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Derry Mason

What The Untrained Eye Does Not See

April20, 2012

I purchased the course for the purpose of reviewing the product. The sales page video makes this course sound rather exciting and anyone that watches the video on the sales page would be eager to grab a slice of the action but to an experienced marketer, it would be easy to conclude that to generate the sort of figures in the sales page video in a 24 hour period, that would require some highly targeted traffic in huge quantities. Considering that there is no guarantee that ANY video you upload to YouTube will get indexed on the first page, generating that amount of cash could only be achieved from one method, email marketing.

In the sales video, its clear to those that money coming into a clickbank account on the scale as seen in this video could only come from an email marketing campaign. Its interesting to note the date on the video when the big cash starts to build up, 24th Jan 2012, which coincidentally coincides with the authors previous release, one click commissions which was released on that date.

After using this video product and testing out its validity, I had a test YouTube account closed due to the videos that the software generated providing no real user value and so subsequently flagged which of course means instant YouTube account closure.

I would not recommend this product for making money as the claims in the sales video and testimonials are false...My claims have been emailed to the creators of one minute commissions and as yet, I have not received a response..

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April 23, 2012

I was going to buy the one minute commission but after seeing reviews like this I wont waist my money. I want to thank ALL of you that take your time to let us know what the truth is. THANKS Cheers KC

April 24, 2012

Thanks for the honest reviews people, you've saved me $46 and a headache. God bless you all.

May 17, 2012

Definitely a scam. They charge you upwards of $10k for products that only cost them 1/10th of what the sales company that sold you pays.
Focus used to be Thrive Learning Institute... then Thrive Learning... then Thrive... then Focus and/or Lighthouse. They keep making their name more and more generic so you can't google all the bad press about them.
I feel bad for anyone that gives in to the wiley ways of the salesmen that sale for them... such as Meridian Business Consulting... who has also changed their name multiple times (ie: Internet Income Solutions, Spectrum Education Products).

January 12, 2013

A scam. The sums being generated are for sales of the developers product NOT for actually using the system they are advertising. A real scam Mc scam Ponzi special

austine okougha
February 05, 2013

i bought one minute commission the second week of December 2012. Can you believe i have not make a single cent since then. The video is just 2 second long ,how can you expect such thing to bring sales.Am regretting of wasting my money on One minute Commission. I have uploaded over 2 hundred you tube video without a dollar to show for it. this is a scam. i do not recommend it for anyone to buy

November 11, 2013

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Any advertising that states you 'must act today/now or it may be too late' is suspicious...also this video first states it is free, then oops---it is now $46 then there is the upsale, plus they have your credit card numbers,, address, hone numbers etc. There is a sucker born along with every dollar they claim to help you make...the video even throws in a bit of conspiracy theory--'they-the already rich gurus'- do not want you to know about this money making opportunity. Very bad karma to prey upon the desperate people that this appeals to.. If you are just greedy-you got what you deserve, BUT when people are searching for a way out of their financial woes, this is sad. SCAM stay away from it. Check with your local police or business bureau before ever sending money for a money making plan such as this garbage.

July 02, 2014

I also heard it was free then $25 and then i go to the check out page and the cost is $46. Karma is a "mother"! Once minute commission you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I definitely will pass the word around the net not to use!

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One Minute Commissions

April16, 2012

I have recently purchased One Minute Commissions Software with a view to earn some money on the net. Altough I don't believe it will be easy to earn commissions online within a short period of time, the title does seem too exaggerated.

Besides, users cannot easily earn commissions as affiliates by using the software to generate videos to upload them on Youtube to promote products and can't expect the videos will automatically go to page one of Google. While it is true that Google owns Youtube, that does not mean that the videos generated by the software must go to page one of Google. The videos are just like any blogs or articles you posted on the net, which will be ranked depending on how much time and efforts you would like to spend on SEO. You must have experienced that some of the blogs, articles or videos ( or Youtube) you have posted are sometimes buried in the sea of the web.

While it is not too difficult to generate videos by using the software, I did experience technical errors just like any other softwares or electronic devices you and I may have come across. I have asked the seller to explain and fix this but so far I haven't got any replies other than an automated email saying that the seller has a huge amount of email enquiries due to the recent launch of the software. I feel a bit disappointed with the after sales service. Hopefully, I may get a refund

A particular video generated by the software lasts for only 21 seconds with one image only and some special music. So, don't expect too much of the videos. A viewer may or may not be interested to look for further information or click a user's link to proceed to the sales page.

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January 15, 2013

After being sucked in with the slick marketing (shame on me, I know better than this) I purchased the "system" and the first upsell ( which they reduced the price on when I clicked "no, thanks" the first time), but passed on the second upsell. The system is very basic with no real meat at all. The video it produces is nonsense and cannot possibly generate anything remotely like what they claim. The good news...I called the company they use to process your payment for purchasing the "system" and they did not ask any questions and processed a refund immediately. If you have fallen for the bait, please call and get refunded immediately before it is too late.

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