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agustin Herrera

FAILURE to deliver

June18, 2013

I ordered a Web site in 2010 that he NEVER build for me. This was when he was just starting to build sites. After reading his offer completely I contacted him by phone and told him that I would not be asking him to start right away. There was no time limits in the contract, nor did he tell me personally of any. I followed him on the net and watched him grow. As my work situations changed I was now ready to start my Internet Business. I contacted him and placed my order. He told me that he was no longer building sites, yet he continues to advertise that he does. Then he told me that too much time had passed for him to honor the contract and he claims the contract stated a time limit. I asked him to produce the contract. What he sent me was a later version of the contract that he built more than a year after I contracted with him. I tried to reason with him to no avail. To-date 6-17-13 he has not refunded my $147.00, that's what I call a thief...

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Justin Lewis
August 14, 2013

Hey Agustin, I have talked with you privately about this many times and have given you everything you have asked for when it came to information on why your website was never built. Our policy strictly stated that if you don't send us all of the information we need to build your site within 30 days we could offer no refund, nor build the site. Now to be real with you, if you would have come to me 45 days.. 60 days... even 3 months later.. I would have built the site. The problem here is that you came back 2 years later and said, "Hey I'm ready for my site to be built". The tools/services I was paying for at the time were no longer available to me (they exceed $500/mo alone) as I wasn't building sites. And my time wasn't available because of other projects that took my time. The policy/statements on the site have always been the same. You didn't try to reason with me, you simply told me I had to build your site.. even though you yourself failed to read through all of the information.

I am no thief, nor have I ever been. The policies are in place in order to protect us. They always have and always will be there.. simply because of people like you who try to come back years later and ask for the services.

It's as if you went to McDonalds, paid for a Big Mac.. left the store and came back after they stopped making Big Macs.

Good luck in your ventures and please do not try to diminish someone that really did try to reason with you...

April 02, 2016

Dear Sirs, as a totally detached 3rd party my opinion would most definitely be to refund the original investment and be done with it. No one should really believe it' morally fine to take a customers money and do nothing in return (of course, if the refund was of a significant amount so as to cause the vendor financial hardship, that would be another matter). Likewise though, expecting a service to be available 2 years after payment is indeed much like the Big Mac example although perhaps MacRib might be a bit closer. Inflation also plays a roll. No one should reasonably expect to receive 2012 prices in 2014 unless stated at the time of purchase. After all, the vendor has had the use of the customer's money for several years now and maybe it's time to make things right? Just one guy's opinion.

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Very Informative

August14, 2012

a very informative website. learned alot about making money online. has a lot of the same info here. but your info is free.... no monthly fee.

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