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About Nix Ultra Lice Treatment

Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. makes lice products that are aimed at reducing and controlling the number of lice that occur in different parts of the body. This includes the head, eyelashes, and eyebrows, although the most common part where most lice are found is on the head.

The company has come up with lice products known as Nixlice that kill all types of lice and eggs, even resistant ‘super’ lice.


There are different lice products manufactured. Some are used as the first line of treatment to kill the lice that were already present while others are used to protect against reinfestation of lice.

Nix ultra super lice treatment

The Nix ultra super lice treatment is a #1 pediatrician and pharmacist recommended brand that is very effective in killing lice & eggs. The product also doesn’t react with the skin and eliminates head lice and eggs inclusive of some of the very tough lice species that normally grow resistant to pesticides. The eggs are mostly killed through suffocation.

It is also pesticide free, thus nontoxic, quite easy to apply and can be used by moms. The nix ultra lice treatment solution is made of a blend of ingredients that make it easily saturate hair and penetrate deeply.

It is also easy to wash out with any regular shampoo. With the aid of the Nix Lice Removal Comb, any lice that might still be present can be easily combed out of your hair leaving it clean and egg free.

Nix permethrin cream rinse

The Nix Crème rinse comes in either the 2-ounce box, 4-ounce box or the complete lice treatment kit. A single application of the cream is enough to kill kills lice and their eggs. It also prevents reinfestation for up to 14 days after initial application. The cream can be used on adults and children that are 2 months old and older.

Nix complete lice treatment kit

As the name suggests, the lice treatment kit is a full kit containing all the tools and information to guide you through the whole process of removing lice. The kit contains the Nix crème rinse, Nix lice and egg removal comb and gel and lice control spray. The kit can be used in the treatment of lice in both adults as well as children at the age of 2 months and above.

Nix ultra lice removal kit

The Nix Ultra lice removal kit contains the Nix Ultra super lice solution used for treating heads and homes. Although safe and nontoxic, being in solution form, care should be taken to avoid contact with the eyes when applying it and in the event that it gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

When using the lice removal kit, it is recommended that you wash your hair with regular shampoo and do not use shampoo or conditioner that contains conditioner.

The Nix Ultra solution should not be used by people who are hypersensitive to dimethicone, mineral oils or silicone. You are advised to stop using the product if you notice any rash or skin irritation.

Nix premium lice comb

The Nix electronic lice comb works by to removing and/or killing lice and nits from your head and hair. By emitting a small electrical charge that isn’t sensed by humans, the lice are killed immediately upon contact.

Nix lice control spray

Unlike the other products, the Nix control spray is not for use on humans and should only be used in homes, in non-food areas and sprayed on surfaces. It is mostly used to clean home and personal items that aren’t laundered or dry cleaned. The odorless and stainless spray is known to effectively kill lice and even bed bugs in the home.

The active ingredient permethrin used for scabies and lice. The lice control spray should however not be applied into sewer or drains.

The Nix products should be kept out of the reach of children. Always check the product labels for complete information. Each product has its own instructions on how to effectively use it for fast and effective results.

How Does It Work?

Visit the official website and go to the where to buy page. You will then be required to enter your zip code after which you will have to select the product that you want and a search radius. Having filled your details and submitted the information, you will then receive further instructions on how to buy the products.

When you buy the 2-ounce box, you get one bottle of Nix Crème Rinse plus one nit comb.  When you buy the 4-ounce box contains two bottles of Nix Crème Rinse plus two nit combs and when you buy the complete lice treatment kit you get two bottles of Nix Crème Rinse, one bottle of Nix combing gel, one Nix premium metal two-sided Comb and one bottle of Nix lice Control Spray.

Cost and Price Plans

Visit the where to buy page, fill in your details and submit. You will then receive further information on the payment. Currently, there is a special offer where you save $3 on Nix Ultra or $2 on any Nix Product.

Customer Service

For any inquiries, get in touch with their customer service through their Contact Us page or the Nix expert hotline at 888-542-3546.

Online Reviews/Complaints

No adverse side effects have been reported with regard to using any of the Nix products. A few customers complained that the comb didn’t remove the nits out and they had to use their fingers to remove them.

Customers praised the Nix lice solution claiming that it coated and covered both lice and hair, creating a slippery surface. This enabled the lice to be easily removed by the Nix professional metal comb.

A single box of Nix ultra was also reported to be enough for five treatments for short hair and two treatments on long hair making it cost effective. Happy customers who purchased the kit were pleased with the fact that it came with a spray for furniture and bedding.

Competitors and Alternatives

Other products that kill and prevent lice infestation can be found on, and When comparing Nixlice vs vamousse and vs rid, both Vamousse and Rid have been found to be effective in killing lice and eggs with one treatment.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Nix products on Amazon or visit the Nix lice website and go to the Where to Buy page where you will fill in your details and find a store near you for you to buy any of the products.


Head lice can invade anyone irrespective of their gender, race or age but with the right lice products you can effectively kill and maintain lice free hair and environment. Buy one of the Nix products and experience firsthand what they can do.

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