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Old School Labs is a dietary supplements company that states they are tired of cheaply produced, mass marketed supplements, instead choosing to make small batch, high quality supplements that truly work.  

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of Old School Labs are on a mission to create “uncompromising, premium supplements for informed customers who demand the very best,” as opposed to the majority of fitness supplements on the market today, which follow trends and fads with the goal of making supplements that result in profits.

They call their company Old School Labs because they claim they are going back to old school principals, back to a time when “bodybuilding was about achieving a full and elegantly balanced, head-turning musculature – not adding bulk and size at the expense of health.”

They claim that supplements can be created that benefit not only short term fitness goals, but also the long term health and wellness of their customer.

To do this, their website says they focus on proven, safe ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners or synthetic fillers.

In addition, they do not mass produce their products, instead choosing to produce their supplements in small, tightly controlled batches when their ingredients are at their prime.

This is also why they only sell their products on Amazon.com, and not through multiple different retailers or brick-and-mortar stores.

This allows them to keep their prices low, while keeping the integrity of their formulas and the quality of their ingredients.

Ingredients and Side Effects

This company sells a variety of products, each with a different purpose and a different ingredient list.

The website says they offer complete transparency with the ingredients in their products, and each page of their product pages offer a link to their complete ingredient list, as well as a description of the role that each ingredient plays in their formula.

For example, their Vintage Burn fat burner supplement offers an ingredient list which includes Green Tea Leaf Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Olive Leaf Extract, Caffeine, Bacopa Leaf Extract, Garcinia Fruit Extract, Chrysin, and Forskohlii Root Extract.

Each of these ingredients is an all natural, non-synthetic ingredient which has been associated with weight loss in the past, though not all of these ingredients have been proven to have an effect on weight loss.

Cost & Price Plans

Again, this company offers such a variety of products that there is no way to quote a static price range.

However, since there products are only sold through the Amazon online retailer, any costs will be a one-time purchase with automatic enrollment in an autoship program.

Refund Policy

Again, since these products are sold online at Amazon.com, the website refers all customers to the Amazon return and refund process in order to secure your refund.

Customers should expect at least a standard 30 day return period from Amazon, though you will need to refer to their website to make sure you comply with their policy in entirety.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints they would like to direct to their Customer Service team can contact them by submitting them directly to their website through their Customer Service link at the bottom of the page and then through the Contact link.


This company’s products appear to be very well liked, and seem to have overwhelmingly positive reviews on their Amazon.com product pages. As for the company, there are some things to consider.

Though the website says their products were created to offer an alternative to supplements that relied on “fads” and “trends” in weight loss and fitness ingredients, but many of the ingredients they use are the very ingredients that are at the heart of those fads – Garcinia, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee, and Forskolin.

These ingredients as a whole have not been proven to have any effect on weight loss, but there have been huge movements of scam companies and supplements based on these “miracle ingredients.”

Because of this, it seems odd that a company that wanted to provide an alternative to these other types of supplements would include these ingredients.

That being said, they are sold at a one-time fee on a reputable retailer with a reliable Refund Policy, so customers should not worry about having billing problems if they decide to try these products for themselves.

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned by Old School Labs, there are a million companies that offer weight loss and fitness supplements, though very few of them are considered reputable and trustworthy. 

If you have any experience with Old School Labs or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Old School Labs Customer Reviews

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Excellent QUALITY products
February 28, 2021
I started using different products of theirs a couple years ago. Excellent stuff. It's hard to fins absolutely clean product anymore, but these folks DELIVER. My best results came after using BUILD for an 8 week evaluation cycle. My trainer said I gained 3 lbs during that 8 weeks- of MUSCLE. The pre-workout is awesome too, no jitters or crash afterwards. Finally I have to say how much I like the protein powder Vintage Brawn. Everything I've tried had a good taste and performed as expected. This is my go to for serious work.

It's definitely my go to stack - Used to be a skeptic
August 7, 2015

Found this site while looking for a review of Vintage Boost their newest product, and all I will say is that in all honesty these products have changed everything about my fitness and health. I first discovered these guys on Facebook and what I loved is that they encourage people to do the work at the gym and kitchen FIRST and that supplements are literally SUPPLEMENTS to those requirements.

Then I won A Bottle in a giveaway on their Twitter & the rest is history. Btw You can find many youtube reviews on old school labs by the way, just in case the review-o-pedia people are looking.

Strongly recommend this stuff, try Vintage Blast my absolute favorite. Peace