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About Ninja Cooking System

The Ninja Cooking System is a one pot meal system, which claims to be a professional cooking system for your kitchen, cooking meals up to 50% faster, baking with 50% less fat, and a “Ninja fast cleanup.”

A slow cooker, sometimes called a Crock-pot, is an electrical cooking appliance which cooks foods over a long period of time at low enough temperatures to be left unattended.

The Ninja Cooking System is a new type of slow cooker, which can prepare foods in variety of ways, and while it can be left unattended while on its slow cooker and buffet settings; it needs to be watched while on the other settings.

However, the Ninja system claims to differ from other slow cookers in “its revolutionary steam roasting and steam baking process that is used in the best restaurants” and cannot be done in a standard home oven.

In addition, the say their system promotes healthier cooking, because the steam created by the Triple Fusion Heating system – heat from the bottom and sides of the cooker, plus the steam – provides a moist cooking environment.

They say this moist cooking environment means that you do not need to add additional fats in order to cook juicy meats, and you only need to add half the fat called for in your favorite baking recipes and you’ll still have moist cakes.

The cost of the Ninja Cooking System is $199.80 and comes with a Roasting Rack & Multi-purpose pan, Recipe Book & Inspiration Guide with over 150 recipes, a 5 year guarantee, free Shipping & Handling, Ninja Silicon Trivet, Mitt Set, and Warmer.

You can also choose an upgraded package for an extra $49.95 which includes 5 additional accessories or a second package upgrade for an extra $99.90 which includes all the accessories of the first upgrade, as well as a Travel Tote and Prep Center.

Customers who have complaints or issues with the system are directed to call Customer Care within the first 60 days of purchase. During this time period, you can exchange or return your product for a refund.

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