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Cell phone users are contractually obligated to their servicer for a specified period of time, typically two years. These phone companies give you a better deal when you sign up for a longer contract and charge you a hefty fee to cancel their service early. While some of them may offer plans with standard rates, monthly bills are never the same. It is hard to budget your spending when you have different amounts due each month.

With a prepaid phone plan through Net10 you can eliminate the guesswork from your budget and select a specific allotment of usage without breaking the bank. Monthly bills from your cell phone provider typically change each billing cycle, so although you may be trying to stay on a budget, you really never know what you will owe unless you check your usage daily.

There are no requirements to use Net10’s prepaid cell phone plans meaning there are no credit checks, no contracts, no age limit, and no cancellation fees. Plan features include caller id, call waiting and voicemail. You can purchase prepaid phone cards over the internet, in a store, at your carrier’s website or you can even set up automatic phone plan renewals each month. As you use minutes, you will be able to track the amount left on your cell phone so you know when it is time to reload.

Some of Net10’s minute plans offer a rate of $0.10/min on all domestic and nationwide calls; if you don’t use all of your minutes they roll over to the next month. Other plans offer monthly unlimited usage for a specified dollar amount. There are a number of plans to choose from using their services, these plans cost anywhere from $20-$100 depending on each individual’s needs.

The problem is that once you use all of your minutes you have to buy more airtime, it may become a hassle if you are running out of minutes on your phone and aren’t able to get minutes at that moment, or when a situation arises and you need minutes but you don’t have them. However if you are on a budget you may not be rushing out to buy minutes in order to keep your expenses in check.

Before deciding on a pay as you go phone plan, compare all of your options to make sure you are getting the best deal. You may also want to compare the plan rates with long term contracts through cell phone carriers. With this method you can save money by setting a limit to how much you allocate to your phone usage without going over your prepaid plan dollar amount.

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October20, 2012

I love this cell phone services. The phones are cheap and they have sales on the diffrent model phones. And some times on the calling cards. And you can find them everywhere. Like right now until the 11/11/12 they have 1/2 price off one of their phones. Last month they had $20 of their 3g phone, which is only $100 any way. You can also buy them used for about $60 online. I buy the $50 unlimited card which last one month. But the good thing is if i'm short on cash, i can buy a lesser amount card to keep my number until i can get the one i need. You can also go on line to see if you can unlock a phone that you have already to be used on their system. You control your talk not them. Talk, tx.Web, unlimited. . Right now i have 13 days left on this unlimited card and i still have48399.50 mins. Left. I would have to be talking in my sleep to use all the mins. Up. Trust me i.Ve tryed. Love, luv, lv. It

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