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As many baby boomers head into retirement they are going to be relying on the financial preparation they have made in efforts to maintain their lifestyle. They, as well as those whom have already retired, are now reevaluating their plans. Concern now looms over the sufficiency of the funds that they previously calculated out when they were younger. New standards for financial plans are coming into play as people are now living longer. is an entire site dedicated to providing resources and tools for those who are currently preparing for retirement, those about to enter retirement and those who have already retired. It addresses the issues that have arisen from the evolving nature of the lives of retirees compared to those of generations prior. Retirees seem to lead more active lives; they are traveling more, taking up “golf” and enjoying many other social activities. All-in-all, people are living longer and need more money during their “Golden Years”.

As a member of NewRetirement, you have access to a number of resources, tools and communication platforms. It is free to join; they are paid through advertisers and connecting members to various financial services. Through their site, you may submit information for further services with their prescreened service advisors and retirement experts. Some of them include reverse mortgage lenders, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, annuity sellers and many others. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate parties and you will contacted by their affiliated servicers.

The articles available on their site are unbiased; they include a wealth of information on a range of topics pertaining to all aspects of retirement. Calculators on the NewRetirement website are there to for you analyze numbers regarding your current financial plan, your lifespan expectancy, how much money is required to lead your desired lifestyle, and how long your money will last.

Being able to connect with other members in the NewRetirement community as well as retirement planners through communication platforms is another learning tool available. Members can participate in the active blog and communicate with each other for support and guidance. They have a live chat system to communicate their agents and you can also submit questions through their email system. You may also obtain a retirement assessment by providing your personal information online for an evaluation of your plan by a financial planner.

Although there is a lot of information on this site, it is important to have other sources of information as well. The time and efforts you put into research will only enable you to make more strategic decisions. Get opinions from different financial advisors as input from them may be worth considering. Planning in advance can be beneficial, but as time progresses, economic changes occur. Be sure to evaluate your retirement financial conditions periodically.

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