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About Number One Keto

Adele swears by it (or at least, a modified version of it) - and so does Joaquin Phoenix. Even Dr. Oz has spoken at length about the benefits of the keto diet.

But is the keto diet really everything it’s cracked up to be?

The keto diet is a great way to lose weight, but its results are highly dependent on your health, body type, and the input your own doctor gives you. There are plenty of companies out there attempting to sell pills and capsules that are designed to amplify the results of the keto diet - or to make it possible for the diet to work without you actually having to follow it at all.

But are they legit?

The Number One Keto brand is yet another company that’s offering a supplement that can supposedly help you detox and lose weight. The company’s website boasts some pretty impressive before and after photos and alleged celebrity sponsors, but is Number One Keto safe/legit?

We’ll tell you what you need to know about Number One Keto - our information is based on real reviews and will help you make an informed decision.

How Does it Work?

Number One Keto is supposedly backed by Shark Tank and is a product that can supposedly help you lose weight. It will help you achieve ketosis without all the negative side effects of a normal ketogenic diet (like the “keto flu”).

The capsules are easy to take. You simply ingest two capsules each day with water and then eat keto-friendly foods throughout the day. You’ll enjoy improved energy while your body uses fat and helps you lose weight.

Sold in bundles of 30, 90, and 150 day supplies, these diet pills are supposedly made with natural ingredients - but upon viewing the Number One Keto website, it’s impossible to determine what those ingredients actually are.

The company’s website claims that the pills can help you burn fat quickly (and burn fat for energy instead of carbs) and also love the way you feel. However, it doesn’t give you any information about how taking a diet pill can actually accomplish those goals.

Cost and Price Plans

Another feature of Number One Keto that has us feeling a bit skeptical? It’s impossible to actually find a price listed for the supplements online. In order to get a price for a bottle, you have to fill out a contact form with all of your personal information. With plenty of other keto supplements available, this doesn't seem worth your time in the slightest.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to Number One Keto. If you’re new to the keto diet, you may want to give the diet a try on its own before tossing in an extra supplement. Yes, there are some unpleasant side effects that you’ll have to contend with when you’re first getting started, but it’s a good way to see how your body reacts to the new changes.

Some people use supplements like Number One Keto and apple cider vinegar to jumpstart their weight loss. However, this is rarely necessary. There are plenty of health benefits to consuming things like apple cider vinegar, but using it on the keto diet isn’t always recommended, as it can upset your stomach.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

While the Number One Keto website has tons of satisfied reviews from past users, it’s impossible to find any information on the pills anywhere else. You can’t find the pills for sale from authorized retailers, nor can you find any information about who makes the pills. It’s impossible to even determine the ingredients in Number One Keto Pills!

Therefore, you might want to steer clear. Since these supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, it’s not worth jeopardizing your health just to lose a few extra pounds.

Customer Service

Do some digging on the Number One Keto website, and it is possible to find some information about where and how the pills are made. You can contact customer service by calling (855) 404-1907. Customer service is supposedly available from Monday through Sunday at practically all hours of the day and evening.

You can also email customer service at [email protected] If you need to initiate a return, you need to contact customer service first so that you can get a specialized number for your order return.

Where to Buy?

You can only buy Number One Keto pills directly from the manufacturer. There are a few websites that have “special offers” for free trial programs and even “one free bottle” offers, but most of these do not offer any new information or special discounts, despite what they claim to offer.

Is It Worth It?

Read keto pill reviews online, and you’re going to see mixed opinions from actual users. It might seem like Number One Ketone and detox programs go hand in hand, but you should use caution when taking a supplement like this. Doctors don't usually recommend taking these kinds of supplements, as they aren’t regulated by the FDA, nor are they actually proven to work.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable weight loss solution, you may be best off focusing on good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise. At the very least, give the keto diet a try on its own - and leave supplements like Number One Keto for someone else to try. They aren’t worth your time.

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