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OfferUp is a person-to-person mobile marketplace that promises to provide buyers and sellers with a safe and convenient place to easily buy and sell used goods.

How Does It Work?

Prospective buyers and sellers can easily sign up and create a profile on OfferUp.

Once you’ve signed up for your account, sellers can quickly and easily upload pictures of the items they would like to sell, and all members will receive a home feed page which will be full of pictures of items which are for sale from independent owners who live near to your residential area. 

Both buyers and sellers are encouraged to become “TruYou” customers. This is a feature of their website specific to OfferUp customers which differentiates them from other websites.

TruYou members have their IDs and their email addresses verified by the website, and are asked to link their Facebook account with their OfferUp account, so that buyers and sellers can see when they have any connections.

All of these features are intended to make both buyers and sellers appear more trustworthy, and therefore other members will feel more secure and more motivated to interact with those other members. 

In addition, the website allows buyers and sellers to have reviews posted on their profiles, so if a buyer is constantly contacting sellers but never showing up for in person meetings to complete the sales, their profile will reflect that.

Same goes for sellers who use pictures downloaded off the internet to hide the fact that their actual item is beat up and damaged. 

Mobile Options

Currently this website does provide a downloadable mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. At this time, there is no information available on whether or not they will expand their mobile offerings in the future. 

Cost & Price Plans

Downloading this application and using it to shop is completely free.

At this time, OfferUp does not appear to be charging any fees to sellers or buyers, because they are determined to build up their active market and audience and potentially increase the features of their website. 

Refund Policy

As with any other person-to-person marketplace, OfferUp cannot enforce refunds.

Their website provides guidelines for buyers on how they should meet with sellers and inspect the item before they purchase it, and even situations when they should bring a friend or a loved one with them to evaluate large scale items.

Once you do decide to purchase an item and money exchanges hands, there is no real way for to get you a refund.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link. 


While there are not very many customer reviews of this mobile application at this time, there are a few reviews written by third party independent publications that are very favorable and positive about what OfferUp has to offer their customers.

This seems like a particularly good time to get involved with OfferUp, before they begin charging any fees at all to either buyers or sellers, because this initial growth phase is when both buyers and sellers will have access to a large pool of participants who are more likely to be active on the site since there are absolutely no fees to pay.

But as the website itself says, whenever you are dealing with a person-to-person marketplace, buyers will need to be very diligent about inspecting the item before making their purchase, since there is no real recourse if the item breaks or damage is discovered after the item is sold.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other mobile applications that work to provide people with alternative marketplaces for buying and selling used or pre-owned items, including Wallapop, Craigslist,, Listia, and more.

If you have any experience with OfferUp or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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OfferUp Customer Reviews

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OFFERUP will Scam you
December 6, 2020
NO doubt about it, offer up is an actual scam, would advise against using this at all costs.

This site blatantly ignores their own policies and allows rampant movie piracy.
August 12, 2020

I've reported on multiple occasions the criminals selling high profile current movies on USB sticks. I'm talking about dozens of ads doing this. Offerup's own policies are being violated and they are completely ignoring this and allowing it to continue. Any site that willingly allows criminal activity to continue isn't worth the time.

I believe the site owners should be brought up on charges. I pay to rent movies from Apple and Amazon, and this site allows people to sell 50 at a time on USB for like 30 bucks a pop. If I was to try this the cops would come to my door and arrest me. How they allow it to go on without being busted is beyond me. The site should be shut down.

Offerup lot of sizzle but no steak
June 10, 2020

I contacted 11 sellers inquiring about the product being on sale but only one replied.

Don't waste your time with this crappy site...

I will give offerup a minus 5 rating
March 29, 2019

Bought and paid for a harmonica that was advertised on offer up as being in mint condition.. Paid 100 bucks for it. When I received it. It was cracked and would not even work... I immediately filed a complaint within the 2 days period,, I sent the harmonica back to seller. Offer up guarantees that anything that is not right will be refunded.

Ok I did all the right things and went through the proper channels like they suggested.. Sent the item back to seller and then offer up would not refund my money. After a week of nothing. I went to my bank and filed a fraud complaint.. After a few days I received my money back since my bank got involved thankfully. Then within 2 or 3 days after receiving refund I was banned from this horrible site..

Offer up took away my buying and selling privileges because I got screwed over and they took out their revenge on me. They are the worst I have ever dealt with.. I'm glad I learned quickly about the scammers and lowlifes that are on that site ripping the consumer off..

There are too many good sites online that do back up the buyer in cases like that. Offer up does not care about the buyer and beware of trying to get a refund.. You might or might not get it.. Personally I would not use them.. If I were ever to buy anything it would have to be local and that way I can verify what I am about to buy.. Let the buyer beware

Not very bright
January 3, 2018

Offer up has literally saved my life some days, I recently quit my job after my boss withheld a check from me. After that I was low on funds so much so I had to look for a quick fix I found offer up and started posting. Made 90 bucks the first day sold a phone and a pair of shoes and was able to buy groceries that day.

I see offer up has a bad rep but it sound like the people who got ripped off weren't very bright. I never meet anyone at night or alone always meet in public places preferably near the entrance. Always check out profiles try you members are always better to sell to only because if anything happens they give the most info to become a try you member.

DavidA. Philbeck March 29, 2019

not all youmembers are honest.. you said people who get ripped off are not very bright.. thats a ignorant thing to say. thats not a bright thing to say.. Uneducated Mentality..

Dangerous App
April 10, 2017

As soon as the app asked me to take a picture of my driver's license I thought I should check it out a bit more. Found these reviews and realized the developers don't seem to have any interest in protecting their customer's safety or privacy - big red flag, especially if you have kids and were hoping to sell furniture before moving.

There's no reason to use the app without privacy and safety protections in place, especially if they're asking for your driver's license (prime candidate for identity theft). For other wary users, take notice of the replies to these reviews, there is clearly a lurker ("Meagan") making disparaging comments about users' experiences.

Hard to believe it could be damage control from the company, considering the rude, confrontational nature of the comments (and the lack of punctuation, capitalization, proper grammar, etc), but if the company sucks at privacy and safety, they probably suck at customer relations, as well.

DavidA. Philbeck March 29, 2019

You are definitely right that website SUCKS at customer service and does not back up the buyer in cases like trying to get refunds when the sellers lies about the condition..offer up will ban anyone who files more than 1 refund request.. happened to me..both times were completely legit.. let the buyer beware..

January 6, 2017
This is the greatest app to use all these people giving bad reviews are just stupid who don't ask questions before buying things and don't know how to do do anything.

December 27, 2016

This app has caused me and my family a great deal of heartache, as someone has been able to link my daughters' page and number with a robbery. She was no where near where this occurred and was not identified as the female "robbery crew" that was attempting to "purchase" Air Jordan sneakers.

We have all evidence that she wasn't there but because this app is linked to a page using her name, she was actually arrested for this. We have had to retain an attorney and all of that...folks just use the classifieds or some other form of making purchases. This app is dangerous!

meagan April 08, 2017

anytime u are on social media u can get hacked its the chances u take being on line putting your info out there and if she was not identified as the person then there shoudl be no further need for a lawyer smh i think u have taken this a bit over board

Pet Carrier First buy
November 5, 2016

Personally I've never heard of the app before until one of my friends said they had used the app to sell and buy things for a cheaper price. I needed to buy a pet carrier for my kitten and when I looked on a website one was nearby selling for $10 and looked just like the one at stores for $40. My friend said I should contact them whether it was still available. It was and of course I wouldn't feel safe doing a transaction alone so my friend and I arrived.

When we did we send them a message and they quickly came out with the carrier. Now I have a carrier for my kitten and I am glad my first buy was a success unlike many of the reviews. I am now more aware of possible scams on this site and will be careful. Thankfully I don't do much online purchases, but as of now I'm satisfied with my purchase.

SCAMMED FOR $2000.00
October 26, 2016

I was scammed for $2000.00. I was looking for a vehicle for my daughter. These people advertised that they were being transferred for the military and needed to get rid of there 2001 jeep wrangler. I looked on Facebook and started to verify the story. It was all there the name of the person I thought I was talking to the story matched everything.

These people were so good they hacked my phone into my home computer like you would if you link your phone to your computer. I even called eBay because they used eBay as there payment and posting. But I wasn't talking to eBay for the 5 days of contact I was talking to these people. I can't do anything. I was told without the accused name or supposed identity I can't file charges.

Anyway if anyone tells you to buy a green dot card from Walmart, rite aid etc everyone sells them do not do it. Even after you report everything to the green dot company I became the accused instead of the victim. Good luck the story is much longer. But you all get the idea.

F Stover November 29, 2016

I was burned by the exact same scam! The details were slightly different, but the story was the same! I wish I had found these, and all the other reviews and warnings on the internet, before I got ripped off $1500! OfferUp basically told me it was my own fault and to be careful the next time...

Terrence January 06, 2017

Y'all are for real stupid

meagan April 08, 2017

well first off why would u give out personal info to someone u dont know lol and second if u found them on fb why not message them if u thought it was them and talk to them on there to make sure and lastly eBay does not take payments hahahah now pay pal takes payments but not eBay lol there is just to many holes in your story to be real

meagan April 08, 2017

your story rely has to may holes in it and why would u give out personal info to ppl u dont know and if u saw them on fb why would u not talk to them on there also to verify and why would u ever ever ever do a green dot card that the biggest red flag right there learn the scams before u start buying on line from pp u dont rely know and eBay does not take payments for anything hahaha pay pal does not not eBay u rely have a lot to learn i guess they saw a sucker coming in the head lights on this one

Adam S May 30, 2017

Ok, I was just thinking of trying this app and decided to do a little research. Glad I did. I don't know if the reviewers​are for real but if this Meagan represents Offerup, I want nothing to do with this unprofessional organization. Too many others offering same to deal with rude peeps. Good luck!

Where's my V-card?
October 19, 2016
I sold my virginity on this site for 3 bucks. Long story short it didn't work out and couldn't get my refund cause the company ain't much help! Now I can't buy my scratcher cause i'm broke

Offerup seller
October 16, 2016

I was cheated by this webpage. I offered up my new cellphone. The guy just came in to receive. He pointed the gun towards me asking for my wallet and my new mobile. This is not safe. Am pissed off. Please don't get cheated. Offerup should collect all the information when people register.

They should not allow people with bad criminal records. They should have a clear background check of the person who is trying to register. My life would have gone because of this. I have lost 650 dollars of my phone and 420 dollars in my wallet. Please this is a request

meagan April 08, 2017

dont blame the web site this could happen with any web site u used even craigslist or fb u are the one who chose to meet this so called person probley not in a very public place as it looks to be u should always meet where there is a lot of ppl around and always take someone with u learn how to sale and meet in person first do your research dont blame a site that had noting to do with it

September 7, 2016

USE Craigslist. This app is terrible. The same items I list on CL that sell within a day, don't sell at all on here. A ton of people flake on you. The features of the app are lousy too.

The service is the worst. They removed one of my items claiming it was prohibited. They tell you to email them if you don't agree, so I did - because it was not on their list of prohibited items. Instead of responding to my email, they simply closed my account! They didn't even respond to my email! Company is a joke. I don't really care because nothing sells here anyway. But don't waste your time.

Please help me
August 24, 2016

A man named Robbie sold us an iphone 5S that he can't provide the apple ID of the previous owner that leads us not to turn it on and cannot use it at all. He keeps on promising he will give us the $ back and it's been a month now. OfferUp don't even reply to our email,they did one time and told us to file a police complaint. We need the seller's full name to file and we don't hear anything from offerUp at all.

We can't even view the seller's review. Please help me! If any of you know his real name.Thanks

dani secreto January 12, 2017

Know the technology you plan to purchase. Do your research and homework- just say no VERIFIED APPLE ID- done on the spot-NO SALE.

meagan April 08, 2017

do your home work first before buying u should of already known if it is locked it is probley stolen no brainier its not the apps or the sites fault u dont know what u are doing lol its your responsibility to know what u are buying not theirs

they shut down my post
July 18, 2016
89 items posted over $9,000 you cannot see nothing when you do a search for the item they shut me down for no reason OfferUp worthless they won't let sell if you want to get ahold of me OfferUp Carmen. Donohue

Leora Elliot
May 7, 2016
Leora Elliott , anyone heard anything on her ? i have been emailing her about a car that i want to buy and she seems suspicious .

April 15, 2016
Bought a tablet from Megan downing for 200.00. Tablet did not work as needed. Spent 7 days trying to get it to work. Megan downing refused to refund my money and offer up is not much help. They say that the seller should make it right but they are doing nothing. This company is horrible

Terrence January 06, 2017

You the stupid hoe here you're supposed to do more research before you buy something idiot

meagan April 08, 2017

u ppl rely are dumb on here do your research first try things out first before handing over money huh how hard is that and yes u can always meet in a public place to plug something in to try out first so rely this on all on u for not trying it out first no one to blame but your self

FRAUD posting FREE STUFF giving my cell and address and they DO NOTHING!
January 22, 2016

They say they offer a SAFE place to post. Back in NOVEMBER 2015, someone posted my cell number and home address stating to go in my backyard and help yourself to everything in the garage as it is FREE! Everything must go! Contacted Dave via email, they wouldn't do anything, demanded the police contact them and when they did, they demanded a SEARCH WARRANT for the IP address of the culprit!

They won't give you a phone number for the police to call. Really? You allow fraud on your site and don't CARE about the victim! Speaks volumes of who is behind this website.

You should care about posts like this and to deter them from future happenings. Disgusting! Pathetic! Karma is a ***!

Offer-Up Seller - Thomas H & Duniel... Located in East Hialeah, Florida
June 28, 2015

Please note this seller (Tomas H) is using offer-up to sell vehicles in partnership with a friend. He's committing fraud as he doesn't disclose the truth about the car history in order to sell. After you pay he will not take responsibility for his acts claiming it was your fault for trusting and not pulling a carfax. It’s really a shame to see how a young man can lose his word credibility over a car sale.


Offer-Up Friends Beware of this seller Tomas H that partners with Duniel presently located at a residential home in East Hialeah, extremely dishonest people. They both do whatever it takes to sell you a car. I just purchased a Nissan Maxima 2007 and paid $6,500. I trusted them both when they promised the car was in perfect condition, accidents free therefore I did not run a Carfax.

Today 5 days after my purchase very sad to say that I did run a Carfax by the dealer and it turns out to be that the car had been in 2 accidents with severe frame damage. When contacting the seller the response is that I should of checked the Carfax prior to buying.

My advice, ensure who you buy from before letting go of your cash as this is an open fraud situation.

Mike October 13, 2015

Lidia and Roberto, that sounds incredibly frustrating! I'm sorry this happened to you. You obviously don't have a lot of experience buying/selling vehicles. Here's some advice: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do your own research on a used vehicle before you buy it. This includes paying $30 for a carfax. It also includes paying $150 for your mechanic to look it over. BEFORE you buy it. If the seller refuses to let you do that, DON'T buy it!!! NEVER blindly trust the seller of any used vehicle. I'm sorry to say this, but it is your fault for blindly trusting a stranger and not doing your own research. It's a shame that you can't trust someone's word. But that is the world we live in. That does not mean you deserved what you got. No one deserves to get scammed. But you need to call this what it is... a "stupid-tax" which is a tax for being stupid. (We've all had to pay stupid tax at some point. I've paid it with many zeros at the end). Own your mistakes. Don't blame anyone else. Learn from them. And become smarter. And next time you buy a car, do your own research before you buy it!

david sherrill January 31, 2016

Yep south florida landing place of the third world, so much corruption in south Florida.