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O2 Curve Mask
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The Coronavirus is changing so many things about the way we live.  Among them is the fact that everyone now has a new favorite accessory: the protective breathable face mask.

While many companies are getting on board with helping people protect themselves from harmful pollution & bacteria, the founders of O2 Canada have always been passionate about making sure that every person breathes in fresh, clean air.

O2 Canada makes respirator masks to help protect you against those tiny and invisible particles that swirl all around.

Here’s what you need to know about this new brand.

How Does It Work?

Their O2 Curve Mask is breathable and uses silicone to ensure comfort.  It has an adjustable strap and comes with three replaceable filters which trap small particles.

You can also purchase a replacement filter separately, as they need to be changed out regularly. The Curve Mask 1.2 comes with a white shell, but they also have black, blue, and red shells available.

O2 Canada is committed to comfort, and as such, sells their masks in two different sizes; high-bridge fit and low-bridge fit. They have helpful tips on their website about which one you should purchase.

If you have a raised/angled nose and can wear most eyeglasses, they suggest you opt for the high-bridge size.

If you have a flat or wide nose and require custom-fit glasses, you should purchase the low-bridge size.

They offer additional information about their product on the FAQ section of the website, including how to use,  how to disinfect, and estimated shipping times.

Cost and Price Plans

There are a few pricing options depending on which items you are looking to purchase. The respirator mask (which comes with three replaceable filters) is $69.99.

The  5-pack of filters - $7.99. The colored shells (your original purchase will come with a white shell, but they also have black, blue, and red shells available for purchase) is $12.99.

The sport strap is $14.99 while the ear loop strap is $14.99. The O2 Curve surgical mask adaptor (this offers extra protection for medical workers is $.50.

Previously, the company sold a travel pouch and magnetic clip but had to discontinue these products. They do note that they will eventually rejoin the product line.

Customer Service

Having an issue with your order or have a question about the product?

If you need to get in touch with O2, you can reach out via e-mail at [email protected] or call them at 226-476-3232. They also have a form you can fill out on their website to get in touch.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

O2 Curve Masks have been very well-received. The press section of their website provides links to websites offering great praise for the company’s products.

For example, the news site Kitchener Today said that the O2 Curve Mask “provides the next step up from a simple surgical mask or cloth mask.”

And the popular lifestyle website The Good Trade called O2 Canada “a sustainable brand…providing the best products for frontline workers and consumers alike.”

Amazon reviewers give O2 Masks a solid 3.8/5-star rating, saying things like “this is the only consumer grade mask I found that doesn’t leak air, is comfortable to breathe in and is available for purchase now,” and “Excellent quality! This is the mask you need.”

Where to Buy?

You can buy the mask through their website or through Amazon.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many other protective face mask options on the market.

For example, you might purchase a Milwaukee N95 Respirator w/Gasket. This mask has a valve which allows you to stay cool. In fact, Milwaukee claims that the valve reduces temperature by 10 degrees. Additionally, the soft gasket feature ensures a great fit.

The Milwaukee N95 mask is designed to be worn for extended periods of time. You can buy a 10-pack from Home Depot for $34.97. 

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with 99% of customers saying that they would recommend this product to others. 

Another popular option is the N95 Dust Mask With Exhalation Valve from 3M. These masks protect against tiny particles and utilize double bands to get a secure fit.

They were also designed with advanced filtration in mind to offer the best in protection. Unfortunately, this is one of the many masks that is currently out of stock due to overwhelming demand.

They are unavailable for purchase on a variety of websites including Amazon and Active Forever. When they return to stock, you can grab a ten pack for $12.25, but be careful to read reviews first because they are mixed.

Some Amazon customers are very satisfied and praise the masks for being “a win-win purchase all around,” while others provide complaints, including that the masks are “tight, uncomfortable and cut into your face.”

Finally, you might choose to buy a Vogmask if you are searching for a good anti-pollution mask.

Vogmask’s mission is to promote health and wellness by protecting people against harmful pollution, dust, allergens, and bacteria.

Vogmask claims that their products are perfect for people who love to travel, those with allergies or sensitive lungs, and outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Their masks come in different sizes and are suitable for people ages 10 and up. You can buy one reusable mask for $44.00.

Vogmask boasts great customer reviews on Amazon, although it is important to note that their products have not been reviewed extensively.

The Bottom Line

The O2 Curve Masks are a great option if you are looking for a comfortable respirator mask.

Best of all, unlike some other mask companies, they have ramped up production to meet the demands of the market so you can start protecting yourself and those around you right now.

If you have any experience with the O2 Curve Mask, please leave your reviews below.

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O2 Curve Mask Customer Reviews

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Super mask!
August 29, 2021

I have had one of these masks for almost a year and could not be happier. It is so much better and more comfortable than all of the others I tried before I found this one. The silicon seals around my face and prevents my glasses from fogging up. There have been times--it's hot and humid where I live--that I have had to dry off the bottom of the seal as my breath has condensed, but that has happened only 4 or 5 times.

I am glad I stocked up on filters when I bought it because I noticed they were out of stock last week. I did get an extra shell, so I have black and white and swap out when I change the filters. The mask gets a lot of comments and questions too