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About Nexxt Job Search

Imagine a hive of talented, skilled and the best professionals available for your company and the world’s best employers interested in your particular abilities. That image is what Nexxt job search is all about.

Nexxt offers at a moment’s notice a plethora of qualified workers for your specific job requirements and needs. It helps employers find and hire men and women efficiently and easily from a mammoth leading network of professionals.

With twenty years of experience under their belt, Nexxt has learned innovative recruitment methods that both freelancers and employers can appreciate. The possibility of working in cooperation, effortlessly and securely, from anywhere in the world is what attracts many to the services of Nexxt.


Nexxt offers the most advanced features for job and employee seekers alike. Services such as candidate views, company promotion emails, optimized job listings, detailed analytics and candidate demographic data are only a few from their long list of offers.

No matter what it is you are looking for, either as a freelancer, as a business owner, or an HR administrator, Nexxt can provide you with a possible solution.

How Does It Work?

It is a relatively simple and quick process. All you have to do is go online to the webpage and either create an account as a job advertiser, or request an account as a freelancer. You will then be guided into selecting a plan that best suits your needs for business accounts.

Afterwards, you build a sleek, concise profile filled with all the necessary information about the job conditions, abilities and skills requested. Search through a giant platform of available freelancers and let Nexxt suggest the best fit for you as well.

Freelancers will also be able to directly apply to your job offer if they meet all criteria. It is both a job and candidate advertising platform.

Cost and Price Plans

There are three plans for those looking to hire freelancers: Talent Pro, Recruiter and Recruiter Premium. Of course, each plan has differing benefits and prices. That said, Talent Pro costs $199, Recruiter $299 and Recruiter Premium $499.

The Talent Pro plan has the basic necessities, while Recruiter offers extra benefits and is the one the site recommends. On the other hand, the Premium is for those seeking additional services. All plans are based on monthly or annual payments, depending on the selected service.

However, for the freelancers, it is free. You just send in your resume and Nexxt will open an account for you. A fee will only be applied if you purchase a product.

Customer Service

If you wish to connect with Nexxt, you are able to contact them through the telephone, by visiting any one of their headquarters, or through email. That said, their telephone number is 610-878-2800.

Meanwhile, their email is [email protected] However, before contacting Nexxt, you may consider looking at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to see if an answer is already available.

In addition, you are able to cancel your subscription plan at any time and Nexxt issues no contracts.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Online reviews that can be found about Nexxt are on the positive end. These reviews outline their great customer service and job opportunities. Most reviews are based from a freelancing perspective.

Although businesses have also showered praises or good standing comments about the services rendered to them. There are a few complaints about prices, but those are based on personal opinions.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are plenty of websites that will offer services similar to Nexxt available online. The smartest action is looking into all possible options and selecting the one that gives you a sense of security, is affordable to your budget range and has favorable reviews.

Contacting each website personally to get a gleam of their availability, professionalism and proficiency is an important step when looking for the best aide. That being said, the three websites that we know about are the following: PeoplePerHour, Simply Hired, ZipRecruiter, and Hireable.

Where to Buy?

In order to make use of Nexxt’s service, just go to to directly sign up with Nexxt if you seek freelancers. On the other hand, if you are a freelancer, send in your resume through the same website address and Nexxt will open an account for you.


If your business is struggling with hiring professional and capable workers, then you have to give Nexxt a try. Nexxt is known to offer skilled and motivated freelancers that can get the job done right. A business is as good as its employees and having the opportunity to search for worldwide talent can be beneficial for profits and overall output.

If freelancing is your hobby or full-time job, then Nexxt can be a valuable source of potential employers. Search for the right job or jobs that match your skills and abilities at the comfort of your home. Experience worldwide job hunting in a simple and straightforward kind of way.

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