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Nova X Report
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The Nova X Report is a financial newsletter containing investment information and opportunities provided by financial guru Michael Robinson and the Money Map Press, a financial publication that reaches out to "main street" investors. 

How Does It Work?

Michael Robinson is described as being not only one of the top financial advisors available in today's market, but also a veteran of Silicon Valley, and as such, an expert in technology.

He uses this technological expertise in his Nova X Report, which focuses on the best technology stocks in all areas, like mobile, internet, biotech, software, hardware, and more. 

And though they will give their subscribers investment advice in many different areas, their main focus is always on "strategic growth" stocks, which are stocks of small, not well known companies which are predicted to rapidly appreciate in the next year, like the one they promote in their Operation BlueStar publication.  

Cost/Price Plans

Customers can choose to subscribe to the regular Nova-X Report for $49.50 for a yearly subscription or a VIP subscription for $99.99, which gets you all the features of a regular subscription as well as six bonus materials. 

Subscribers should know that all subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of the year, at $99.99 for subsequent yearly subscriptions. If you do not wish to continue your subscription, you must cancel in advance of your renewal date.

Refund Policy

All subscriptions come with a 60 day money back guarantee, which states that all customers are able to request a refund of their entire purchase price within the first 60 days.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 855-509-6600, or by email at [email protected] 


Unfortunately there are not many user reviews of this product at this time, just many different reviews from partner and affiliate companies.         

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different companies that offer financial publications intended to give the average investor financial advice, including Agora Financial and Money Morning, amongst others. 

If you have any experience with Nova X Report or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Nova X Report Customer Reviews

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NOVA-X Report
January 3, 2019
You have to read, read, read, buy, buy buy. I took four of their recommendations and lost most of my investment on all four. I think I could do better than that without "expert advice" from these geniuses.

Interested in material(s)
October 23, 2017
If you have received the two (2) free "reports": Roadmap to MJ millions Phase I or II and or How to make a fast fortune in Canadian legalization of MJ, I would like to read them, regardless of the scam. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks

Eli July 14, 2018

The public is being scammed as usual by these phonies hyped up newsletters like never before in this economy with low-interest rates, high RE prices, and an overheated stock market. They offer sky-high returns, a few phony references cooked up with associates and all the deceptive false histories of association with successful visionary founders. Sounds good, right? Be prepared to lose tens of thousands of dollars with these scammers, but they are really good, for self-promotion and charging credit cards of seniors. They buy lead lists from lead brokers of people who had responded or purchased penny stocks, gold, silver, commodities, showing a pattern of high-risk investments, quick get rich quick schemes. These charlatans may end up on Americas Greed TV show one day, maybe they may just get away with it, as law enforcement cant be everywhere

Where did they get my name?
September 28, 2017
This package showed up in the mail today with a magazine showing me investment options in marijuana stock and also a set of cardboard goggles to wear and install some google app. My concern is first where did they get my name since I never subscribed to this and also how are they able to charge me for a subscription I never ordered.

Do not purchase Money Map, Nova-x report or any if their companion Companies
December 2, 2016

I have been trying to cancel my subscription and get my money back since the first month of signing up. The company will answer their phone, put you on hold for a very long time and then hang up on you. You will never be able to speak with someone to cancel.

You cannot cancel on the website. There is no place to unsubscribe and when you leave messages that you want to cancel you will not receive an answer.

I received several letters to increase my subscription from Money Express. I have written CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION and sent back to of their inquiries.

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE with NOVA-X REPORT or any of their companiion companies.

Dee Jay Hayes May 19, 2017

Money Map Press mis-mailed several months of my NOVA-X Reports to an address in New York even though the only address I'd ever given them was mine in Florida. Customer Service couldn't explain it, couldn't guarantee prior (old news) issues or even future issues would be snail mailed to my correct address in Florida, but did offer to cancel my prepaid subscription with zero refund. When a company puts their collected subscription fees above customer satisfaction I say don't do business with them.

Peter O Lonnigan June 30, 2017

I too have tried to cancel my subscription but to no avail.They will not accept email cancellations only telephone.When I discovered this alarm bells went off in my brain.They offer multiple other services which are at a much higher price than the nova x report which they vigorously promote with constant email spamming.Their so called experts are just your run of the mill chancers masquerading as leaders in their field. Avoid like the plague..

steve March 02, 2018

Performed due diligence on marijuane stocks promoted by the phase 1 and 2 of marijuana millionaire. Stocks looked extremely risky with very little chance of a reward in the future. Some companies had two or three employees and never made a penny in revenues but they were able to float the company with other peoples money. Just be careful about their stock selection. I didn't find it useful but purchased on the chance there might be some useful information.