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NuFace is a skincare company that markets a line of at-home beauty devices that the company states use microcurrent technology to help tone skin and visibly reduce the look of wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

All of the anti-aging wands available at use a low level current that pulses throughout the tissue layers of your face with the goal of stimulating your production of collagen and elastic.

NuFace products say their company pioneered the microcurrent technology for home use when they created the Original NuFace Classic Device, while the NuFace Trinity also includes an attachment for LED light therapy that you can also perform at home. 

Cost/Price Plans

The NuFace Classic Device and the NuFace Trinity are both products that NuFace states provides customers with access to professional grade anti-aging in the comfort of their home.

The NuFace Classic Device is currently on sale for $149.00, though it is regularly priced at $249.00, while the NuFace Trinity retails for $339.00 through their website.

These products may also be available through other retailers, but customers who purchase their products elsewhere should know that their return policy will not apply to these items.

According to their website, in just five minutes a day, you can look fresher and younger, with a non-surgical anti-aging process that lets you "turn back the hands of time" without any invasive procedure.

Refund Policy

Customers who have any complaints or issues with the products they have received have 30 days to call their Customer Service and get instructions for returning these items for a full refund of the purchase price. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak with a Customer Service representative can call them directly at 888-360-9171, or you can submit a question to them via email at [email protected]


The NuFace devices have mixed reviews, which is common to many anti-aging devices as the results are wide spread among users.

Customers that are worried about the efficacy of this product should make sure to try it out as directed during the time period where they are allowed to receive a refund.

Is It Safe?

Unfortunately there are a few negative side effects related to using the NuFace device, and that is when the microcurrent can result in over-productivity of either your thyroid gland or your optic nerves which can cause unpleasant effects and must result in discontinued use of the device.

If you have any experience with NuFace or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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NuFace Customer Reviews

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February 19, 2020


This device is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS!!! I have had some serious side effects where there is fluid built up in eye, subconjunctival hemorrhage in eye, swelling under eye and face, inflamed nerves all around face and inside mouth, headaches, and more.

I have been to my eye doctor multiple times from using this device and he said he would NEVER recommend this to anyone as there are too many nerves around eyes and face. This device is seriously dangerous and for a temporary fix it is not worth the risk. I hope this comment can safe someone from some serious pain and suffering. This has been a very scary experience!!!!

Subcutaneous facial fat loss and nerve damage after 5 days of use!
August 22, 2019

This is a dangerous product. After 5 days of following their instructions, I have subcutaneous facial fat loss, otherwise known as “facial wasting" nerve damage and stretch marks. Fyi facial fat cells that are distorted do not returned. My appearance has been altered, and I've had pain since June 25. 

Don't believe me? This has been confirmed by my medical doctor, a dermatologist (both who asked if I plan to pursue a lawsuit against nuface), and a plastic surgeon, who confirmed that microcurrent devices are used generally for the body, where they not only tone buttocks and stomach but also cause fat loss... Where someone actually might want it. 

Microcurrent is not state-of-the-art beauty science frankly, why would you go all the way to your muscles past all the fat tissue you are trying to preserve to prevent wrinkles--to help with your skin? If I could give this -500 stars I would. 

This product is dangerous and at the very least there should be a warning for this horrendous adverse reaction in the manual. I have made a complaint to the fda. There are other such complaints online. The people at nuface are not even educated about the science behind the product and have no business telling people it's completely safe. 

Time will tell how my face heals, and what measures I need to take.. Which costs thousands... Not the couple of hundred for this crummy, dangerous product. If you want to help your skin, please go to a reputable dermatologist or plastic surgeon's office and put your precious body in the hand of doctors who are intelligent and educated. 

Bought a counterfit
July 14, 2019

Electrocuted and burned my face. Left with eye twitch for a while. I bought a mini and then moved so it was in storage for a year. Finally got it out and never worked. So then I bought the Trinity. Tried it a couple times and it constantly electrocuted me and burned my face. I think I got a counterfeit. I bought it online and I believe I got a scam product. Not the Nuface company's fault.

Kim Redmill August 22, 2019

Not likely a counterfeit, this is not a high quality product. I had subcutaneous facial fat loss,stretch marks, nerve damage and pain since June 25, having only used it for 5 days.It is August 22. My face may or may not recover (as confirmed by a doctor, dermatologist and plastic surgeon). Would cost thousands to fix and there would be scarring. BE WARNED.

Stops working quickly
June 10, 2018
It just stopped working after 3 months and I spent 412$ on the whole shebang. I went back to read its Amazon reviews and realized this happens to a lot of people. Actually, 3 months was long compared to most! I’m so disappointed. I’m going to try one of the alternatives you guys recommended.

FieryBeacon May 25, 2019

I bought both the trinity and the mini and mine quit working as well. I can't believe they only have a 1 yr warranty for such an expensive product. I really liked the results but they need to work on the battery issues!!!