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One Travel, found at, is an online travel booking company which states they are partnered with more than 450 different airlines and travel sources, making them a one stop shop for travel scheduling.

How Does it Work?

Online travel booking companies are extremely popular and are rapidly growing, making it an extremely competitive industry where nearly every site promises the lowest possible price or the best possible deal.

While some of these travel sites specialize in specific travel arrangements, like cruises or flights to certain areas of the world, One Travel says they help their customers with Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacation Deals, Cruises, and Featured Deals.

Their users can utilize all of their booking features completely for free and make complete travel arrangements through their website, or they can call the toll free phone number to speak with a representative who will make all reservations.

Customers can also make specific arrangements based on pre-determined travel plans, or they can use their "deep search technology" and "extensive offerings" to help their users find a destination or a special deal for their vacation plans.

And depending on the time of year or other circumstances, will offer their users short term promo codes which will give them an additional discount on their travel plans.

Finally, this website also offers something they call their "Low Fare Promise." This promise states that if you find a lower rate on their website or another US based website within 4 hours of booking with OneTravel, they will credit you or refund you the difference in price.

Customers who contact their customer service department after the 4 hour window has closed but before a full 24 hours has passed will not be eligible for a full credit of the difference, but they will be given a $50 coupon that they can place toward future bookings with

If you have any experience with One Travel or their services, please leave your reviews below.

One Travel Customer Reviews

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One travel won't refund a booking made in error for Feb21 2024
December 27, 2023

A shady travel company based in the USA and operating to look like a large airline, stay away from them

November 10, 2023

If I could leave a zero, I would! This company made me feel like it's a complete scam! Never purchase tickets from them! My experience was simply terrible.

I visited their website to buy a ticket initially priced at $175. After taking 2-3 minutes to fill out the form and enter my credit card details, I clicked on the "proceed" button, agreeing to pay the displayed amount of $175. However, I received a notification stating that I was charged $306 instead.

Important note: I had the page open for a maximum of 2-3 minutes to pay for the ticket, and I completed the purchase while the initial amount was still showing. Despite this, I was charged a different amount in the end. The customer support was utterly useless, offering no assistance and hiding behind their policies.

You guys are terrible, and you've lost a customer. I will ensure to inform my community and share my experience on social media. What a disappointment!

Scam company. Avoid them
February 10, 2021

I would rate zero stars if possible. I asked them to reschedule a flight one day ahead and i was charged $90.

All they did was void my itinerary and send another for the same flight and time. Then they charged me an additional $50 to book it for the day i wanted.

Absolute fraud...

run from one travel
January 3, 2018

I made reservation on their web site for Jan 3rd. after completing the transactions the reservations were for Jan 5th. not only that i paid extra for cancellation insurance. I called immediately to cancel the reservations. the customer service had such a heavy accent he was impossible to understand.

he refused to cancel the flight, said i could only cancel if it was a medical emergency. no where did it say that when i added the insurance. I should have walked away there but made the mistake of paying double for the correct day.

It took them over a week to send me the updated itinerary. they only gave me 35 minutes to depart on plane in terminal D to get to terminal B in the Atlanta airport. I called and emailed twice a day for over two weeks. they did nothing.

DaffaEllong August 02, 2019

I dont like talking to customer service using foreign nationals who couldn't explain themselves in English very well

I good way to get your tickets
March 10, 2017

This company has received mixed reviews from others so despite the amazing deal I got from them in 2013, I was prepared for some problems while enroute to Ukraine...

My flight on Austrian Airlines was flawless, and I was treated like a king, despite my economy class tickets.The next flight, on Ukrainian International Airlines wasn't as luxurious, but was fine as well...

I was unable to use my return ticket, as 4 days into my trip, the Maidan Revolution started, and the US Embassy evacuated me out of the country by other ,means

Much to my surprise, about a month after my return, OneTravel's flight insurance program sent me a partial refund on mt fare,,

I would book on OeTravel again, and I would recommend it to my friends !!