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There are so many beautiful things in life, but being a pet parent is one of the most wonderful ones. That kind of mutual, unconditional love is scarce. If you are a dog or cat parent, you want what’s the best for them.

Nutrition is one significant aspect of your beloved pet’s life. NomNomNow brings you freshly prepared meals, carefully portioned for your pet’s needs.

NomNomNow was founded in 2015 by a few animal lovers. They produce and deliver fresh, human-grade, personalized home-cooked meals for cats and dogs. Meals are cooked on a weekly basis in the company’s local kitchen, with fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients and get delivered to your address, ready to serve.


If you are a proud owner of a dog, you can pick one of these four gluten-free, organic recipes, all approved by AAFCO.

Heartland Beef Mash

This meal contains ground beef, which is a source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and potatoes that brings energy and potassium. It also contains carrots full of vitamin A for a perfect vision, pees for fibers, essential vitamins and minerals, egg for the right amount of proteins, iron, and zinc, and a Nomnomnow mix that is great for nutrition and shiny coat.

All of the products below contain the same iconic Nomnomnow mixture, although we won’t mention it in the list of ingredients.

Tasty Turkey Fare

If you choose this meal, you’ll get a portion of ground turkey that is an excellent source of protein, brown rice full of carbs and minerals for energy, carrots filled with vitamin A for eye care, spinach, vitamins, folate and magnesium, and eggs for the right amount of proteins, iron and zinc.

Chicken Chow-Wow

Go with this dish if you want meal full of diced chicken, a great source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes filled with Vitamins A, B6 & C along with fiber, potassium, and manganese. Furthermore, it contains yellow squash that is great for intake of Fiber, vitamins B6, C & K, magnesium and potassium, and spinach.

Porkalicious Potluck

This all-natural ingredients meal contains pork full of protein, vitamin B6 and minerals, potatoes that brings energy. Also, it contains potassium, kale, the best thing for your dog’s diet, green beans, Vitamins A, C, K & minerals, and mushrooms.

You can also purchase a Variety pack that is an all for meals combine, like a sample box, so you can decide which one is best for your four-legged friend.

There are also 3 kinds of treats: Pork and pumpkin strips, Beef jerky and Chicken Jerky. They are also offering you a Microbiome kit and analysis service to get an insight into your pet’s gut’s health. You can also buy Probiotic or just boost your dog’s overall health.

If you are a cat mommy or daddy, you can choose between these two recipes:

Chicken Chow-Meow

This cat food contains chicken breast, thighs, and liver, asparagus that will give your kitty vitamins and minerals, carrot full of beta-carotene which is an antioxidant, spinach to boost the immune system, and cantaloupe.

Flavorful Fish Feast

Treat your cat to this recipe if you want a meal full of tilapia and salmon that are excellent sources of Protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

You can also find a Microbiome kit and analysis service to get an insight into your pet’s gut’s health.

Cost and Price Plans

Because those meals are prepared especially for your pet, specifically for his age, weight, possible allergies, etc, the price range is variable. It only takes a minute to fill in the online application on their site and find out what are the recommendations and see what it would cost.

The variety pack is $15, and it includes all four kinds of dog food in portions of 150g.

2-ounce treat bags are $12, or you can get a holiday pack that consists of all three flavors and a collapsible water bowl for $35.

Probiotic is $45 per bottle, and microbiome kit and analysis service are $59 per package.

When you sign up on their site, you get free shipping and a free bag of treats. You can also get 20% off trail.

Care-grade guarantee- if you don’t see the difference this fresh diet can make after 30 days of eating NomNomNow, they’ll buy your pet’s next food (up to $50)

Customer Service

Where is Nomnomnow located? In San Francisco. But you don’t have to worry about that, because they deliver all across the USA.

You can contact them any time on their website, through their Facebook page, Twitter account, email or phone number +1 415-991-0669.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Is Nomnomnow good for dogs? According to most online reviews, customers are delighted with the quality of food as well as the progress of their pets regarding overall health and diet.

Some of the complaints are about delivery, because you cannot choose the day of shipping. There are also some complaints about minor misunderstandings and delivery. Overall, customer impressions are excellent though.

Competitors and Alternatives

When it comes to fresh food for pets on the market, there’re a few main competitors. They are Just food for dogs, Freshpet, and Ollie.

Just food for dogs is a company from California that provides freshly prepared dog food. They have stores all over the West coast. Their price range is variable depending on your dog nutrition needs.

Freshpet started in 2006, and they are growing since then. With a large choice of cat and dog food, Freshpet are providing over 1 million pet parents all over the USA.

Ollie is a cute little company from New Jersey. They are using a low-temperature cooking process to make great meals for your loved ones.


When it comes to the pets we love, we want nothing but the best for them. Our pets are our family members, and there is no reason not to feed them the freshest and best food around.

NomNomNow is high quality and carefully prepared from thoughtfully selected ingredients that will be delivered to you at your door, ready for your pet.

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