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About Nano Towels

Nano Towels, found online at, is a new product which says they promise people the ability to clean anything without soaps, harsh chemicals, or using paper towels or other throwaway materials. 

How Does It Work?

Nano Towels says that they are created from a revolutionary new fabric technology that allows you to clean your home using only water, so you can get rid of your harsh chemical cleaners and stop spending money on expensive paper towels.

These towels are made from Nanolon fiber, which they describe as a unique fabric that is “hundreds of times finer than one human hair, containing almost 100,000 Nanolon® fibers per square inch.” It has the ability to capture and remove all kinds of dirt, dust, grime, all without using chemicals of any kind. When the towel becomes dirty, you can simply wash it and use it again. 

The website says that household chemicals are the leading external and preventable cause for sickness and death in American households, and that simply having them in your home can be dangerous. 

When you clean your home with the Nano Towel, you will simply need to spray the surface to be cleaned with water or a mixture of water and vinegar, then wiped and buffed with the Nano Towel. The website says that when you clean a surface with the Nano Towel, it is truly clean, because it is free of dirt and grime and all potentially toxic chemicals. 

Cost/Price Plans

Their website currently offers three different packages for purchase. Their most affordable is their Four Pack, priced at $19.95, while two Four Packs is priced at $34.95, and three Four Packs is priced at $44.95. They do offer an opportunity for people who are interested in carrying their product to purchase wholesale bulk products, but these prices are not openly published on their website at this time.

Refund Policy

Their website says that they stand behind their product and they guarantee they will work as well as your favorite soaps and chemical based cleaning products, as well as replacing up to 80% of your regular paper towel usage, or they will give you your money back. 

Unfortunately this website provides no information about how and when to successfully request your refund, nor do they offer a published set of legal Terms and Conditions on their website for clarification. Concerned customers may want to contact their Customer Service team in advance of making a purchase to see how this policy works, or they may want to choose to purchase this product from a third party retailer that offers a published Refund Policy.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-271-LIFE. Their website also provides a Contact Us link, but it does not appear to work at this time.


It seems as though this product actually does have a lot of positive and enthusiastic reviews provided by previous customers that said this product was surprisingly effective at cleaning, especially when compared to other previously used microfiber towels.

However, this company doesn’t have any official Refund Policy so customers may want to consider purchasing this product at a different website or retailer, that has a clearly established Refund Policy.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, there are many different microfiber towels available on the market that offer similar function for people who are hoping to find an alternative to Nano Towels. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Nano Towels reviews below.

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1 Review

No response to emails sent!!!

April15, 2019

I have yet to receive the Nano towels I ordered, so my one star is based on the fact that I have tried 3 times to contact them with a question and have not received any reply. That makes me nervous as you would think that someone would get back to me and answer my one simple question which is not on their web site.

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Nano Towel Love

January12, 2019

Love these so much. They really work and are super absorbent, too! Bought the 48 pack to give to all my friends and family!

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1 Review

Nano Towel review

February22, 2018

I got a few and was so impressed. I got a dozen. I never have luck in getting a streak free glass. I used the towel wet with no product on the Storm doors, Stove top and front, on the glass table top. I've used this to sop up a coffee spill from the desk and the towel even pulled the coffee up from the carpet. I put the cloth on a swiffer mop head to do the floors. The towel got the fiberglass show walls steak free and the next best thing to Mr Clean magic sponge.

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