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About Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the third largest registered agent company in the USA. They describe themselves as a middle-size company which deals in agency services.

A part of their “manifesto” explains why they don’t strive to run their business like larger agencies do. They feel that their bigger competitors focus excessively on earning revenue and selling their clients’ data. Northwest wants to change this practice. That is why their ambition is not to grow further, but instead to further improve the quality of their service.

Additionally, the foundations on which this company was built are strong and stable. This is also due to their different approach to doing business. Their smaller competitors were built with the aim of being bought by either of the two biggest companies in the business. Northwest’s goal has always been to be as strong as possible and last for years to come on their own.

Why do they take this different approach? Because they understand what their clients are going through. Managing or registering a business is frustrating enough. So, their goal is to make that part of running a business easier for them. 



They deal in services. They strongly believe in simple exchange of professionally done services for an affordable amount of money. This belief is at the core of how they do business.

This is why they put a lot of effort into providing the best possible service. A few features of this service are the reason they stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, they make all your data available to you whenever you need it. They are a nation-wide company. So, it doesn’t matter where your business branches are located. They will be able to scan your data and send it to you in real time, whenever you request it.

This is the foremost feature that makes them more “client-friendly” than their competitors. Additionally, they can provide instant files upon your request. One of their departments hugely responsible for such an efficient service is their in-house programing department.

Together, it all goes a long way in making management of your legal documentation a bit less of a headache.

Also, they endeavor to be there for you whenever you might have a question. Whatever time of day you contact them, a real and professional person will respond.

More importantly, they appreciate the trust you show them when you become their client. This is why the want to live up to it. Hence, they keep your data confidential.

This means they don’t or plan to earn any money by selling your data to any third party. Similarly, they show respect to you through the quality and relevance of their service. They stick to their tasks and do the job you have paid them to do. So, they don’t deal in any additional unnecessary services.

Also, they claim they don’t add any fees to trick you out of your money. Moreover, they say the price of their service you agreed upon at the beginning will be the same each year. No sudden rises in any of the costs they have to cover will affect the fee you are paying. No hidden expenses which you find out about only after you’ve signed the contract either.

How Does It Work?

Once you begin your cooperation with northwest, you’ll get your online user’s account. This is where all of your documents will be uploaded to.

Also, this can serve as a guide through all the things legal waiting for you down the road. It is a great source of the instructions you’ll need while managing your business.

All the forms you need to fill out are already equipped with the agency’s data, so it’s a great timesaver.

All your documents which arrive at any of the local offices are immediately scanned and uploaded to your account. From there, you, your attorney, and a few other close persons can access it at any time.

Additionally, you will get reminders for all of your important due dates. This way you’ll avoid any fines. More importantly, you’ll get instructions on how to file those documents. So, no more headaches when it comes to that part of your business management.

Cost and Price Plans

As mentioned, the price of Northwest Registered Agent services is fixed. What you agree upon at the beginning is what you pay as long as the contract is valid. There are no hidden fees or unnecessary services which are there only to cost you some money.

The price of this company’s services is just above hundred dollars annually per state. This places it somewhere at the middle of this industry’s market.

They are not the cheapest of the agencies, but they are still affordable. So, you probably won’t find their prices too high, especially if you are serious about managing your business properly.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The clients which have expressed their experience online are mostly satisfied. The high quality of customer service stands out the most in these comments. Their dedication to actually explaining everything the client should understand is highly appreciated. So is their efficacy and reliability.

A few negative remarks were made regarding some filing mistakes. However, in all of these cases, the mistakes were made due to multiple factors. So, the company is not the only one to blame.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are a few more prominent and developed registered agents of Northwest’s scope. offers almost the same services, but they charge slightly higher yearly fee. Also, there are additional fees per service, while Northwest does it for free. Northwest is also reportedly much quicker in delivering.

MyCorporation is another good option. They are at the same price range as Northwest. They also have a reminder system which notifies you about your deadlines. They don’t, however mention how fast they can provide insight into your data.

Incorp is another agent which covers similar area as Northwest. They also offer online access to your data and notifications on coming due dates. Their service is also slightly cheaper than Northwest’s. So, if you are looking for another option, they might be a good choice.

Where to Buy?

It is easy to apply for their service online at  If you prefer to do it over the phone, they have an extremely good customer service.

Also, there are representatives in each of the states. So, you can go to the closest and open an account in person.


Opening your own business or running an already existing one is a quite stressful job. The legal part of it is probably the most complicated part of it. So, if you’d like to take some weight off of your shoulders, delegating your legal correspondence with the state is a good idea.

However, you need to pick a reliable and trustworthy agent for this task. Northwest Registered Agent has quite high marks online. So, picking them is probably a good step towards a more successful future.

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