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About Neuro Boost IQ

Neuro Boost IQ, found online at, is a new daily health supplement that claims to be able to increase people’s “brain power, sharpen your mind, and sky-rocket your energy levels.” 

How Does It Work?

This website says that Neuro Boost IQ provides people with the highest quality, carefully researched ingredients combined into a single formula so that their product is able to improve your mental performance with just two capsules each day. 

Customers that use this product on a daily basis are told that they can expect “razor sharp and clean focus,” enhanced energy, improved ability to learn new tasks, improved memory retention, and more.  

Ingredients and Side Effects

The Neuro Boost IQ website does provide a list, including: Indian Kino, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Theanine, and Bacopa Monnieri. 

At best, some of these ingredients show that that they “may possibly” have a beneficial effect on memory or cognition, but none of these ingredients have been conclusively shown to have any of the significant improvement effects that are mentioned on this product’s website. However, all of these ingredients are considered natural, and therefore are less likely to have any sort of negative side effects for users. 

Cost/Price Plans

The payment page of this website says customers simply need to pay a $4.95 Shipping and Handling charge in order to get a one month supply. Unfortunately, customers who take the time to look at the bottom of the payment page of this website will see that this isn’t actually the end of the story. 

Instead they will find that this $4.95 shipping fee just purchases customers this product for a 14 day trial. At the end of 14 calendar days from the date you placed your order, you will be charged the full purchase price of $89.78 at that time, and every 30 days thereafter until you cancel your enrollment.   

Refund Policy

Because this product is purchased through a trial offer, customers will need to adhere to the terms of the trial in order to successfully cancel their monthly membership enrollment. Customers who fail to cancel during the trial and who are charged full price for this product are unlikely to be able to successfully receive a refund of these charges.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-401-1032 or by email at [email protected]


Unfortunately at this time there are very few reviews of this product from customers and users, and many of the few which are available are from affiliate websites who earn money from the sales of these products, making it difficult to determine whether the reviews are biased or unbiased.

But it is important to comment on how this product is being sold. The fact that they bother their customers with pop-up warnings of how quickly this product is going to sell out in an attempt to scare their customers into purchasing this product without actually reading their website is a serious sign of an unethical company that should not be trusted. 

In addition, this exact website – all pictures, text, and more – has been used to sell a wide variety of nootropic supplements. The bottom line is that customers who are interested in nootropic or memory supplements should rely on products from their local health store that have positive reviews and respectable Refund Policies. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many other products online that make these kinds of promises, including Procera AVH, Brain Abundance, Cebria, Alpha BRAIN, Evo Brain Pill, and many others.   

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Neuro Boost IQ reviews below.

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3 ‘Neuro Boost IQ’ Reviews
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1 Review


September9, 2019

An absolute scam!
Instead of the free trial, they have sent the 4 expensive products.
I don't recommend to anybody to deal with the given company!

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1 Review

A definite SCAM

August6, 2019

Saw the trial offer. Thought; why not try it for 14 days for the cost of a shipping fee. Received the product on July 30th. Reviewed my current medications with my family doctor and decided against using the product because there was a likelihood that the Neuro Boost would interfere with my current good results. Called Customer Care on August 6 at 9:04 AM. Apparently my 14 day trial was over on August 5 (6 days after receiving)

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1 Review

I feel this is a scam

December11, 2017

I had seen an advertisement on my email site about this Neuro Boost Product and thought it was worth looking into. I got as far as reading what great side effects it had and about a "Free" trial for the product with just shipping of $4.95. I received the free product but was then charged 2 weeks later for a full bottle which i had never ordered. I was just wanting to try it out to see if it really worked and if it had any other effects on my medication. The only side effect was Diarrhea. However when i tried to get ahold of a representative based off a phone number from there website I have only been getting a recording. I have been leaving multiple messages and know one has been returning them. My bank actually contacted me about a possible fraud charge in which I had my money refunded back to me.

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September 09, 2019

An absolute scam!
A "free"-trial order turned to appear as a charge to my CC for the 4 expensive products.
I don't recommend to anybody this fraudulent company.

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