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About Nutrish Pet Food

George Ainsworth Lang, founder of the Ainsworth Pet Nutrition more than 75 years ago, started what is today a multi-tiered North American organization. His high standards of pet food quality remain intact, with even more variety and snacks.

The company is known for offering one of the healthiest and safest pet foods and treats, according to the needs of today’s pets.

In a world where chemicals, synthetic and biologically-altered ingredients are rampant, Nutrish intends to offer a more natural diet to dogs and cats everywhere.


Nutrish pet food is a brand that offers a wide selection of dog and cat pet food, snacks and treats. They are so many choices available and you may even choose from dry and wet food. Reviews for each recipe have at least a four-star rating, some almost reaching five.

Each recipe has real meat and veggies, with no added artificial preservatives or flavors. Specialty food recipes have specific ingredients for pets that require, are allergic to, or are sensitive to certain minerals, ingredients and vitamins.

For example, dogs who do hard labor will need a food supplement that has a higher amount of protein than the average pup. Also, some pets suffer from grain sensitivities, so there are also recipes with no grains are offered.

Each developmental stage for both cats and dogs require different essential ingredients and you will find a recipe to match what you need from Nutrish.

Here is a short list of some of the available natural ingredients that go into Rachael Ray’s Nutrish recipes: beef, duck, lamb, pheasant, bison, chicken, quail, slamon, turkey, venison, whitefish, dried apples, brown rice, dried carrots, chickpeas, fish oil, a variety of meat meals and more.

Cost and Price Plans

The price for each product will depend on the size, if it is a specialty recipe or not, if it is wet or dry food and more. To get exact pricing, it will be necessary to compare and search in stores where the brand is available.

Prices for dry dog food start at around $20 and bags may come in various sizes such as 12lbs or 28lbs. Wet pet food can be bought individually or in packs for around $11.

On the other hand, cat food may be found cheaper due to smaller bag presentations (3lbs and 6 lbs) and start at around $7 to $14. However, 12lb dry cat food bags may set you back around $30.

Wet food may also be bought individually for around $6 or in packs. That being said, the prices for those will vary, depending on recipe and quantity.

Customer Service

You may contact the company using the many different methods of communication. They have an account in all major social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You may also call one of their customer representatives at 800-323-7738.

That said, you may also opt to contact them by completing their online contact form at the following link:

The website also has a “Frequently Asked Questions” page that potential customers should check out before contacting the company. This is because your question may already have been answered.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Reviews available on the Nutrish site are mostly favorable and welcoming. However, if you dig through, you may come up with a few accusations of pet illness after eating a Nutrish product.

You must be aware though that most dog food suppliers have had a case or two of recalled products in their history. That said, most reviews are positive and detail no secondary consequences from their pets.

The best thing to do is to try with a small bag of food, offering no other brand, for at least two weeks to look for reactions. It is important to not mix brands when test driving any pet food to determine if it is the right food for your four-legged family member.

Competitors and Alternatives

There is a surplus of pet food suppliers you are able to investigate and try for your furry friend. Many also offer natural ingredients and wholesome vegetables, which are listed as their first or main ingredient.

Your choice will depend on your pet’s dietary needs and lifestyle. Blue Buffalo, for example, is known for its limited ingredient recipes, which means little to no artificial materials. If you compare Rachael Ray Nutrish vs Blue Buffalo, you will see they are quite similar.

Orijen is another brand that is famous for their freeze dry treats and free-range meat sources. Though a bit costlier, it is also an appropriate brand for those owners that worry about added preservatives and growth hormones in feed.

Another brand similar to Orijen is Acana, which boasts of local suppliers and freshly cultivated ingredients.

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Where to Buy?

Nutrish is a popular dog and cat food supplier because they are widely available in grocery stores such as Walmart. Other places you can get your hands on these products include: Amazon, Target and Petsmart.


Your pet is another family member that requires love, attention and care. Finding the right food for him or her is just as important as the food you supply your human family with.

Researching takes a few minutes for each brand, but in the long run, you will find what is best for your four-legged pal. You must remember that meat should be listed as the first ingredient for the pet food to actually be considered of standard quality.

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