me to realize I believed the OTA message of great quality of life and high income.

Here is what they do NOT tell you:

a- Trading futures with an account that is less than $100,000 is suicide. Better to give money to charity. OTA will teach you that you can trade futures with accounts as small as $5,000. Believe me, you are going to be stopped out all the time and blow your account in a NY minute. If you don't know what "stopped out" means...then run away from OTA. Don't pay $23,000 to learn about stop market orders and position size. Just not worth it!

b- To succeed in the markets, one needs to have a solid strategy and tremendous amount of emotional control. Patience is key.

Their initial on-location class on futures, don't talk at all about emotional control and patience. They push that part to online webinars called XLT. Also, they will tell you that you can day trade using their "patented strategy". A big lie. 95% of day traders fail. Don't be part of this statistic.

c- They will talk a lot about their online classes called XLT. Be aware! Some future classes have more than 800 students in the same virtual room. No way, you can have your questions answered properly. You are on your own.

d- They will also tell you that you can attend a on-location class for a full week, 8 hours a day. And that's for life, anytime you want. That's true, but the content of these classes are so basic that I could learn it by reading a book, or going to and use their free educational videos.

e- Those are only a couple of thoughts. I could go on. Please don't make the same mistake I did. OTA Chicago is there to only make money. They really don't care about your success as a trader.

Good luck!

simpleman October 05, 2017

one more thing to share they are all bunch of cheaters acting as students or free seminar participants and the presenter at free seminar will always share some sad story about how his financial conditions did'nt allowed him to treat his or her wife or daughter and then he found ota by using their core strategy how he overcome his financial crisis and how his bank account got multiplied by 10 times 20 times but i doubt his bank balance before ota would be ian decimals i request everyone not to attend their free seminar their strategy does not work in stock market people who give positive review are their sales agents .

Jim Cantafio February 24, 2020

Trader Neil, please contact me at [email protected]

OTA -Toronto Location
September 25, 2017

The New Toronto location is the best thing that happened to the City and me. I have been a student of Online Trading Academy (OTA) Toronto since its inception in 2007-2008.

The present location within its walls contains an incredible support team from Student Support, Education Counselors and Management team. They help facilitate education in all Asset Classes.

Stocks, Options, Futures , Forex , Advanced Trading Knowledge. Very helpful , pleasant and organized.

The classrooms are state-of-the art and ergonomically designed. Each

student has its own individual computer station.

Academy Instructors from all over the world come and share their expertise which is untouchable. They are masters in their asset classes and have deep insight as to how the Stock Market works.

Students are taught how to trade the proper way which can be life changing forever.

Toronto is the central hub of Canada and we are very fortunate to have this kind of facility at our doorstep.

Recognizing the following:

Jonathan Girard who is an Education Counsellor. Excellent people and interpersonal skills.

Very talented.

Jamie Nedelkov who is the Student Support Specialist. EverReady help and easily accessible.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome . Thanks OTA.

Attended the Grad Event ...CARIBBEAN THEME..was excellent.

David & TEAM are doing a great job.

Worth the Investment
September 19, 2017
People who have been critical of OTA are those who have not made the investment in the advanced classes. Once you begin to engage with and learn from the programs offered, you can properly critique their value to you. I was intrigued by what was offered at one of the seminars, and after pursuing more classes, I am very satisfied with what I have learned. I wouldn't want to still be managing my 401(k) the way I had been before OTA.

A Foundation to Build On
August 18, 2017
I recently attended a session in North Carolina. Paul Itterly and Steve Stokes were my instructors. Both were great and very knowledgeable. I came in with very little background in investing, but Paul and Steve were very good at clearly explaining to me what to look for and how to identify potentially profitable opportunities. Just an overall great, enjoyable experience. I feel like they helped me lay a fantastic foundation to build upon.