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Online Career Package claims to be a new work at home business opportunity for those who are looking to make money online.  Once you’ve reached their landing page you are, according to them, just one step away from a payday.

In order to use this business opportunity, you only need basic typing skills and internet access.  No particular education or previous online working experience will be needed.

Though the Online Career Package says it is a money making business opportunity, for some reason when you register with their website, you are re-directed to is a coupon website, who will send you daily coupons for anything from apparel to cosmetics to market research opportunities.  Though the Free Bucket won’t necessarily earn you money, perhaps it will save you some money which is sometimes just as important.

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June7, 2012

They recently advertised several people's names in Singapore who make money within one month for $5,000 - $20,000.

They will advertise in nice News looking websites where saying it has been advertised at StraitTimes, Today newspaper, and some other famous news paper in Singapore -> this is a complete SCAM

The website itself is not a real news website

For example website will be like:

If you delete the makingmoney.html , if it's real News website it will show news website information, but for this Online Career Package, it didnt showed anything, Proof of COMPLETE SCAM!!

Also at the end of website there is small blur text you need to note, every month they will charge you for like 30 - 40 dollar (for webhost) although they say you only need to pay $1 - $2 only for the first.

I almost got SCAMMED, eventhough I have mistakenly key in my information (name, phone, etc), then on the next page when they ask me to do the payment.... luckily i quickly verified and found this is a complete SCAM.

The next couple days, lady from this company called me to convince me to register, saying this is backed by Amazon, Google etc, whatever... I shut her off...


I'm creating this to promote awareness of EASY MAKING MONEY TRICK over the Internet, you need to do your DUE DILIGINCE for whatever internet offer.

Hope this can save your time and money from any SCAM
Best Regards,
Zank from Singapore

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Read reviews first.

January29, 2012

Every time we see this program advertised a different Calgary woman is named. 1/2 the city must be "winners" at this work at home program.

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Mark Grose


January18, 2012

I had filled out the site form including for my credit card & was just about to press the button to finalise it, then i had second thoughts & got out quick, thanks for this info, definitely wont be going back there.

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March 02, 2012

Hi I too just filled the form out and I end up proceeding my card details but I have a loaded everyday card so if it is doggy they can only take out so much. But the weird thing is when I processing my account it said all the spots have been filled. I'm glad I didn't process all the way through, there is a number you can call them on 0800 451177 I rang them but say they closed not sure if this help still digging to find more info.

April 13, 2012

i did process all the way and when i tried starting the package the page would not load up. im currently calling the same phone number to find more info

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great work

December24, 2011

thanks for informing me before i signed up. Knew there would be a trick :)

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December 30, 2011

Thanks for the heads up.. Scamsters need to be punished..

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