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About Net First Platinum

Net First Platinum promises to give their customers a guaranteed $500 unsecured credit card, with no employment check and immediate approval with just a simple, fast online application.

They further promise that, though they do require your Social Security Number for purposes of identification verification, that they will perform no credit check, and that even people with bad credit will be approved.

However, there have been card reviews featuring complaints filed across the internet that Net First Platinum is misrepresenting themselves. They are not actually a credit services organization or a banking institution. In fact, they are backed by no financial institution.

Instead, this is a merchandise card, and can only be used for purchases at their online store, And, in turn, the only people who are able to shop at are those who carry the Net First Platinum card. claims to carry items across a wide range of categories, such as Women, Men, Kids, Baby, Home, Entertainment, Toys, Seasonal, and Boutique.

When you fill out the application and submit it, you are agreeing to receive daily emails from the website, as well as have you information be shared with third party sources and partner websites.

If you wish your information not be shared with other sources, you must go to to add that limitation to your account. Doing so will stop your information from being shared with any new companies.

However, if your information has already been shared, it is up to you to Unsubscribe from each of those companies individually otherwise you will still receive communication.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the use of this merchandise card or about the company itself, you can contact Customer Service at the phone number 800-251-6144.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Net First Platinum reviews below.

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