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Newtek Business Solutions, located online at, is a company which promises to offer custom and personalized solutions to help small and medium businesses function at their best efficiency.

Established thirteen years ago and serving over 100,000 businesses in all fifty states, Newtek Small Business Authority claims to have a staff full of highly trained professionals that can assist your business in identifying and tackling any challenges which may arise.

Their website goes on to say that their mission is to help you meet your business needs with high quality services and state of the art products that are intended to increase your sales, save you money, and minimize your operating risks.

To this end, they offer a wide variety of services, such as Small Business Loans, which help small businesses acquire the capital they need to grow, advertise, build inventory, or pay existing expenses.

They also offer Payroll Services, which are meant to help you manage payroll, save time and money, and eliminate liability, as well as Merchant Processing, to help your company accept electronic payments.

Finally, they also offer Website Design meant to help you “maximize your online presence” with customized technological solutions and something they call the “Newtek Advantage,” which helps bring you current, real time information about how your company is functioning, all accessible from your mobile devices.

If you are interested in learning more about how Newtek Business Services can help your company specifically, you can call one of their associates for an evaluation.

If you decide to use one or more of the solutions offered by Newtek and then realize you have follow up questions or complaints, they have customer service numbers for each individual department so that you know in advance that you will be speaking with a professional who has the necessary knowledge to handle your specific issue.

For those customers who already have experience with this company and its services, please feel free to leave your Newtek Business Solutions reviews below.

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Don't do it

December 18, 2013

Worst ever read all the fine print or any print you get. They send 8 pages for you to sign and initial then when you ask them why there is a 275.00 cancellation fee it's in the contract you signed just not on the 8 of the 28 page contract you didn't receive. Oh and even better the PCI compliance you opted out of at least 3 times in the 2 year contract you are stuck in only for them to withdrawal the 89.95 out of your account but take two or three weeks to get it back. But wait there is more, I even finally closed my account and they still withdrew two months of fees and the PCI compliance two months later. Run don't walk away from this company.

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