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Nancy Belcher

Jason Farnsworth at took my money

November15, 2013

I had the worst day in my life last month due to a investment I made into a website caLLed the work at home university. I am a older lady and S.S isn't cutting it for paying the bills. So looking on the jobs boards online I came across the Work at home program posting links for 15 to 47 dollars per hour. The kit or online course was about 90 dollars with a discount because I tried to back out of the site and it gave me a discount, which I thought was weird, But anyway continued to purchase the course being it said it was on CNN and FOX News. Well after I recieved my log in email and password I was instucted to call the 888 number and step one was to speak with a start up specialist. Doing so I was on the phone for about 15 to 20 min with a younger guy that took down all my personal info. Like credit card debt and what was left on my credit cards also my income and if I was married, which normally I woudn't give this info but I was so In need of help and he was so nice and convincing. Long story short I was qualified to speak with a senior business consultant by the name of JASON FARNSWORTH. Jason was on the phone with me for well over a hour.

To my suprise he had me write down a dollar figure of 10k that I needed to invest into my education and tools for my business.(Now I know why they wanted to know what was on my Credit Cards so they coulod decide what to have me invest) He told me I would be using a credit card using the leverage capitol method which was explained that I woud put 10k on my card for my business and with their help hopefully I would make the min payment on my credit card. Which I was told would be about 300 dollars and they were way off my bill came do a week ago and the min payment was more like 450 dollars, and guess what my site is not up, no products have sold on ebay and I was told by my coach that posting links is a scam and no one really makes money doing that. I feel that this was a bait and switch. This isnt anything like I was told from Jason Farnsworth.

I am now stuck with a 10k credit card bill and no way to pay it. I called to get my money back and was hung up on by Mr. Farsworth he is very rude and talks down to people. So I called into customer service and was called back the next day by a man name Skyler Jarman the resolutions department. He was also very rude and told me I could't get my money back do to being past my 3 day right to resend or something. This is such a scam I did some research and found these guys have been at this game for years under many different company names and a lot of different phone numbers. If you have lsot your money with these guys I urge you to contact your local BBB and contact the FTC. Go to you tube and type in contact the FTC and watch a video on how to file a complaint. I also would say for you to file with ripp off report and any other sites that will hear you out. So that we may save others from our mistakes. I hope MR. Jason Farnsworth has a nice Christmas with my money he took, and for my coach Steve Hatch at Business Solutions that has let my many phone calls go to voice mail never to be returned I hope you all feel good about yourselves. Just remember Karma is real and you will find yourself in a bad situation one day and hopfully someone will be there to prey on you as you have done me!

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Richard Dixon
November 18, 2013

What a joke talk about a scam these guys take the cake. They will try to sweet talk you into making a investment in your business. The business I speak of is a program online that teaches how to get a job posting links for companies and selling on ebay. DO NOT DO IT!!! Just stop hang up the phone. Because if you go through with the interview they will find out how much money is on your credit cards and either sweet talk you into investing tens of thousands of dollars or they will bully you into investing tens of thousands of dollars. Just do your research tell them your going to run it by your lawyer. I wish I would have would have, would have saved me time and huge credit card fiasco. So now I'm trying to do a charge back on my credit cards.

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