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If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, you may have checked out several money-making apps. After all, making money from your cell phone by using a simple mobile app is both convenient and legal - what more could you want?

A lot, as it turns out. There are countless survey apps that not only are not legit, but can also cause some serious headaches, as they’ll flood your phone with annoying pop-ups and other scams. These fake survey websites are definitely not worth your time. So what can you do?

Enter NiceQuest. This survey app is a great way to earn some money. It’s not only legitimate, but it will allow you to earn some extra cash in the meantime.

How Does NiceQuest Work?

NiceQuest is a survey company that allows you to complete surveys on either your cell phone, through the convenient mobile app, or on your computer. While you won’t earn millions working with NiceQuest, you will likely earn enough to make it worth your time.

Unlike other money-making apps, NiceQuest only allows you to make money through surveys. You can complete these via email or through the mobile app. Whenever surveys are available, you will receive an invitation notification via email or on your phone.

At sign-up, you will receive 40 Caracolas. Don’t worry - this isn’t some currency you’ve never heard of - it’s simply what NiceQuest calls their points. When you sign up, you will be able to complete a profile survey that will allow you to earn six additional points.

The profile will help the system match you with appropriate surveys. Most will receive invitations about twice or three times per month. When you get a survey invitation, you can visit the app and complete it. You unfortunately don’t find out how many points you get until the survey has been completed.

Payments and Cost

Of course, there is no cost associated with joining NiceQuest - just your time. In exchange for your time, you can receive points that you can later cash out for actual physical gifts and gift cards.

Gif cards start at $5 for about 60 points in most cases. There are lots to choose from, including Amazon, WalMart, Starbucks, and more. Alternatively, you can exchange your points for gifts. There are physical products you can cash out for in categories like Home & Beauty, Sports, Toys, Electronics, and more. A lot of these are somewhat expensive, so it may take you more time to cash out for one of these products than it would for a gift card.

That being said, if you’re feeling bored with that system, you can also choose to cash out by donating to charity or entering into sweepstakes. These sweepstakes are usually for monthly drawings, which can give you bigger prizes, like nice electronics.

After some time,  you may also have the option of becoming a Premium member. When you are a Premium member, this means that the company will make use of the way you use the Internet on your device. It helps prepare information for companies that you serve and while it may seem to violate your privacy, it offers additional payment to some members, meaning you can make some extra money.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for some alternatives to NiceQuest, consider PaidViewpoint and Swagbucks. These survey-taking companies are a bit easier to work with and in some cases, offer better payout methods. You can find information about both at a majority of the money-making forums online.

Swagbucks is popular because it offers rewards for tasks besides just taking surveys. You can make money taking surveys, watching videos, completing free-trial offers, shopping, and more. They also have a great referral program, in which you can make money by inviting a friend to join.

PaidViewpoint is another option. This website is unique because it attracts more frequent survey takers, meaning you can make more money for the surveys you take. You can earn payment at anywhere from $.50 cents to $3 dollars, making it possible for you to earn more money more quickly. They only do surveys, but the nice part about the surveys is that you are usually pre-qualified for the ones they send  you - none of that getting rejected after answering five or six questions!

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

The biggest complaints about NiceQuest have to do with the format of the surveys. The surveys don’t tell you how long they will take to complete, and they also don’t tell you upfront what they are about. You have to complete a survey in order to actually find out information about it.

In addition, you might not always qualify for the surveys NiceQuest sends you. This can result in being a waste of your time, as you won’t know whether you qualify until after you’ve already answered a few questions.

The app can be used in other countries outside of the United States and is even available in different languages, like Portuguese, French, Spanish, and German. Some UK reviews claimed that it was difficult getting started with NiceQuest, as they don’t have information about how to contact customer service there. Otherwise, the survey-taking company has relatively positive reviews across all of the countries that it serves.

Customer Service

Need to get in touch with someone at NiceQuest? Head on over to their customer service page. They have a form you can fill out if you have questions or comments. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a phone number for customer service on the website.

While they offer some great informational videos, this relatively new company, founded in 2010, doesn’t have easy to find phone numbers or email addresses. They do, however, have a number of social media profiles you can follow on networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Where Can I Sign Up For NiceQuest?

You can start by downloading the free NiceQuest app on your smartphone, available at both the iTunes and Google Play store. Alternatively, you can visit the NiceQuest website on your computer and sign up for an account there. Once you register, in either format, you will begin receiving email notifications when surveys are available for you to complete.

Is NiceQuest Worth It?

NiceQuest offers decent rewards for your time, making it a company to consider when you’re interested in killing some time - and making a bit of extra cash - by taking surveys on your phone. You can redeem for some pretty decent gifts or gift cards, but remember -  you want to make thousands of dollars doing these jobs. If you’ve got some time to kill and want to make the most of it, download the NiceQuest app on your Android or iPhone device today.


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